The 5 Best Steam Key Sites to Buy Games Cheap – Voltcave (2023)

If you’re only purchasing games directly from Steam, you might be missing out on killer deals. There’s a whole outside world of online stores selling game keys for cheap. The best Steam key sites now offer a vast range of games, from AAA to indie, at competitive prices and also unique store features like curated bundles and subscription services.

However, it’s important to understand the distinction between authorized and unofficial retailers. And if you decide to do business with an unofficial store for better deals, you need to choose the right one. We’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of some of the best places to buy steam keys that will feed your need for new games at great prices.

The Best Steam Key Sites At A Glance

Type: Authorized retailer
Refunds: 60-day period
Best Authorized Retailer
Visit Humble
Type: Authorized retailer
Refunds: 7 or 14-day period
Great Flash Sales
Visit GMG
Type: Authorized retailer
Refunds: 14-day period
Also Great
Visit Fanatical
Type: Third-party marketplace
Refunds: Unspecified refund period
Best Unofficial Retailer
Visit Eneba
Type: Third-party store
Refunds: 7-day period
Best Unofficial Retailer Alternative
Visit CDKeys

Authorized vs. Unofficial Retailers

Before we go on, let’s explain what we mean by “authorized store,” “third-party marketplace,” and “third-party store.”

An authorized retailer gets game keys directly from publishers, eliminating any worry of invalid or fraudulent keys. These are the safest places to buy games other than the official storefronts. On top of that, your money is guaranteed to get to the developer and publisher.

Prices on authorized stores are often in line with Steam’s pricing. However, you’ll also find discounts and bundle pricing on these stores that aren’t available on Steam, so there’s still the chance to get a better deal.

An unofficial retailer (sometimes known as a gray market site) is a third-party store that doesn’t get its keys from game publishers. Some third-party stores acquire keys themselves and resell them on their own website. Others function as marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, providing a platform for outside sellers to list their game keys for sale.

The 5 Best Steam Key Sites to Buy Games Cheap – Voltcave (6)

Our third-party marketplace trustworthiness scale.

The source of third-party keys is where it gets tricky. Most sellers do seem to get their product via predominantly legitimate means like wholesale purchases and regional sales. This allows game prices at third-party stores to often be much lower than at official retailers.

But it’s also well-documented that outside sellers sometimes use dubious methods such as stolen credit cards and Steam Gift workarounds to get their Steam keys. It’s up to the marketplace’s vetting processes with their keys and sellers and the level of their customer service to maintain the quality of their product.

1. Humble Bundle

Best Authorized Retailer

Humble Bundle started out in 2010 offering DRM-free indie game bundles with a pay-what-you-want pricing model and the option to donate some or all of the money spent to various charities.

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Humble Bundle now offers both its signature bundles and a more traditional online storefront, the Humble Store, launched in 2013. The Humble Store works like most other authorized game key websites, offering various games from all the usual storefronts such as Steam and the Epic Games Store. The Humble Store also offers a DRM-free option when available.

The 5 Best Steam Key Sites to Buy Games Cheap – Voltcave (8)

Humble Bundle’s signature offerings are the pay-what-you-want bundles, which work on a tiered unlock basis. Bundles usually start at $1, which gets you at least one game. The first extra tier unlocks a few more games and is set at the average price paid by other purchasers of the bundle. There’s also an additional final tier that gives you a few more games.

The 5 Best Steam Key Sites to Buy Games Cheap – Voltcave (9)

Beyond the bundles, Humble Bundle also offers a subscription service called Humble Choice with three subscription options. The Lite subscription ($4.99/month) gives you access to Humble’s entire library of DRM-free indie games. The Basic subscription ($14.99/month) gets you an additional three games per month and up to 10% off in the store.

Then there’s the full-fat Premium subscription ($19.99/month) which gets you an impressive nine games a month and up to 20% discounts on the Humble Store. Note that these games aren’t tied to your Humble Choice subscription; you’ll still keep them even if you cancel.

The 5 Best Steam Key Sites to Buy Games Cheap – Voltcave (10)

Humble Bundle offers a generous 60-day refund period, with each request manually reviewed by the store’s support team. They don’t specify any other conditions that need to be met beyond being within the return period.

We’re big fans of what Humble Bundle is doing. There’s a real feel-good factor to getting a game and having some of that money go to a charitable cause like the American Red Cross or Child’s Play. It’s a win-win situation in our books.

Humble Bundle

Visit Humble

Read Our Review

2. Green Man Gaming

Great Flash Sales

Green Man Gaming is a long-running authorized store focused on PC and Mac games. Steam games dominate the available products on Green Man Gaming, but there is also a decent selection of games for Epic and Ubisoft’s Uplay, amongst others.

Green Man Gaming is a pretty standard online retailer, without many interesting perks or bonus features. However, Steam veterans will appreciate the store’s flash deals, which offer much deeper discounts on games than during non-sale periods.

Granted, most of these games won’t be big-name AAA titles, but if you want to grab some indie or lower-budget games for really cheap, these sales are worth paying attention to.

The 5 Best Steam Key Sites to Buy Games Cheap – Voltcave (13)

Green Man Gaming occasionally has 10% discount codes that can be redeemed when buying a full-priced game. It isn’t a huge amount, but you’re still saving vs. buying on Steam. So it’s something to consider if you’re after a new AAA game.

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The 5 Best Steam Key Sites to Buy Games Cheap – Voltcave (14)

Green Man Gaming offers a standard refund period. The store gives you the chance to get your money back within seven days of purchase, as long as you haven’t downloaded the game or revealed the key on the GMG website.

However, the store’s refund policy also states that you may get 14 days instead if you live in the European Union. This is in line with the territory’s Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000.

We’ve taken advantage of Green Man Gaming’s 10% discount codes when buying a pricey AAA title on launch day before, and we’d definitely do it again. It might not have some of the extra features of its competitors, but it’s a reliable source that won’t do you wrong.

3. Fanatical

Also Great Sales

Fanatical launched in 2012 as Bundle Stars, focusing on affordable game bundles on Steam. In 2017, the site rebranded as Fanatical and transitioned into a full-scale authorized digital retailer much like Green Man Gaming.

Given Fanatical’s history, it’s no surprise that game bundles are one of the standout features of the store. The bundles tend to be solid, with some great titles in the mix. For example, Killer Bundle 16 at the time of writing includes Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, Yoku’s Island Express, and Yooka-Laylee for $3.99. That’s a steal.

The 5 Best Steam Key Sites to Buy Games Cheap – Voltcave (17)

You can even build your own bundles, with the list of available games changing regularly. You can pick two games for $6.99, three for $9.99, or five for $14.99. At the time of writing, games you can choose from include GRID Ultimate Edition, Thief (2014), and the Tomb Raider Millennium Pack. Fanatical’s bundles are a great way to add a whole bunch of solid games to your Steam account at a low price.

Fanatical also has “Star Deals”, which are deep discounts available for a limited time or until the site’s stock of keys runs out.

The 5 Best Steam Key Sites to Buy Games Cheap – Voltcave (18)

Fanatical offers a standard 14-day refund period for unrevealed keys and unactivated games. They also entertain refunds for redeemed games if you face unresolvable technical issues. However, be aware that not meeting system requirements or buying a game for the wrong OS don’t count as “technical issues,” according to their T&Cs.


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Visit Fanatical

4. Eneba

Best Unofficial Retailer

Eneba is a relatively new name, having launched as recently as 2018. Eneba is a third-party marketplace, much like its more well-known competitors Kinguin and G2A. However, Eneba tries to do things a bit differently than those sites.

As we’ve discussed in our review of Eneba, they have a strict vetting process before sellers can advertise their products on the site. According to an Eneba employee, this leads to “a low single-digit acceptance rate” for new sellers. Approved sellers acquire their keys from legitimate sources, including seasonal sales and wholesale.

Another factor that sets Eneba apart from other third-party marketplaces is its official partnerships with publishers like Konami, Daedalic Entertainment, and Team17.

The 5 Best Steam Key Sites to Buy Games Cheap – Voltcave (21)

One benefit of a marketplace like Eneba is a much broader selection of games, including Xbox and PlayStation games. Games on EA’s Origin are also available if you prefer activating your games there. Xbox Live, PS Plus, and Nintendo Switch Online memberships are also sold on Eneba.

You do, however, have to be aware of region-locked keys. There’s nothing shady here, as the site will list the key’s region in the listing title and warn you if it can’t be activated on the product page.

It’s not a significant problem, especially since there’s a “global” filter that will hide all the region-locked games. Still, if you’re only used to official storefronts and authorized stores, it is something you need to be aware of.

The 5 Best Steam Key Sites to Buy Games Cheap – Voltcave (22)

Eneba also allows sellers to list physical goods such as video games and game consoles. Unfortunately, we don’t have access to the listings where we are, so we can’t evaluate the quality of the listings or the user experience.

Eneba doesn’t explicitly outline a refund policy. Given that keys are sold by individual sellers, any refunds will likely take place on a case-to-case basis.

Despite Eneba’s claimed strict vetting process, it’s clear some problematic keys still slip through the cracks. They aren’t as common as you’d expect on third-party sites, but it’s something to be aware of.

Overall, while third-party marketplaces can never match the reliability of an authorized retailer, we think Eneba is the best of a less-than-stellar bunch. If getting the best price is your top priority, we’d recommend you check Eneba.


Visit Eneba

Read Our Review

5. CDKeys

Best Unofficial Retailer Alternative

CDKeys is another third-party source for game keys. What differentiates CDKeys from Eneba is that all the keys they sell are acquired by their own internal team. You won’t be choosing from multiple sellers trying to find the best deal or the one with the best reviews here.

Instead, the experience is a lot like buying from one of the authorized stores on our list. Except, of course, that keys on the site weren’t sourced from the publishers. CDKeys claims that its keys come from its “extensive network of suppliers and contacts,” although there’s no way to be 100% sure about that claim.

The 5 Best Steam Key Sites to Buy Games Cheap – Voltcave (25)

Steam keys make up the bulk of CDKeys’ offerings, but the store also offers a lot more than that. You can buy MMO time cards, console games, subscriptions, and all manner of top-ups, gift cards, and premium currencies.

CDKeys has a daily deals section, where you can get games and subscriptions at deep discounts. If you’re a hardcore bargain hunter, this section will make you feel right at home.

The 5 Best Steam Key Sites to Buy Games Cheap – Voltcave (26)

Since CDKeys only sells its own products, it can offer a 7-day return period for any unredeemed keys. It’s not the longest return period you’ll get, but it’s decent and comparable to an authorized store like Green Man Gaming.


Visit CDKeys

The Competition

You might have noticed that we don’t have Kinguin or G2A on our list, even though both are arguably the biggest and most popular third-party games marketplaces. There’s nothing wrong with their selection and prices, but both sites do some things that we’re not fond of.

Kinguin encourages you to buy an additional add-on called Kinguin Buyer Protection to become “first priority for our Customer Service team.” The wording also suggests that they’ll only “defend your purchase against fakes, cheats, and trolls” if you pay for protection.

The 5 Best Steam Key Sites to Buy Games Cheap – Voltcave (28)

Asking customers to pay an extra fee on each transaction to get “first priority” customer service and protection against fake keys is particularly scummy. To us, it suggests a lack of respect for the customer and is as good a reason as any to avoid Kinguin.

As far as G2A is concerned, their horrible track record with customer service is well-known. Not getting any money back for non-working or fraudulent keys being the most common complaint we saw. On top of that, G2A has attempted to bribe journalists to defend their site in the past. If the negative customer reviews didn’t scare you away, these shady business antics should.

A Key Decision

The best Steam key sites include both authorized stores like Fanatical and third-party retailers like Eneba. While the unofficial stores will almost always present better deals, there’s also a moral decision to consider: the low prices could come at the cost of game developers.

We think Eneba and CDKeys are the best of the bunch when it comes to unofficial game key sites. They seem to make the best efforts at doing right by all parties involved, but there’s no way to guarantee where their keys come from. There’s always the possibility that the game you buy was obtained via dubious means like credit card fraud, which would mean the developers never get compensated for that transaction.

If you want to make sure your money goes to the developers, stick to the authorized stores on our list. If that issue isn’t as important to you and you’re just looking for the best place to buy cheap games, the unofficial stores we recommended will be the most solid options.


How do people get Steam keys for so cheap? ›

Many sellers on G2A Marketplace are wholesalers who purchase game keys straight from the developers and publishers in bulk. Since they buy a large number of products at once, they purchase them at much lower prices. This means they can in turn offer their customers great discounts.

Is there another site like G2A? ›'s top 5 competitors in September 2022 are:,,,, and more.

How do websites get cheap game keys? ›

Game key sites work by bringing buyers and sellers together. They don't make or sell the keys themselves. The keys on such sites are totally legit because they all come from the developers and publishers. The reason they are so cheap is that the sellers usually get them in bulk, at great discounts.

Are cheap Steam keys legit? ›

It is safe if you purchase them from a reputable source. Many sites offer cheap steam keys that are legit, and the best way to know if the Steam keys are real is by searching online for user reviews. Websites like Reddit or Trustpilot can offer a lot of insight.

Can Steam keys be fake? ›

Steam keys are codes that users can enter to activate a game on Steam, much like a normal CD key is used to curb piracy. Once a game is activated on Steam, you can download and play it just as if you purchased it from the Steam store. All of these keygens are fakes and usually lead to something you don't want.

Do $5 Steam cards exist? ›

Digital cards come in denominations of $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100. Steam cards can be bought physically from retailers, or digitally from Steam's online storefront.

Why does Steam have a $5 minimum? ›

In order to make it more difficult for these malicious users to spam, scam, and phish other users, we restrict access to certain community features until an account has spent at least $5.00 USD in Steam.

Where is Steam the cheapest? ›

Because of exchange rates and other factors, the pricing of Steam games differs from country to country, with Argentina frequently having the lowest costs as a result of its devalued currency.

Is there a site better than Steamunlocked? ›

net's top 5 competitors in September 2022 are:,,,, and more. According to Similarweb data of monthly visits, steamunlocked. net's top competitor in October 2022 is with 17.3M visits.

Is Eneba as good as G2A? ›

Despite that, Eneba is our favorite third-party marketplace to buy cheap game keys. If you're looking for a site that's even better than G2A, Eneba should be your first stop.

Is G2A a Russian company? ›

G2A.COM Limited (commonly referred to as G2A) is a digital marketplace headquartered in the Netherlands, with offices in Poland and Hong Kong.

Are GG deals trusted? ›

Absolutely. It includes keyshops too, but there's an option to turn them off. All the stores on gg. deals are 100% legit.

What is the cheapest game site? ›

With that in mind, here are the best sites to buy cheap video games.
  • Humble Bundle.
  • Fanatical.
  • Slickdeals.
  • GG. deals.
  • Reddit's /r/GameDeals and /r/ConsoleDeals.
  • Green Man Gaming.
  • Gocdkeys.
  • DLCompare.
28 May 2022

Why is CDKeys so cheap? ›

One likely explanation is that CDKeys shops around, legitimately buys games from regions where they're the cheapest, and then resells them to customers. That, of course, relies on the codes not being region-locked.

Are G2A games stolen? ›

ORIGINAL STORY 12.30pm UK: After years of shrugging off claims it sold stolen keys, grey-market reseller G2A has admitted to shifting copies which were "illegally obtained". The disclosure comes as part of a backfired plan to prove its innocence, which has also cost the company around $40,000.

Is G2A a grey market? ›

G2A has a reputation for enabling people to buy keys in bulk from other countries (where the price is cheaper) and sell them for a profit in more expensive territories. That's pretty much the definition of 'grey market'.

Can Steam ban you for using G2A? ›

However, it's not likely for you to be banned from Steam for buying games on G2A. Valve really doesn't have a viable way of tracking which keys were obtained through illegitimate methods (not all G2A keys are illegitimate); they're really only able to be reported through the game developers or publishers.

Can Steam keys hack you? ›

No as the cd-key cannot be reused and has no use beyond that. The only thing they can do with it is use the "retrieve account" option and enter that key and the owner of the game will get an email associated with this cd-key but only they will see it. For starters, hacked: not at all.

Does G2A sell fake keys? ›

Yes, G2A is completely legal and reliable. G2A is an online marketplace where you can purchase Steam keys and other store keys for various video games.

Can I trust free Steam keys? ›

completely fake

you gotta give them some credit, they made it look legit enough where i actually wasted my time saving up for a steam key only to be disappointed.

Is there a $200 steam card? ›

Description. Valve- Steam 200 dollar Wallet Card or equivalent Instant Access to Thousands of Games. Enjoy exclusive deals, cloud saves, automatic game updates and other great perks. Create and Share Content.

Does steam card 25$? ›

Using a 25 USD Steam Gift Card, you can quickly and easily top up your Steam Wallet. This way, you will have all your shopping cash in one place to use as you wish! You can now buy video games, the latest DLCs, cosmetic accessories, or Steam rewards. And what's more - without the use of a credit card.

How much steam card is $50? ›

Here on giftcardstonaira, we offer the best rate in the market. For $50 steam gift card as of today the naira equivalent is #16,000 and $100 steam gift card is #32,000.

How do I spend 0.01 on Steam? ›

You can't list an item for 0.01 (because of fees). So purchasing something from the Steam Store is your only option (which will consume the last cent).

Does Steam still take 30%? ›

The 30% is still intact, but Valve now takes less money the more sales a developer makes, in a bid to keep the biggest developers and publishers from leaving Steam altogether.

Does Steam take 30%? ›

However, I can say that industry standard for digital game storefronts is a 30% cut for the platform. Some additional deductions get made for taxes (e.g. European prices include VAT, whereas North American sales taxes get added separately.) When Steam games are deeply discounted, who's making less money?

What Steam games are 1 dollar? ›

Almost Free: The 20 Best Steam Games You Can Get For $1 (Or Less)
  • 20/20 Mountain.
  • 19/20 A Trip To Yugoslavia: Director's Cut.
  • 18/20 Pinkman.
  • 17/20 Reveal The Deep.
  • 16/20 Toadled.
  • 15/20 ORION: Prelude.
  • 14/20 Frequent Flyer.
  • 13/20 Zenge.
29 Dec 2021

Why is Russian Steam so cheap? ›

The decision to make price differentiations in the global market is primarily an attempt to curb software piracy. You could buy bootlegged copies of any 10 games on the streets of Moscow for $5 and publishers would have had a hard time selling anything there for full US/EU price even if all Russians were rich.

How do I add under $5 to Steam? ›

Method 1: Enhanced Steam

After downloading and installing the extension, go to Steam's Add Funds page. You'll find a new box beneath the $5 option. There you can enter any amount (below or above $5) and click on “Add Funds”. Your funds will be successfully added to your Steam wallet.

How risky is Steamunlocked? ›

Is Steam unlocked safe and legit? Yes! To sum up, all Steamunlocked games are entirely virus-free and inspected before being uploaded. However, you are at risk while downloading free copyright content, so using a VPN is best.

Did Steamunlocked get viruses? ›

This error commonly occurs due to your antivirus detecting the game/software that you are installing as a false virus. It is not a virus.

Is Steamunlocked safe Trustpilot? ›

I downloaded The Forest on Steamunlocked and i got a Trojan virus. Don't use this site because you can get viruses and malware.

Do Eneba Steam keys expire? ›

An activation key? No it won't expire. But once it's used that's it.

Is Eneba com a trusted website? ›

Eneba has a consumer rating of 2.6 stars from 206 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Eneba most frequently mention customer service, gift card and screen shots problems. Eneba ranks 144th among Video Games Other sites.

Is Cdkeys com legit? ›

Yes. No question about it. They are a reliable and trustworthy platform for finding cheap game keys. If you have no problems with going gray-market with your game purchases, you might as well go with

Does G2A refund? ›

If a digital item purchased on G2A.COM is not as described, doesn't work or has been removed from an account, its buyer is entitled to a refund in our Money Back Guarantee (MBG) program.

Is G2A pay safe? ›

Great secured payment provider option

Securely pay on G2A. It's a very easy to use payment platform that allows you to safely pay and withdraw funds from G2A.

Is Humble Bundle legit? ›

Humble Bundle is a legitimate and authorized game distributor which means you won't have to worry about purchasing dodgy or invalid keys. It has its fair share of customer service complaints online but our purchases there have always gone smoothly.

Is K4G trusted? › has a consumer rating of 4.74 stars from 66 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with most frequently mention customer support and fast ranks 7th among Gaming sites.

Is Mmoga legit 2022? ›

MMOGA has a consumer rating of 2.06 stars from 197 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about MMOGA most frequently mention fifa coins, credit card and personal information problems. MMOGA ranks 412th among Games sites.

Is all key shop legit? ›

Yes, Allkeyshop is a safe and legit site from where you can safely buy a game or a key. It's a good way to compare prices and be up to date with new releases and gaming news.

Where can I get free PC games? ›

10 Websites to Download Paid PC Games Free And Legally in 2022
  • Epic Store (paid PC games for free) Epic Store is one of the most popular websites to download paid games for free in 2021. ...
  • My Abandonware. ...
  • IGN Beta Giveaway. ...
  • FreeGamesFindings subreddit. ...
  • GOG. ...
  • Steamgifts. ...
  • Green Man Gaming. ...
  • Humble Bundle.

What is the best game no money? ›

  • Noodlecake. 30.1K subscribers. Alto's Odyssey - Android Release Trailer. ...
  • Yio Tro. 1.14K subscribers. Antiyoy trailer 2021. ...
  • Dan Vogt. 662 subscribers. DATA WING - Preview. ...
  • Benjamin Ficus. 562 subscribers. ...
  • shlusiak. 90 subscribers. ...
  • Callan Hodgskin. 99 subscribers. ...
  • Pocket City Game. 1.53K subscribers.
4 Oct 2022

Does CDKeys refund? ›

We will process your refund request if it satisfies our eligibility criteria: The product key/s have not been redeemed. The refund request was submitted within 7 calendar days of your purchase.

How long do Steam keys last? ›

All product keys in general(unless otherwise specified) have no expiry date. So, NO. You can redeem it as and when you desire.

Do CDKeys codes expire? ›

Reply fro CDKeys Suport : All of our codes typically have an expiry date of one month, after which they can no longer be used.

Where can I buy Steam keys legally? ›

Official STEAM key resellers
  • Amazon USA. (Germany, UK...)
  • Epic Games Store.
  • Fanatical.
  • Gamersgate.
  • Gamesplanet.
  • Gamesrocket.
  • GOG - Good Old Games.
  • Green Man Gaming.
1 Sept 2019

Where can I get free Steam keys? ›

Free Steam Keys Websites
  • ...
  • ...
  • Grab the Games. ...
  • Giveaway Hopper. ...
  • Golden Giveaways. ...
  • Indie Kings. ...
  • Indie Gala. ...
  • Marvelousga.

Is buying Steam keys a good idea? ›

It's only okay if it's an authorized vendor who receives the game keys directly from developers such as Humble Bundle, Fanatic or GreenManGaming. It is not OK to buy these from grey markets, and the keys may be revoked from your Steam account if they were found to have been illegitimately obtained.

Can Steam ban you for buying keys? ›

If you put in keys that were purchased by a stolen credit card then yes, Steam may take issue with your account after many red flag transactions and permanently terminate your account.

Is G2A legal Steam? ›

Yes, G2A is completely legal and reliable. G2A is an online marketplace where you can purchase Steam keys and other store keys for various video games.

Can Steam keys be stolen? ›

If the keys were stolen; they'd be revoked automatically by Steam Support and you'd get a red profile notification. That's not to say the games aren't stolen or fraudulently obtained in the first place so they may very well be revoked at some stage and you will lose your money.

Is CDKeys Steam legit? ›

Yes. No question about it. They are a reliable and trustworthy platform for finding cheap game keys. If you have no problems with going gray-market with your game purchases, you might as well go with

How can I get free PC games? ›

There are several highly-rated sites for downloading free PC games, including:
  1. Origin.
  2. Steam.
  3. G2A.
  4. Mega Games.
  6. Epic Games Store.
  7. Acid Play.
  8. AllGamesAtoZ.
23 Mar 2022

Is CDKeys safe for Steam keys? ›

Even though some customers may be concerned about purchasing a code from the website, CDKeys is a safe and legit way to purchase game codes. CDKeys is a website in the “gray market,” meaning all of the products are sold legally but don't necessarily have the respective brand's permission.

Are G2A Steam keys stolen? ›

Known as grey-market reseller G2A has long been suspected of selling stolen game keys, but for years they have defended the allegations until now. Following an investigation by Eurogamer the dodgy Company has finally admitted the illegal sale of stolen keys.

Are Steam keys risky? ›

There is no risk other than losing money for a key that doesn't work or gets revoked.

Do G2A Keys last forever? ›

Not at all. It only means, that after the purchase you have one month to activate the key before it becomes irredeemable. Once you *do* activate it, the game stays yours until the end of human civilisation. In other words, the keys have expiration date, but the games don't.

Do Steam keys expire? ›

A: No, keys don't expire automatically. Any players who redeemed a beta key before the game released will keep the game.

Can Steam keys be refunded? ›

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Steam's Refund Policy applies only to games bought on Steam Store and not to keys purchased on G2A.COM. Once you activate a product key on your Steam account, the game is permanently bound to it. This process cannot be reversed.

Can I sell my Steam keys? ›

Selling or trading keys is strictly prohibited.

We do not support situations where you gift a game to receive a reward/payment of any kind (which would include things like rep or points on certain trading sites).

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