The Hogan Family: Where are they now? (2022)

This section contains the most recent picture ofeach cast member that I could find along with what they have done sinceThe Hogan Family ended.

Valerie Harper was born August 22nd, 1940 inSuffern, New York. Best known as Rhoda Morgenstern on the 1974-1978 tv series 'Rhoda',she had appeared as the same character on The Mary Tyler Moore Show from 1970-1974, Valeriehas made numerous appearances on tv over the years.

She began her show-business career as a dancer at Radio City Music Hall. While inNew York City, Harper also appeared in several Broadway productions before moving toChicago to work with the improvisational theater group Second City.

Harper's big break into TV Land came with her role as Rhoda Morgenstern, Mary's best friendon "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" in 1970. Her portrayal of a misplaced New Yorker inMinneapolis won Harper Emmy Awards in 1971, 1972, and 1973. Harper's husband at thetime, Richard Schaal (they were married in 1964 until 1978 when they divorced), made severalguest appearances on the show as one of Mary's many suitors.

Valerie Harper took "Rhoda" to her own spin-off series in 1974. The role of Rhoda, nowback in New York City and at long last married (but then divorced) won Harper a fourthEmmy in 1975.

Following "Rhoda", Ms. Harper appeared in several tv movies before getting the partof Valerie Hogan on "Valerie". After 32 episodes in the fall of 1987, she abruptlyleft the show in a well-publicized dispute with the producers (she avoided showing up for a filming whileshe was in negotiations regarding her contract reportedly). She was eventually firedfrom the series, and later won a $1.4 million dollar lawsuit charging wrongfulfiring from the show.

After several more tv movies, she starred in the short-lived CBS series City

whichran for 13 episodes in 1990. This series aired in the same time slot and on the same day asThe Hogan Family and one of the co-stars of the series was LuAnne Ponce, Danny Ponce'ssister.

Several more tv movies would follow until she was on the tv series The Office in 1995. Unfortunately,this was another short-lived series for Ms. Harper lasting only 5-6 episodes.

Valerie Harper married Tony Cacciotti (a tv executive producer who also worked on 'Valerie') in1987 - they have an adopted daughter.

Besides her tv work, Ms. Harper has appeared in numerous plays including one in September 1997in Cambridge, Massachusetts - a one-woman play called "The Dragon and the Pearl" about thelife of Pearl S. Buck - the show later moved to New York where it was significantly re-writtenand re-named as "All Under Heaven".

The Hogan Family: Where are they now? (1) She reprised her role of Rhoda Morgenstern (now Rhoda MorgensternGerard Rousseau) in the February 7th, 2000 ABC tv movie Mary & Rhoda. It drew17.1 million viewers!

Internet Movie Database entry for Valerie Harper

The Hogan Family: Where are they now? (2)

Sandy Duncan was born February 20th, 1946 inHenderson, Texas. Ms. Duncan's chirpy voice and sunny disposition made her a hit onBroadway in the 1960s and then on tv with the sitcoms Funny Face (receiving 2 Emmy nominations) and The Sandy DuncanShow. Her performance in the dramatic mini-series Roots in 1977 earned her an EmmyAward. After an operation that left her without sight in one eye (she does nothave a glass eye as some have rumored), Duncan enjoyeda popular return to Broadway in the 1979 revival of Peter Pan. She did a seriesof commercials for Wheat Thins.

She has also done a voice for several feature films includingThe Fox and the Hound, Rock-a-Doodle, and The Swan Princess. Several tv moviesare also listed on her list of credits. Her most recent episodic tv appearance wasa 1995 episode of Law & Order.

She wed Broadway dancer Don Correia (her third marriage) in 1980. They have 2 teenage sons.

Currently she is appearing on Broadway as merry murderess Roxie Hart in the drop-deadmusical "Chicago".

  • Sandy Duncan Yahoo Group
  • Internet Movie Database entry for Sandy Duncan

    The Hogan Family: Where are they now? (3)

    Jason Bateman was born January 14th, 1969 in Rye, New Yorkand began his acting career accidentally when, at age ten, he accompanied a friendto an audition for an educational film. The director asked Bateman to read for the part, andbefore he knew it, he had the lead role.

    On television, Bateman has amassed an impressive list of credits including recurringroles in the series "Silver Spoons" (as Derek Taylor), "Little House on the Prairie" (as Jason Cooper) and "Jessica Novak." Duringthe '84-'85 television season, he also starred as Matthew Burton in the NBC series "It's YourMove." In addition, he has been featured in the TV movies "The Legends of the West" and"Just a Little More Love," and in numerous television commercials. He also made hisdirecting debut on "The Hogan Family" in 1988, giving him the distinction of beingthe youngest person ever admitted to the Director's Guild - he directed 3episodes of the series. He starred as David Hoganon Valerie/Valerie's Family/The Hogan Family from 1986-1991.

    Along with his father, Kent, and his sister, "Family Ties" (as Mallory Keaton) starJustine Bateman, he founded a Hollywood repertory stage company, and in 1986, the trio producedthe telefilm "Can You Hear Me Dancing?" which starred both Bateman and his sister. He hasalso starred in the title role in another family adventure, the feature film "Teen Wolf, Too," onwhich his father served as executive producer. He also starred in such television movies as "MovingTarget" and "Philly Boy." He was also seen in the feature film "Sketches."

    When he's not working, Bateman enjoys surfing, skiing, basketball, photography, and auto racing (accordingto a 1989 Hogan Family press kit). An active driver on the celebrity circuit, he won thecoveted celebrity portion of the Long Beach Grand Prix in 1987.

    (Video) Valerie's Family/The Hogan Family (1986): Where Are They Now?

    When the Hogan Family ended in 1991, Jason made his move to the big screen with NecessaryRoughness followed by Breaking the Rules along with several other tv movies. He returned totelevision in 1995 in 'Simon', followed by 'Chicago Sons' in 1996. He also appearedas Ted Stoody on the CBS series 'George & Leo'.

    He directed for the sitcom "Brother's Keeper" and appeared in themovie "Love Stinks" which was released August 20th, 1999 and stars Marliece Andrada,Tyra Banks, Bill Bellamy, French Stewart, and Tiffani-Amber Theissen.

    In 2001, he appeared in the short-lived CBS sitcom Some of My Best Friends, originallytitled Kiss Me Guido, which co-starred Danny Nucci. He also appeared in the moviesSol Goode (2001), The Sweetest Thing (2002), and One Way Out (2002).

    Currently, he can be seen on the FOX comedy Arrested Development

    .He will be in the upcoming film Starsky & Hutch opposite Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.

    He married Amanda Anka, the daughter of pop singer Paul Anka, on July 3rd, 2001. They reside in Los Angeles.

  • Internet Movie Database entry for Jason Bateman

    Danny Ponce was born Louis Daniel Ponce to Dianne and Luis Ponce onSeptember 4, 1971, in Waltham, Massachusetts. In 1978, the family moved to SouthernCalifornia and soon thereafter Danny got his first television role in an episodeof "Quincy."

    Since "Quincy," he has appeared in several commercials including working as a dancein one of the first Michael Jackson/Pepsi-Cola commercials. Danny also had a small rolein the feature film "Oh God, You Devil." On television, he has appeared in the recurring rolesof Laura's son on "Knots Landing" and as Fonzie's adopted son on "Happy Days." He hasalso been featured in episodes of "Hunter," "Pryor's Place," "Family Ties" and "Hell Town," for whichhe was nominated as Best Young Actor - Guest in a Television Series at the Seventh Annual Youthin Film Awards.

    In his spare time, Ponce enjoys basketball, skateboarding and playing the trumpet (from a 1989Hogan Family press kit).

    He appeared in the 1993 tv movie- Love, Honor & Obey: The Last Mafia Marriage as Joey.

    He has a sister named LuAnne Ponce who is also an actress.

    Danny continues to act and is a client of the talent agency called 'The Flytrap' inDowntown Los Angeles. The agency is mid-sized and does pretty good for it's clients.

    Danny was married to Rachel Swan in October of 2005 and had a baby girl in 2006 just a few days after Jason Bateman had his daughter. Jeremy Licht was a groomsman in Danny and Rachel's wedding.

    Danny reportedly had a son at the end of 2008.

  • Internet Movie Database entry for Danny Ponce

    The Hogan Family: Where are they now? (4)

    Jeremy Licht was born in Los Angeles on January 4th, 1971, andbegan working professionally in commercials at the age of five.

    Prior to his role of Mark on "The Hogan Family," Licht was probably best known for his role asthe manipulative Anthony in the Joe Dante-directed "It's A Good Life" segment of "Twilight Zone: The Movie." In 1980, healso appeared in the feature film "The Next One." On stage, he appeared as David in the Westwood Playhouseproduction of "Lies My Father Told Me," directed by Arthur Hiller and starring Jack Klugmanand Martin Landau. Licht has also portrayed "Rufus", the son of Sally Field and WilliamHurt in the NBC Live Theatre presentation of "All The Way Home," directed by DelbertMann.

    Licht's extensive television credits include appearances in such series as "Finder of LostLoves," "Bay City Blues," "Hotel," "St. Elsewhere," "The Phoenix" and "Angie". He has alsoappeared in the telefilms "Lots of Luck" for Disney Cable, "Jessie," the ABC AfterschoolSpecial "Everybody Does It," directed by Henry Winkler, "Lois Gibbs and the Love Canal," "Skeezer," "Father Figure," "And YOurName is Jonah," "A Cry for Love," "The Comeback Kid" and "Once Upon a Family."

    According to a 1989 Hogan Family press kit, Licht has a younger brother named Matthew. He alsodevoted time to the "Famous Fone Friends," a group of celebrities who contact hospitalizedand bed-ridden children to brighten their day, and was a March of Dimes goodwill ambassador.

    His most recent acting credit is a 1992 episode of 'Swamp Thing'.

    He attended the University of Southern California (USC) where he studied finance beforeleaving in his junior year to intern for Merrill Lynch. He took total controlof his own accounts, building his savings (he earned roughly $1 million in acting) intowhat he calls a "nice sum today."

    Currently he's selling financial packages and is a registered investmentadvisor in the San Fernando Valley area of Southern California. He startedhis own financial-planning company, JL Capital Management, in 1996. It now handlesroughly 300 portfolios, many for people in the entertainment business.

    (Video) Whatever Happened To Hulk Hogan's Son, Nick Hogan?

    He still keeps in touch with some of the cast. In fact, Danny (Willie Hogan) Ponce was agroomsman at his wedding to Carol-Ann Plante (actress who appeared in the tvseries Harry & The Hendersons) on April 27th, 1996. After five years of marriage,the couple separated and were officially divorced in 2001.

    Licht is toying with the idea of acting again. "I'd be lying if I said it wasn'tintriguing," he says. "I not only love what I do, but I love what I did."

    His younger brother Matthew is a pharmaceutical rep. His mom, Trudi, works for a Southern California synagogue as an executive assistant and his father, Dennis, is an advertising salesman.

    Jeremy was married on May 26, 2007 to actress Kimberly Wallis. His dog Joker passed away 3 years ago. Jeremy and Kimberly still have their other dog Sasha.

    Jeremy Licht, former child star of the '80s sitcom The Hogan Family, and his wife Kimberly Wallis Licht welcomed their daughter New Year's Eve, he tells PEOPLE exclusively.

    Jordan Zoey Licht was born 5½ weeks early at 10:59 p.m. on Dec. 31 2008 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A.

    "We were planning to go to a New Year's Eve party when my wife started having contractions," says Licht, 38, who played Jason Bateman's brainy brother on the series. "I'm thrilled – shocked that it was this soon, but thrilled. Everybody's healthy, and it really was an incredible experience."

    Jordan weighed 4 lbs., 10 oz. and was 18½ inches long. "She's already taller than me." quips Licht, who says he's enjoying feeding the baby and even changing her diapers. "My time is 4 a.m. on so my wife can get some sleep. I really love the time I have with her."

    Licht and his wife Kimberly, 38, an actress who has appeared on episodes of CSI: NY and Charmed, married over Memorial Day weekend in 2007. It's the second marriage and first child for both.

    "My wife is such a trooper," says Licht, who now runs his own financial planning company, JL Capital Management. "I'm a blessed man."

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    The Hogan Family: Where are they now? (5)

  • Josh Taylor was raised in the small central Illinoistown of Chillichote (near Princeton). A talented high school athlete, Taylor was the captain of the footballteam and was named all-state quarterback during his senior year. He received his undergraduatedegree at Dartmouth, where he majored in sociology and, upon, graduation, entered theUniversity of Denver's law school. Subsequent to taking the bar exam, Taylor decided thathe needed some time off prior to entering the legal world, so he packed his bagsand headed for Los Angeles.

    It was while practicing before a bar of another type as a bartender in Los Angeles that hisinterest in acting began. Within ten months, he was immersed in acting classes and was workingwith several equity waiver theatre companies. Soon an agent was sending him out on auditions and helanded his first television role in an episode of "Police Story." Since that first break, hehas co-starred in "Barnaby Jones" and appeared in "Today's FBI," "The Six Million Dollar Man" and "The HardyBoys." Taylor was in the telefilm "Charlie Cobb" and starred in the short-lived series, "Riker." Last season,he starred opposite Barbara Eden in the telefilm "The Secret Life of Kathy McCormick" and will be seenin the upcoming television movie "Semesters at Sea."

    To daytime television viewers, Taylor is well-known as Chris Kositchek on the long-running soapopera "Days of Our Lives." He first auditioned for the part in 1977, and though it was not intended asa regular role, the character of Chris soon became a major force on the show. After four years of starringon "Days," Taylor took a two-year sabbatical from his soap opera chores before rejoining thecast in mid-1982. He continued doing "Days" and "The Hogan Family" until 1987, when hechose to concentrate solely on the latter.

    Following The Hogan Family, Mr. Taylor has appeared in several tv films, on Beverly Hills90210 as Jack McKay from 1990-1993, and on The Young and Restless as Jed Sanders from 1993-1995, Taylor made his film debut in "Waltz Across Texas," with Anne Archer, Mary Kay Place,and Richard Farnsworth. He also appeared in the feature film "Valentine."

    Currently, he can be seen on Days of Our Lives where he has played the role of RomanBrady since 1997.

    Taylor is divorced from Sandahl Bergman and has one grown up daughter, Tristen. He owns ahouse in Burbank but tore down the garage to make room for his 1200 sq. ft. gymwhere he has "no excuse not to work out every day because it stares me inthe face," he says with a laugh. In addition to weight training andaerobics, Taylor also practices his martial arts skills. His favorite past-time,however, is watching football. "If I hadn't become an actor," Taylor says,"I would have loved to have been a coach."

    Josh Taylor married AmericanAirlines flight attendant Lisa Tremblay on November 6th, 1999.

  • The Official Josh Taylor Homepage
  • Internet Movie Database entry for Josh Taylor

    The Hogan Family: Where are they now? (6)

    Christine Ebersole was born February 21st, 1953 inChicago, Illinois. She appeared in the 1981-1982 season of Saturday Night Live,the movie Tootsie, the soap opera One Life to Live from 1983-1985 as Maxie McDermott,the 1986 tv series The Cavanaughs, several theatrical movies including Mac and Me,Richie Rich, and My Favorite Martian - and many other tv movies and tv appearances. Someof her most recent tv appearances were in 1998 on Love Boat: The Next Wave, Ally McBeal,and Just Shoot Me.

    Today, she is an accomplished musical stage actress. She has been inOn the Tewntieth Century, Oklahoma! (as Ado Annie, the "girl who cain't sayno," in the 1979 Broadway revival), Gypsy (the recent TV version withBette Midler), Allegro (a failed Rodgers and Hammerstein musical that wasrevived in concert in 1994) and the title role in Mame (just this pastseason).

    (Video) Jason Bateman & Sandy Duncan- Interview ("The Hogan Family") 2-16-89 [Reelin' In The Years Archive]

    Recent movies include: My Girl 2, True Crime and the tv movies Double Platinum and Mary & Rhoda.

  • Internet Movie Database entry for Christine Ebersole

    Judith Kahan appeared in several tv series includingDoc, All's Fair, Mary Hartman Mary Hartman, Free Country, Mary, and Ferris Bueller. Someof her movie appearances include Stealing Home and Hot Shots! and Hot Shots! Part Deux.

  • Internet Movie Database entry for Judith Kahan

    The Hogan Family: Where are they now? (7)

    Edie McClurg was born July 23rd, 1951 in Kansas City,Missouri. She began her career at KCUR-FM, a NationalPublic Radio Network affiliate in Kansas City, Missouri, where she worked as a newswoman and documentaryproducer.

    While vacationing in San Francisco in 1975, Ms. McClurg was invited to join her brother Robert in thePitschel Players improvisation group and moved with the group to Los Angeles in 1976. Upon arriving in L.A., however, shemoved into films when she landed her first feature film role in Brian DePalma's "Carrie."

    Other film roles quickly followed and included appearances in "Eating Raoul," "Carrie," "Back to School," "Mr. Mom," "FerrisBeuller's Day Off," "Cheech and Chong's Next Movie," "Oh God-Book II" and "Trains, Planes and Automobiles." She alsowas the voice of French Pigeon in the animated feature "An American Tail" and starred in the feature film "Elvira: Mistress of the Dark."

    On television, Ms. McClurg was a regular guest on David Letterman's daytime program and has appearedon such series as "Trapper John, M.D.," "The Jeffersons," "Alice," "Diff'rent Strokes," "The Incredible Hulk," "The RichardPryor Show," "Tony Orlando and Dawn," "WKRP in Cincinnati," "Madame's Place" and "Harper Valley P.T.A." On cabletelevision, she has appeared in "Cinderella" on "Faerie Tale Theatre," "The Pee Wee Herman Show," and"Paragon of Comedy."

    Over the summer of 1989, Ms. McClurg honed her theatre skills, starring in the stage production of "Daddy's Dyin', Who's Got the Will," at the American Heartland Theatrein her hometown.

    A Hollywood resident, Ms. McClurg enjoys spending her leisure time with her bowling team, the"Great Balls of Lint." (according to the 1989 press kit)

    Following The Hogan Family, she appeared in the tv series Drexell's Class, the 1994 movieNatural Born Killers, numerous voices for cartoons and animated features includingA Bug's Life and The Rugrats, and many other tv episode appearances (includingRoseanne and Melrose Place) and movies.

    1999 appearances included the movies Can't Stop Dancing and The Manor and guest appearanceson Nash Bridges and Mad About You.

  • Internet Movie Database entry for Edie McClurg

    The Hogan Family: Where are they now? (8)

    Willard Scott has made mornings much brighter for millionsof “Today” viewers since he first appeared on the program in March 1980, reporting on theweather. He joined “Today” after having performed similar duties, beginning in 1968, atWRC-TV, the NBC Television Station in Washington, D.C.

    Scott is a great advocate of honoring centenarians. He wishes happy birthday toover-100-year-olds each Tuesday and Thursday mornings on “Today.” In addition, hesubstitutes for Al Roker as weather reporter.

    Scott has traveled with “Today” to China, Australia, South America and Hawaii, and to Romeduring Holy Week. He also traveled with “Today” on a cruise along the U.S. easternseaboard, throughout Europe aboard the Orient Express, and through the heartland of Americaon the “Today Express.”

    Scott has anchored coverage of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade since 1987, and hetraditionally appears as Santa Claus at several White House events for children. Formore than 30 years, he has lighted the national Christmas tree in Washington, D.C.

    Scott has made numerous appearances throughout the country, including at Carnegie Hallin 1989 with Skitch Henderson and the New York Pops; Symphony Hall in 1989,when he narrated “The Night Before Christmas” accompanied by the Boston Symphony; thePalace Theatre with George Abbott; and the Grand Ole Opry. In addition,Scott hosted the Family Channel’s “The New Original Amateur Hour” in 1991. He was also the first Ronald McDonald.

    He began his career with NBC as a page at the Washington station in 1950. At that timehe was also a weekend disk jockey for Washington radio station WINX. Hejoined WOL Radio that same year and, with Ed Walker, formed The Joy Boys broadcast team, movingin 1953 to WRC-AM, the NBC Radio Station in Washington, D.C., and remaining there until1972. They broadcast from WWDC, Washington, from 1972 to 1974. His weather reports werebroadcast on WRC-AM from 1956 until 1972.

    Scott has distinguished himself with his public-service efforts. He has been named bothDistinguished Virginian by the Virginia Association of Broadcasters (1990) andWashingtonian of the Year by Washingtonian magazine (1979). He also received the GreatAmerican Award from the Bards of Bohemia in New Orleans (1990) and wasnamed Humanitarian in Residence by the National Society of Fund Raisers (1985). In 1985he was recognized by President Ronald Reagan with the Private Sector Award forPublic Service.

    The author of four books, Scott is a graduate of American University in Washington, D.C., witha B.A. in philosophy and religion. He is married to the former Mary Dwyer, andthey are the parents of two daughters, Mary and Sally. Scott was born March 7, 1934, in Alexandria, VA.

  • Internet Movie Database entry for Willard Scott

    The Hogan Family: Where are they now? (9)

    (Video) Five Fun Facts about The Hogan Family

    Tom Hodges was born July 1st, 1965 in Chicago, Illinois.Before The Hogan Family, he appeared in episodes of many different tv series andthe theatrical movies Lucas and Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise.

    Following The Hogan Family, he has stayed quite active in acting. He has appearedin movies such as Excessive Force, The Babydoll Murders, and Heavyweights. His lengthylist of credits can be found at his entry at the Internet Movie Database.

    Tom was nice enough to e-mail recently and provide me with somemore current information:

    "So, what the heck am I doing now? Well, I'm still acting, but I have added writing, directing and producing to my resume. I wrote/produced and directed a short titled SHOOT THE MOON a few years ago that won seven awards and played in fests worldwide. I am now represented by William Morris as a writer/director and Howard Entertainment (my managers) for everything (they handle Lisa Kudrow). I wrote a feature COOTIES which is currently being optioned, and I am attached to a feature titled THE CLEANERS which Lou Diamond Phillips is exec producing and co-starring in. Most exciting is that I was selected by Filmmaker magazine as one of their 25 faces to watch."

  • Internet Movie Database entry for Tom Hodges

    Steve Witting was born January 15 in Queens, New York. SteveWitting has literally grown up on stage, "the perfect training ground for a sitcom," he says, havingperformed extensively in everything from burlesque in summer stock to mime at the MetropolitanOpera in New York City. In fact, he made a return to the stage in 1989 in the very playhouse in whichhe "cut his teeth" as an actor, starring in the title role of "The Nerd" at the HamptonPlayhouse.

    Witting has worked behind the scenes in stage productions as well, learning the ropes ofdirecting by assisting John Dexter (who directed the hit Broadway show "M. Butterfly") withvarious productions on and off Broadway. Outside of the live performance medium, he landeda role in the critically acclaimed theatrical film "The Flamingo Kid" with Matt Dillon,but it was a one time guest shot on the comedy series "Perfect Strangers" that convinced"The Hogan Family" producers that Witting was perfect for the role of Burt, David Hogan'snerdy pal.

    As Burt, Witting found his niche on the successful series as the sweet, lovable, and all too oftenawkward friend which allows him the opportunity to expand upon his own unique brand ofphysical comedy.

    In 1992, he starred in the FMV (full motion video) videogame for the Sega CD called"WireHead". He played the main actor. In the game, he had a special kind of wire in his head,and agents were chasing him so they could find him and get whatever it was in his brain.You controlled him in all the actions he made.

    Most recently, he has appeared in Batman Returns, Hoffa, and Dave as well as an April1999 episode of It's Like You Know...

    Witting resides in Los Angeles with his wife Renee. In his spare time, he has enjoyedhis "hobby" of running his theatre company, "The Drama Guild" in Queens since 1984.

    He was recently spotted in a series of commercials for GoldenGrahams cereal where he played twins.

    He appeared in the post Super Bowl (2002) episode of Malcolm in the Middle asan announcer.

    From Joe (07/03/02): Last summer I had done a community productionof Annie. On the night of the last and final dress rehersal Steve Witting had come to talk to the cast about doing the play. Thisyear he is directing myself and many of my friends in The King and I.

    The Hogan Family: Where are they now? (10) March 2008: Steve and his wife Renee are living in Queens in NYC. He is the current lead in the Stride Gum Advertising campaign and tv commercials as the pleading CEO of the company trying to get people to spit out that first piece of long lasting gum so the company can make more sales.

  • Internet Movie Database entry for Steve Witting

    The Hogan Family: Where are they now? (11)

    Josie Bissett was born Josie Heutmaker on October 5th, 1970in Seattle, Washington.

    Josie has appeared in episodes of Doogie Howser M.D., Quantum Leap, Parker Lewis Can'tLose, and Burke's Law. She has appeared in several films including The Doors (her featurefilm debut), The Book of Love, Mikey, and All-American Murder. More recently, she starred in themade-for-television films Dare to Love, Baby Monitor: Sound of Fear, Danielle Steele's Secretsand the upcoming The Sky's on Fire. She is perhaps best know for her roleas Jane Andrews Mancini on Melrose Place from 1992-1997 and 1998-1999.

    She has served as the spokesperson for Lee Jean's Breast CancerAwareness fundraising and education campaign, in addition to opening aceramic arts and crafts studio with her sister and brother-in-law inSeattle.

    She has been married to actor Rob Estes since May 1st, 1992. In 1996, People Magazine chose her as one of the50 most beautiful people in the world.

    They gave birth to a son, Mason Tru Estes, on Wednesday, July 21st1999. Josie was on the fall '99 cover of Fit Pregnancy magazine.

  • The Josie Bissett Ring
  • Internet Movie Database entry for Josie Bissett

    Angela Lee appeared in a Who's the Boss? episodebefore The Hogan Family. She also appeared in the movies: Annie, Uncommon Valor,Children in the Crossfire, and Ted & Ralph.

  • Internet Movie Database entry for Angela Lee

    The Hogan Family: Where are they now? (12)

    John Hillerman was born December 20th, 1932 inDenison, Texas. He is, perhaps, best known for his role of Jonathan Quayle Higgins III onthe long running tv series Magnum P.I. which starred Tom Selleck. He alsoappeared as Simon Brimmer on Ellery Queen. He has manyother tv movies, tv show appearances, etc. to his credit, a complete list canbe found at his entry at the Internet Movie Database. His most recent credit is the1996 movie, A Very Brady Sequel as Dr. Whitehead.

  • Internet Movie Database entry for John Hillerman
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    The Hogan Family Online main page
    (Video) What Really Happened to Sandy Duncan - Star in The Hogan Family

    © 1999-2010, Todd Fuller Contact Form


    What happened to the mom in The Hogan Family? ›

    The show originally centered around Valerie Harper in the titular role as a mother trying to juggle her career with raising three sons with an absent airline pilot husband. After the first two seasons, Harper was replaced, following contractual disputes over salary, and her character was killed off.

    Where is The Hogan Family? ›

    Set in Oak Park, Illinois, Valerie Hogan (Harper) was a career woman (the owner of an auction house and later, a graphic designer) whose airline pilot husband, Michael (Josh Taylor, who concurrently starred on Days of Our Lives), was frequently gone, meaning she had primary responsibility of raising the couple's three ...

    Who are the characters in The Hogan Family? ›

    The Hogan Family

    Who played Tracy on the Hogans? ›

    Kellie Martin
    BornKellie Noelle Martin October 16, 1975 Riverside, California, U.S.
    Alma materYale University
    OccupationActress, producer
    Years active1982–present
    3 more rows

    Is Sandy Duncan still alive? ›

    Sandra Kay Duncan (born February 20, 1946) is an American actress, comedian, dancer and singer.
    Sandy Duncan
    OccupationActress comedian dancer singer
    Years active1958–present
    Spouse(s)Bruce Scott ​ ​ ( m. 1968; div. 1972)​ Dr. Thomas Calcaterra ​ ​ ( m. 1973; div. 1979)​ Don Correia ​ ( m. 1980)​
    2 more rows

    When did Valerie leave The Hogan Family? ›

    29. The new show, in which Harper plays city manager Liz Gianni, will go up against NBC's The Hogan Family, a family sitcom that was called Valerie and starred Harper until she was fired in 1987 in a breach-of-contract dispute over creative control and money issues.

    What was the final episode of The Hogan Family about? ›

    How old is Danny Ponce? ›

    Is The Hogan Family set the same as family matters? ›

    For the fourth season through the end of the sixth, it was called "The Hogan Family". Many sets used in scenes inside the house were also used in Step by Step (1991) and Family Matters (1989).

    Who played Melanie on The Hogan Family? ›

    Melanie was created by head-writer Hogan Sheffer. She is portrayed by actress Molly Burnett. Burnett first aired on July 31, 2008. Apart from Days of Our Lives, Burnett had previously appeared for one episode each on the NBC television series Life and Grey's Anatomy.

    Who played Brenda on The Hogan Family? ›

    Angela Lee Sloan - Biography - IMDb.

    Why did Sandy Duncan have a glass eye? ›

    There is/was a punk/alternative band called Sandy Duncan's Eye. She lost sight in her left eye due to a tumor behind the eye which damaged the optic nerve.

    What became of Sandy Duncan? ›

    What Really Happened to Sandy Duncan - Star in The Hogan Family

    How old is Sandy Duncan now? ›

    Why was The Hogan Family Cancelled? ›

    But, in the end, like most shows, it was the ratings that killed "The Hogan Family." Before last week's airing, the show ranked 79th out of 101 series in the season to date. CBS ordered 13 episodes, and network spokespeople assure us that all 13 will be aired - eventually.

    What nationality is Valerie Harper? ›

    Valerie Kathryn Harper (August 22, 1939 – August 30, 2019) was an American actress. She began her career as a dancer on Broadway, making her debut in the musical Take Me Along in 1959.

    Who is Valerie Harper's husband? ›

    Valerie Harper

    How many seasons of The Hogan Family are there? ›

    What is Daniel Ponce De Leon doing now? ›

    2022 season

    On April 9, 2022, Ponce de Leon signed a minor league contract with the Seattle Mariners. The Mariners released him on July 20, and he signed with the Washington Nationals on July 22.

    What happened to Daniel Ponce de Leon? ›

    Ponce de Leon was released by the Cardinals on Thursday. Ponce de Leon was designated for assignment Monday and outrighted to Triple-A Memphis on Wednesday after he went unclaimed on waivers. He'll try to resurrect his career with a new team after posting a 6.21 ERA across 33.1 innings in the majors this season.

    Where is Daniel Ponce De Leon now? ›

    Now, Ponce de Leon has signed a minor-league contract with the Los Angeles Angels.

    Why was The Hogan Family Cancelled? ›

    But, in the end, like most shows, it was the ratings that killed "The Hogan Family." Before last week's airing, the show ranked 79th out of 101 series in the season to date. CBS ordered 13 episodes, and network spokespeople assure us that all 13 will be aired - eventually.

    Is Valerie Harper still alive? ›

    What happened Valerie Harper? ›

    Sitcom star Valerie Harper who rose to fame on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” died last week following a long battle with a rare cancer called leptomeningeal carcinomatosis. She was 80.

    What happened to Danny Ponce? ›

    He died on March 14, 2013, in Miami, Florida, from a heart attack.


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