Yellowstone: Which Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign? (2022)

Season 5 of Yellowstone has been off to an eventful start, with Dutton family patriarch, John, being sworn in as the new Governor of Montana and Warner doing her best to prevent the Duttons from discarding her Market Equities plan for Yellowstone Valley.

With most of the season's episodes yet to air, fans will be thrilled about getting to see their favorite characters for the next couple of weeks, especially since most of these characters happen to be very relatable. But which mannerisms do the characters share with fans? The answers are in the zodiac signs.


Aries – Kayce Dutton

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The Aries sign is full of brave, competitive, and passionate people. These individuals also have a tendency of being reckless, impatient, and impulsive and on the show, such attributes fit John’s son, Kayce.

As a former member of the US military’s most elite unit, the Navy SEALs, there are no questions about Kayce’s courage. His daredevilry is also seen during the gunfight between the Livestock Association agents and the reservation law enforcement. Additionally, Kayce is so passionate about cattle ranching that he gladly becomes the commissioner of the Livestock Association. However, he often jumps into situations without thinking, something that’s clear when he decides to run for Governor despite only being the commissioner for a short while. The plan thus fails.

Taurus – Rip Wheeler

Yellowstone: Which Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign? (2)

Taurus members are known to be dependable, just like the farm hand, Rip Wheeler. They are loyal, practical, and dedicated too but can also be naive, stubborn, and obsessive.

Rip handles every situation in the most practical way possible and since he can always be counted on to do the right thing, John often tells him to “do what is best for the ranch,” which has become one of the best Yellowstone catchphrases. Still, Rip often comes off as naive by doing dirty work for John without fully understanding what’s at stake.

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Gemini – Jamie Dutton

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Geminis are adaptable, innovative, charming, and funny. Apart from that, they are characterized by inconsistency and restlessness. In the series, John’s adopted son, Jamie, has most of these traits.

An adopted child, Jamie fully immerses himself in the Dutton family culture, becoming no different from the rest of John’s children. As an attorney, he has proven himself as one of the smartest Yellowstone characters and always manages to come up with ways to get his father out of legal quagmires. However, he often shocks fans by committing heinous acts, such as when he kills a reporter.

Cancer – Beth Dutton

Yellowstone: Which Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign? (4)

Cancer is sometimes referred to as “The Mother of the Zodiac” and that’s because its members are caring, loving, and compassionate in the same manner as Beth is. But these traits become intense items, resulting in Cancers being possessive.

Beth’s major Cancer characteristic is seen in how protective over her father. To her, he can do no wrong. As for possessiveness, it isn’t just about her father but the land too, so much that she sabotages Market Equities’ leasing plans by painting the owners as villainous to the press.

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Leo – Senator Lynelle Perry

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Leos are ever confident, proactive, and optimistic and confident. However, they can have a self-centered streak and be aggressive when provoked. On the show, Lynelle is the quintessential Leo.

Perry’s confidence makes her popular not only with citizens but also those within the political circle. As such, her transition from Governor to Senator is an easy one. She and John also make one of the best Yellowstone couples but she always tries to push his agenda so intensely, resulting in undesired outcomes.

Virgo – Jimmy Hurdstram

Yellowstone: Which Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign? (6)

Virgos are workaholics like Yellowstone's Jimmy. They are very analytical too but on the negative side, they tend to be rigid about their views and beliefs.

There is nothing Jimmy enjoys more than doing his job. And instead of diving into merriment like the rest of the farm hands like to do during their free time, Jimmy prefers to participate in rodeos in order to make more money. Few have had any kind of luck trying to convince Jimmy to do anything too.

Libra – Lloyd Pierce

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Like Lloyd, Libras are friendly and diplomatic. They are, therefore, known to be good team players. However, on their bad days, they can be self-indulgent and intolerant of others.

There’s a good reason why Lloyd has been at the ranch longer than any other hand. He works extremely well with others hence no one ever tries to backstab him. But he is no saint. His proclivity to enforce his principles on others has led to him being involved in a couple of fights.

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Scorpio – Dan Jenkins

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Scorpios are self-driven, determined, opportunistic, and intuitive. Conversely, they are ruthless when they need to be with a mean streak that can get the better of them, attributes that perfectly sum up the billionaire land developer, Dan.

The billionaire is quick to spot the land at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch and wastes no time in trying to acquire it in order to build a casino. And he doesn’t go about it the diplomatic way, instead making all kinds of efforts to destroy John and his family. This makes him one of the least likable Yellowstone characters.

Sagittarius – Carter

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Sagittarians are adventurous and chatty, but at the same time, they can be cunning and overconfident. In Yellowstone, there is no better Sagittarian than Carter.

Carter is adventurous, but not always in a good good way since he enjoys committing all sorts of petty crimes. The reason he gets caught a lot is that his confidence eclipses his ability to plan properly. In spite of that, Carter is a fun teenager and always talkative.

Capricorn – John Dutton III,

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Capricorns are great at planning, advising, enforcing, and guiding. For this reason, they make brilliant leaders, just like John. But at the same time, their self-assuredness can lead them to condescend to those around them.

John’s leadership skills enable him to rise from the owner of the largest contiguous ranch in the US to a Governor. Whether it’s making business decisions or handling members of his own family, he does so with authority. But John is harsh too, that's why he clashes with the likes of Lloyd and Jamie.

Aquarius – Chief Thomas Rainwater

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Aquarius is the “The Smart Zodiac Sign” because its members are wise and progressive. Many humanitarians belong to the sign too. Contrariwise, Aquarians are rebellious and pessimistic. On the show, the most fitting Aquarian is the chief.

The Broken Rock Reservation chief’s desire to reclaim the land of his ancestors underscores his progressive nature as he doesn’t consider it fair for people with European ancestors to enjoy all the perks. He also forms all the right alliances to make this happen. Doing all this also highlights his rebellious nature.

Pisces – Monica Dutton

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Known as one of the most artistic signs, Pisces has members that are artistic, creative, and good-hearted. However, they can be indecisive and sensitive too, traits commonly seen in Monica Dutton.

Monica’s artistic nature is evident through her love for history, and she is more than happy to teach it in schools, even without pay. She is also shown to care about Native Americans more than her fellow Duttons. As for her indecisiveness, it’s best seen through her love life. Despite her feeling for Kayce, she has a fling with Martin.

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What Zodiac sign is Kayce Dutton? ›

Kayce Dutton's birthday is given as April 27, 1990, making this youngest son a Taurus sun.

Who is everyone's favorite character in Yellowstone? ›

Easily one of the most popular characters of Yellowstone is none other than Rip Wheeler. Loyal, tough, and lovable, he is a ranch hand that is married to Beth. What is this? Rip has a tragic past, as he killed his father after his father killed his mother and brother.

Are Aries emotional? ›

Aries are an emotionally direct sign. They rarely sugarcoat their feelings. They want someone who doesn't startle or swoon at their bluntness. Aries tend to be non-conformist, impulsive, and actively seek out the things that scare them.

Who is the best character in Yellowstone? ›

Yellowstone: 13 Best Characters, Ranked By Likability
  • 8/13 Mo.
  • 7/13 Tate Dutton.
  • 6/13 Lynelle Perry.
  • 5/13 Teeter.
  • 4/13 Rip Wheeler.
  • 3/13 Kayce Dutton.
  • 2/13 John Dutton.
  • 1/13 Beth Dutton.
15 Nov 2022

What personality type is Beth Dutton? ›

Beth Dutton: ENTJ

Beth Dutton embodies the ENTJ personality type. She is fiercely competitive, and always wants to be the best at everything she does. ENTJs are high achievers and this can be said for Beth.

Are Kayce and Beth twins? ›

John and Evelyn Dutton were blessed with three more children: Kayce has two brothers (Lee and Jamie) and a sister (Beth). They grew up together on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Who is Dutton's favorite child? ›

So much has happened in Yellowstone's first few seasons that it's easy to forget John Dutton had four children in the series pilot. His oldest son Lee was his favorite, and he was the heir to the family business.

What did Beth text rip before she was attacked? ›

Rip saving Beth's life

She manages to get a text sent to Rip saying "office help" just before they start savagely beating her and her assistant, Jason. After shooting Jason in the head, one of the attackers throws Beth on the table, and Rip shows up just in time to save the day.

Who is the cute guy on Yellowstone? ›

Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler | Cole hauser, Sexy cowboys, Yellowstone series.

Who is Aries in love with? ›

Generally, the most compatible signs for Aries for friendship and romantic relationships are Libra (sometimes, opposites attract), Sagittarius, and Leo (fellow fire signs will speak their same passionate language).

What are the 3 types of Aries? ›

July 8, 2022, 10:48 a.m. There's three types of Aries Suns: Aries who have Mercury in Pisces, Aries who have Mercury in Taurus, and Aries who have Mercury in Aries. Furthermore, Aries with Aries Mercury have Mercuries that are either in the morning phase, the evening phase, or combust.

Do Aries like hot or cold? ›

Being the fire sign, Aries thrive the most in summer. This is the season for them to shine out and bring out the best version of themselves. They prefer the heat and can handle the hot months than cold winter nights.

Who is the main villain in Yellowstone? ›

Yellowstone's John Dutton is essentially the de facto crime boss and feudal landlord of Paradise Valley, Montana. But season 5 could change all this. Despite being arguably the lead character in Yellowstone, John Dutton can also be regarded as the main villain of the series.

Who is the handsome cowboy on Yellowstone? ›

Ian Bohen as Ryan in Yellowstone | Ian bohen, Handsome cowboys, Cowboy outfits.

Is Yellowstone realistic at all? ›

As an outdoor brand whose headquarters are in the great state of Montana, we, at Jelt, have been inundated with questions about whether the Paramount TV series Yellowstone is an accurate depiction of life in Montana. Well, I am here to set the record straight. It is NOT.

Is Beth Dutton a Scorpio? ›

Scorpio: Beth Dutton

Devious, ruthless, and fearless, Beth is intent on getting her way, no matter what it takes.

Who is John Dutton based on? ›

While John Dutton isn't based on anyone in particular, inspiration for his character could include the likes of W.T. Waggoner and Bill Galt. Waggoner once owned the largest ranch in the United States, while Galt currently owns a 248,000-acre ranch in Montana.

What illness does John Dutton have? ›

Illness. When in his 60's Dutton was diagnosed with colon cancer as a tumor made his way into his colon. He was cured by way of operation, having cut two feet out of his colon.

Does Beth Dutton wear a wig? ›

Beth Dutton does wear a wig in Yellowstone. The ombre blond wig with front bangs is the signature look of Beth Dutton. Thick golden shoulder-length hair covering Beth's face goes hand in hand with her 'villain-ish' character in the drama. As the series progresses, the length of Beth's hair also keeps changing.

How old was Beth Dutton when she got pregnant? ›

Beth was just 15 years old when she found out she was pregnant with Rip's child. Too scared to tell her father or Rip, she seeks help from Jamie. Beth had two options: go to Planned Parenthood or the free clinic at the Indian reservation.

Does rip find out Beth was pregnant? ›

Reilly explained: “Well, she has a secret, doesn't she, that Rip doesn't know about. He knows that she can't have children, but he doesn't know why. "Rip also doesn't know she was pregnant with his child.

How is Elsa Dutton related to John Dutton? ›

Elsa Dutton - John's great aunt

Elsa is the sister of John Dutton Senior, but her relationship with Costner's character is more complicated. As John Dutton Junior came into the mix, Elsa is Costner's character's great aunt.

Is Jamie's mother related to John Dutton? ›

Prior to the reveal, Jamie had no idea he wasn't a Dutton by blood. John and Evelyn Dutton adopted Jamie when he was just three months old. They knew Jamie's biological parents, with John having known his biological mother before she got married.

Why did the Duttons adopt Jamie? ›

He explained how he wanted his son to be raised by different parents as Phyllis was a drug addict who had no regard for Jamie. Garrett claimed he killed his wife so he would be sent to prison and Jamie would be taken into care.

Do Beth and Rip have a baby? ›

She wasn't very sure of how her father would react so she reaches out to her brother, Jamie, for help. Jamie took her to a fertility clinic on the Broken Rock Reservation. It is then shown that Beth discloses the fact to Rip that she cannot have children. Rip assures her that it does not change his feelings for her.

Why is Beth's face bruised in Yellowstone? ›

But how did Beth Dutton get her facial scars and eye injury? Beth's face gets badly hurt on two different occasions on Yellowstone. She is ambushed and assaulted in her office, leaving her with bad bruising on her face. Later, a bomb goes off in her office building leaving her with bad scarring on her face and body.

Why is Beth Dutton sterile? ›

Beth has finally had her revenge on her brother after he knowingly made her infertile by taking her to an off-book abortion clinic when they were teens and she fell unexpectedly pregnant with Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser).

Who is the hot girl in Yellowstone? ›

Kelsey Asbille Chow (born September 9, 1991) is an American actress. She is known for her role as Mikayla in the Disney XD sitcom Pair of Kings, and as Monica Dutton in the TV Series Yellowstone.

What rips real name? ›

Cole Kenneth Hauser is an American actor who plays Rip Wheeler on Yellowstone. He was born in 1975 in Santa Barbara, California, to Wings Hauser and Cass Warner.

How old is rip Yellowstone? ›

While the show never straight-up says Rip's age, it is safe to assume that he is probably in his 40s. While we don't know the year, his birthday is said to be September 28, according to Beth. When Rip got his fresh start at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, he left his old life behind, including disregarding his birthday.

Who do Aries usually marry? ›

Ganesha says one of the zodiacs that is highly romantically and maritally compatible for Aries is Libra. When Aries and Libra come united, their bond is based on trust, cognitive brilliance, and a never-ending desire to have fun.

Who should a Aries marry? ›

High Aries Compatibility: Gemini, Leo, and Sagittarius

There are three star signs with whom Aries' compatibility naturally soars: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius. These pairings are most likely to result in relationships that are harmonious, passionate, and built to last.

Who are Aries so attracted to? ›

Who is Aries most compatible with? Aries is often attracted to Libra, the sign opposite to them. Whereas Aries is very self focused and can be kind of pushy, Libra is able to understand where other people are coming from and maintain balance in their relationships.

What body part do Aries rule? ›

Aries: head

Typically, rams think with their horns first and worry about the rest later—and body rulership helps to explain why. Aries rules the head and energy levels, which is why Faulkner suggests that the fire sign cools down with meditation from time to time.

What superpower is Aries? ›

(F) Aries (March 22-April 19) – Super strength: Aries want to get everything done and in a superhuman world, the strength of their muscles would match that of their determination. Their dynamic energy compliments their need to show off and be in charge.

What diseases do Aries have? ›

Possible health concerns

You are more susceptible to fuming fever, rage infections in the stomach and kidneys, strokes and high blood pressure. You, however, are susceptible to migraine headaches, stomach ailments, and kidney infections. You should take extra care of the head, stomach, and kidneys.

What smell do Aries like? ›

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

They are known for being impulsive, rather they are simple to the point of being blunt. For this strong and independent fire sign, warm woody and amber fragrances with refreshing top notes of citrus are best bets.

What is Aries favorite food? ›

Aries (March 21–April 19)

No surprise here: This fire sign likes spicy and bold tastes, Farber says. As a result, foods such as lamb, black olives, and grapefruit, along with spices like ginger and cayenne, can appeal to Aries.

Are Aries selfish? ›

Aries can be dangerously selfish at times. If it's about satisfying their egos or gaining some benefit, Aries can go to any height. An Aries won't hesitate in showing you their selfish side if it benefits them in any way. So, before you put your complete trust in an Aries, make sure you know them inside out.

Do Beth and rip marry? ›

Yellowstone's Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Rip (Cole Hauser) are in marital bliss. Ahead of the upcoming fifth season, the cast of the Paramount Network's dramatic Western is teasing how the couple's marriage will change their dynamic—physically and emotionally.

Who are the three gods in Yellowstone? ›

On "Yellowstone," Welch was one of two men who spoke to Jimmy at the 6666 Ranch in Texas. "There are three Gods in Texas: the Almighty himself, Buster Welch and George Strait.

Who is the female villain in Yellowstone? ›

Caroline Warner is one of the Duttons' newest enemies. As the ruthless CEO of Market Equities, she's likely going to work with Roarke Morris to take down the ranch—and it isn't going to be pretty. Jacki was new to Yellowstone in season 4.

What year is Yellowstone set in? ›

While 1883 focused on the first generation of Duttons who established the family's sprawling Montana ranch, 1932 is set to highlight their descendants. (In June 2022, the streaming service announced that the show's title had been changed to 1923.)

Is there a real Dutton ranch? ›

As Town & Country reported, the real Dutton Ranch is located in Darby, Montana, and it's just as glorious as you'd expect. It also happens to have cabins available for rental.

Is Kevin Costner's daughter in Yellowstone? ›

Kevin Costner

What is Yellowstone called in real-life? ›

The 2,500-acre Chief Joseph Ranch in Darby, Montana, which doubles as the show's fictional Dutton Ranch, is not only a real-life historic landmark, family homestead and working ranch—but, it's also a guest ranch with cabins available for rental (when the show's not filming, of course).

Who owns the Dutton ranch in real-life? ›

The Chief Joseph Ranch, a historic working cattle ranch in western Montana, has been owned and operated by rancher Shane Libel and his family since 2012. “We fell in love with it — the history, the buildings — just the ranch itself,” Libel says of the 2,500 acres of land a few hours from Yellowstone National Park.

Do ranches like Yellowstone exist? ›

Fortunately for aspiring cattle scions, Yellowstone isn't complete fiction. As Town & Country recently pointed out, Dutton Ranch is a real-life ranch in Darby, Montana. And not only are those endless blue skies, snow-capped mountains, and quintessentially country buildings 100% real, but you can stay there too!

What age is Kayce Dutton? ›

Her younger brother is Kayce, who viewers will remember turned 29-years-old in the second season.

Why is Kayce Dutton branded? ›

Why is Kayce branded? As a branded man, Kayce is “bound” to the ranch. John branded Kayce out of spite for Kayce leaving to be with Monica when she got pregnant with Tate.

Is Kayce a real Dutton? ›

Though Luke Grimes plays horseman and ranch hand, Kayce Dutton, on Yellowstone, he is not a real-life cowboy. Grimes grew up in Ohio and was not involved with horses during his youth.

What generation is Kayce Dutton? ›

Finally, the only member of the Dutton family's seventh generation is Kayce and Monica Dutton's (Kelsey Asbille) son, Tate (Brecken Merrill).

Why is Beth branded? ›

In Yellowstone, characters get branded to signify they are a part of the ranch forever and to indicate their loyalty. The brand bounds wearers to the ranch and in a way, the ranch owns them now.

Is Beth branded? ›

Although Beth Dutton isn't branded herself, all the other cowboys (besides wormy little Jamie) are. “It's a little bit of Western Mafia happening here,” said Reilly.

Is James Dutton John Dutton's grandfather? ›

James Dutton is John Dutton's great-great-grandfather. In the series 1883, James and Margaret Dutton have two children, John, also known as John Sr., and Elsa. John Sr., who is just a young boy in 1883, is John Dutton's great grandfather.

Why did Dutton adopt Jamie? ›

He explained how he wanted his son to be raised by different parents as Phyllis was a drug addict who had no regard for Jamie. Garrett claimed he killed his wife so he would be sent to prison and Jamie would be taken into care.

Who is the 7th Dutton generation? ›

And so, our theory about James Dutton's relationship to John Dutton is confirmed. However, this also means that Tate Dutton is, in fact, the 7th generation of the family, and we all know what that means.

What generation Dutton is John? ›

John Dutton, patriarch of the family, is the seventh generation owner, just like his father before him.

Who is John Dutton's favorite child? ›

So much has happened in Yellowstone's first few seasons that it's easy to forget John Dutton had four children in the series pilot. His oldest son Lee was his favorite, and he was the heir to the family business.


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