Rachael Ray Nutrish Pet Food Recall History (Fully Updated) (2022)

Rachael Ray Nutrish Pet Food Recall History (Fully Updated) (1) PetfulOctober 15, 2022

Important recall information appears below.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Pet Food Recall History (Fully Updated) (2)

Rachael Ray Nutrish got its start in 2008, when Rachael Ray — a beloved Food Network regular, daytime TV host, author and pet lover — partnered with Ainsworth Pet Nutrition to develop a high-end line of dog food and treats containing simple, natural ingredients inspired by her own cooking.


In 2014, Nutrish for Cats was added alongside the brand’s dog food products. To launch the cat food, Nutrish embarked on a 16-city tour as part of a “Shelter Cats Are Beautiful” campaign.

Below, we share much more about the story behind Rachael Ray Nutrish pet food — including up-to-date recall information.

NutrishQuick Facts

Brand line includes: Rachael Ray Nutrish, Rachael Ray Nutrish SuperMedleys, Rachael Ray Nutrish Little Bites, Rachael Ray Nutrish Large Breed, Nutrish Dish, Nutrish Dish Stews, Just 6, Zero Grain, PEAK, PEAK Treats, Soup Bones, Smoochies Biscuits, Smoochies Brushes, Purrfect Entrées, Purrfect Broths, Love Bites, Wheelies, Soft Spots
Where to buy: [easyazon_link keywords=”Rachael Ray Nutrish” locale=”US” tag=”petsadvi-20″]Latest deals on Nutrish[/easyazon_link]
Company: Ainsworth Pet Nutrition LLC
Headquarters:Meadville, Pennsylvania
Contact info:1-800-323-7738,email,website

Nutrish Company History

Coming just months after the shocking 2007 melamine/Menu Foods recalls involving a number of well-known brands, the July 2008 rollout of a new line of pet food called Rachael Ray Nutrish was met with widespread enthusiasm.

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“The launch of Nutrish is Ainsworth’s first national initiative,” said Doug Lang, a vice president at the pet food’s manufacturer, Ainsworth Pet Nutrition.

“We may not have as deep a pocket as some of the multibillion-dollar corporations we compete with. They’re very good competitors,” he said. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t out-think them.”

Some of the brand’s success came courtesy of an age-old marketing tactic: free samples. The “Switch to Nutrish” campaign was incredibly successful, with about “50% of the people who tried a free sample convert[ing] to the brand,” according to marketing agency Engauge Communications.


Of course, the celebrity factor didn’t hurt, either. For a time, Rachael Ray herself handed out free samples of Nutrish from a roving “pup-up food truck for dogs.”

Ray, a daytime host and bestselling author, came to fame with her 30 Minute Meals show on the Food Network.

She first agreed to put her name on the pet food after trusting her own instincts. That decision went against the advice from people in her circle. “People were like, you can’t put your head on dog food. That’s insane,” she told The New York Times in 2018. “I was like, ‘Who cares? It’s not like I have a stellar reputation as one of the world’s great chefs.’”

Charity Work

Proceeds from all sales of Rachael Ray Nutrish go directly to pet charities, organizations and rescue efforts. More than $35 million has been donated so far, as of March 2019. “Animals are very special,” says Ray. “They have the ability to bring happiness to anyone. I can’t imagine a world without them.”

“It’s important to me that I help support these animals and fight for them to have a chance to bring joy to someone else,” she says.

In 2012, Ray and Nutrish partnered with the ASPCA for the group’s $100K Challenge, a months-long competition among shelters all over the country to increase pet adoptions. The partnership would continue for another few years, renamed the ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge. Over its 5-year run, the challenge saved the lives of more than 282,000 pets.

The company produces its products with sustainability and carbon emission reduction initiatives.

Rachael Ray says Nutrish was inspired by recipes she created for her own dog, a rescued pit bull named Isaboo (Issy, for short). The outspoken dog lover says Nutrish is good enough that she herself has tried it.

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Was YOUR Pet Food Recalled?

Check Now: Blue Buffalo Science Diet Purina Wellness 4health Canine Carry Outs Friskies Taste of the Wild See 200+ more brands…


“Nutrish is made to human standards. There’s nothing in that bag I wouldn’t eat myself, and I literally have tried the kibble myself,” Ray told Petful publisher Dave Baker in a 2012 interview.

The company boasts that there are no byproducts, fillers, artificial flavors or preservatives in the pet food.

Nutrish Joins the Smucker Family

Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, a fifth-generation family-owned and operated company formerly known as DAD’S Pet Care, manufactures Nutrish in Pennsylvania.

The company’s plant underwent millions of dollars in upgrades in 2016. Ainsworth also produces the DAD’S pet food line.

In spring 2018, pet food giant J.M. Smucker Company announced it was buying Ainsworth in a $1.9 billion deal. Around two-thirds of Ainsworth’s sales are generated by Rachael Ray Nutrish.

“We are extremely excited to add Rachael Ray Nutrish, a high-growth premium brand that has been a catalyst in transforming the dog food category in grocery and mass channels,” said Mark T. Smucker, president, CEO and director of the J.M. Smucker Company.


(Video) Rachael Ray Nutrish & BuzzFeed: Couples Foster A Dog and a Cat at the Same Time

As of 2020, J.M. Smucker was the No. 3 pet food company in the world, with over $2.8 billion in annual revenue, according to data provided by Pet Food Industry.

Has NutrishEver Been Recalled?

Yes. A recall of several wet cat food varieties of Nutrish was announced in June 2015. The cause was high levels of Vitamin D, which can cause serious health complications in cats.

The full list of Nutrish pet food recalls appears below.

2019 Heart Disease Investigation

We also want to alert readers to the fact that, in lateJune 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identified Rachael Ray Nutrish as one of 16 pet food brands that may be linked to heart disease in dogs and cats. None of those 16 brands have been recalled as part of the agency’s ongoing investigation, though. Most, but not all, of the pet foods are “grain-free” and/or dry (kibble) dog food formulations.

The FDA says this is a “complex scientific issue that may involve multiple factors,” and that it cannot even be certain that diet is a cause of the heart problems.

2018 Class-Action Lawsuit (Dismissed)

In August 2018, a consumer filed a $5 million lawsuit against Ainsworth Pet Nutrition.

The lawsuit alleged that Nutrish contains an undisclosed dangerous herbicide called glyphosate, “a potent biocide and endocrine disruptor, with detrimental health effects that are still becoming known.”

Rachael Ray Nutrish Pet Food Recall History (Fully Updated) (4)The suit stated, “Rachael Ray Nutrish holds itself out to the public as a trusted expert in the sourcing and processing of dog food,” adding that the company “also knew … that [its food] contains glyphosate, an unnatural biocide.”

Nutrish, on Facebook, responded by saying:

“We are in the process of reviewing the details of the claim but strongly stand behind the quality of our products, ingredients and sourcing practices. As animal lovers and humans, it goes without saying that we do not add pesticides to ourproducts as an ingredient. We plan to aggressively fight these claims.”

According to Dogs Naturally magazine, glyphosate (often found in Roundup weed killer) is a common “hidden” pet food ingredient.

In a 2015 study, researchers Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff tested 9 popular brands of dog and cat food —and every single one of them came back with “significant” levels of glyphosate.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium and 9Lives Indoor Complete had the highest levels measured in the test, at 0.14 glyphosate/mg kg–1.

(Video) Why Are There So Many Pet Food Recalls?

“We suspect that glyphosate may be a causal agent related to the rise of pet cancers,” the researchers wrote.

So, back to that class-action lawsuit. What happened with the Nutrish lawsuit? It got thrown out — twice.

In April 2019, the suit was dismissed. It was later amended and refiled — and was then dismissed again by the same judge in February 2020.

“The level of glyphosate in the tested products is negligible and significantly lower than the FDA’s limit, which supports a finding that the products’ glyphosate residue is not likely to affect consumer choice, and that labeling them ‘natural’ is not materially misleading to a reasonable consumer,” wrote the New York federal judge overseeing the amended suit, in announcing his decision.

List of Rachael Ray NutrishRecalls

June 2015

Cause: Potentially elevated levels of Vitamin D.Announcement:FDA report dated June 4, 2015 (archived here).What was recalled:The following varieties of Rachael Ray Nutrish wet cat food:

  • Paw Lickin’ Chicken & Liver, 2.8 oz. single pack, “Best by” date of Aug. 17, 2015
  • Ocean Fish & Chicken Catch-iatore, 2.8 oz. single pack, “Best by” date of Dec. 1, 2016
  • Ocean Fish-a-licious, 2.8 oz. single pack, “Best by” date of Dec. 1, 2016
  • Tuna Purrfection, 2.8 oz. single pack, “Best by” date of Dec. 1, 2016
  • Lip Smackin’ Sardine & Mackerel, 2.8 oz. single pack, “Best by” date of Dec. 1, 2016

Two variety packs that contain some of these recalled products also were recalled:

  • Chicken Lovers Variety Pack, 12 count pack of 2.8 oz cups, “Best by” date of Dec. 1, 2016
  • Ocean Lovers Variety Pack, 12 count pack of 2.8 oz cups, “Best by” date of Dec. 1, 2016

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This content was written by the lead research team at Petful®, led by publisher Dave Baker, a longtime advocate for pet food safety. Our team has been tracking pet food recalls for 10-plus years, and we spend countless hours combing through databases and news archives going back 40 years or more to bring you the most accurate pet food information possible. Tens of thousands of safety-conscious pet parents are subscribed to our free recall alerts, and Animal Radio has called Petful’s list of pet food recalls “the best, most complete list” online. Learn more about Petful, or explore our Pet Food Recall Center.

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Is there a recall on Rachael Ray? ›

Recalls of Rachael Ray Nutrish.

2015 – Several cans of Rachael Ray Nutrish wet cat food were recalled for high levels of Vitamin D, which can be toxic to cats and dogs. 2019 – The FDA recalled multiple brands of grain-free dog foods, including several varieties from the Nutrish line.

What food is being recalled right now 2022? ›

Filter by
DateBrand Name(s)Product Description
11/03/2022KaleraFresh Lettuce Products
11/03/2022NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE®Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
11/01/2022Cedar Creek PopcornOld-Fashioned Caramel Holiday Popcorn Box
10/28/2022DaisoTiramisu Twist Cookies
6 more rows

Is Rachael Ray's dog food made in China? ›

All Rachael Ray Nutrish dry dog foods are made in the United States by Big Heart Pet Brands… a division of The J. M. Smucker Company of Orville, Ohio. All wet recipes are produced in Thailand.

How do you check if a product has been recalled? ›

Visit these websites to find the latest on safety recalls:
  1. Recalls.gov lists recalls from federal agencies. ...
  2. Safercar.gov publishes safety information on vehicles and equipment such as children's car seats.
  3. FSIS.USDA.gov lists meat, sausage, poultry, and processed egg product recalls.
12 Sept 2022

Is there a recall on dog food 2022? ›

All 2022 dog food recalls are listed in the table below.
Dog Food Recall 2022 — Full List.
DateBrand NameProduct
June 18, 2022FreshpetFreshpet Select Fresh From the Kitchen Home Cooked Chicken Recipe
Feb. 18, 2022Various national brandsAll pet food and treats sold at certain Family Dollar locations
3 more rows
13 Jul 2022

What is the biggest recall in history? ›

Arguably the most definitive product recall of all time, the Tylenol incident of 1982 started when seven people in the Chicago area died between September and October of that year.

Should you throw out food that is recalled? ›

Typically, the instructions will indicate that you need to do one of the following: Return the product to the store where you bought it for a refund. Dispose of the product properly so that other people or animals cannot eat it. (This is particularly important if you opened the product.)

Why are there so many recalls on 2022? ›

Over three-quarters of Whole Foods' 37 recalled food products were the result of undeclared allergens. Other leading causes of food recalls in 2022 are potential lead contamination and potential presence of foreign materials. Seven food products—all fruit—were recalled for potential lead contamination in 2022.

Which Rachael Ray dog food is linked to heart disease? ›

The Food and Drug Administration is investigating a potential link between certain brands of dog food, including Blue Buffalo, Merrick and Rachel Ray Nutrish, and an increased risk of heart disease in pets.

What is the best dog food according to vets? ›

The Top 4 Brands Of Dog Food Recommended By Veterinarians
  • Royal Canin.
  • Hills Science Diet.
  • Purina ProPlan.
  • Eukanuba.
12 Jul 2022

Can a dog have 100% recall? ›

Some trainers claim a 100% recall is possible—that means no matter what is going on, your dog will return to you EVERY time you ask her to. I have to admit to being a skeptic for two reasons—because truly reliable recalls take a lot of time and practice to achieve AND dogs aren't machines.

How do I find previous recalls? ›

Look for the 17-character VIN on the lower left of your car's windshield, or on the label inside your driver side doorjamb (see example). You might also find your VIN on your vehicle's registration or your insurance documents. 2. Search using your VIN at NHTSA.gov/Recalls.

Do recalls ever expire? ›

Safety, Compliance, and Emissions Recalls do not expire. Affected vehicles remain eligible until the repair is completed. Other types of vehicle programs, called Customer Satisfaction Programs, typically have expiration dates and/or mileage limitations.

Do I need a receipt to return a recalled product? ›

Yes. You can still return the product without a receipt.

What is the best dog food recommended by vets 2022? ›

20 Best Dog Food Brands Recommended by Vets in 2022
  • Penguin CBD Dog Treats. ...
  • Blue Buffalo. ...
  • Wellness. ...
  • Taste of the Wild. ...
  • Canidae. ...
  • Instinct. ...
  • Orijen. Orijen premium dog food is made using fresh and raw ingredients. ...
  • Nulo. With Nulo dog food, your pup will enjoy nutrition and love in every bite.
16 Sept 2022

What is the least recalled dog food? ›

Widely regarded as one of the top pet food companies on the market, Acana produces a variety of biologically appropriate pet foods featuring fresh, regional ingredients.
  • Acana. ...
  • Annamaet Petfoods. ...
  • Blackwood Slow Cooked Pet Nutrition. ...
  • Canine Caviar. ...
  • Eagle Pack. ...
  • Holistic Select. ...
  • Jinx. ...
  • Nature's Logic.
9 Sept 2022

Why is 2022 grain free for dogs? ›

Because grains in dog food can help support heart health, a grain-free diet can lead to certain heart-related medical conditions in dogs. Dogs who eat a grain-free diet for a long time may be at higher risk of developing dilated cardiomyopathy, which can eventually lead to congestive heart failure.

What brand has the most recalls? ›

In 2022 YTD, Ford leads vehicle manufacturers with the highest number of recalls, followed by Daimler Trucks of North America and Mercedes-Benz USA, according to the NHTSA.

Which product recalls is the most serious? ›

1. Extra-Strength Tylenol - 1982. Between September and October 1982, seven people in the greater Chicago area died after consuming cyanide-laced Extra-Strength Tylenol. Parent company Johnson & Johnson spent upwards of $100 million recalling 31 million bottles of the painkiller and relaunching the Tylenol brand.

What is the most recalled food? ›

Baked goods are most commonly recalled for undeclared allergens that end up harming the unwary consumer with food allergies. Recalls commonly stem from labeling issues and the undeclared allergens that are usually found in baked goods are nuts, eggs, soy, wheat, and dairy.

Can you give away recalled items for free? ›

Go to Recalls.gov or cpsc.gov/recalls. Don't put a recalled product up for sale or give it away. When you purchase an item, register the product if you can.

Why do stores throw out food that is not expired? ›

There is a big difference between a sell-by date and a use-by date. When a sell-by date passes it doesn't mean that the food is unsafe to eat, however, many people still think that they have to toss it. Grocery stores sometimes throw away food simply because it's getting close to the sell-by date.

What happens if you eat a recalled item? ›

In many cases, food recalls are issued as a precaution and the potential for getting sick if you consume a product is low. Still, if you have symptoms you can't explain, especially gastrointestinal problems, see a doctor.

Is there a recall on chicken in 2022? ›

Foster Farms recalls chicken patties from Costco after consumer complaints. Foster Farms of Farmerville, LA, is recalling 148,000 pounds of fully cooked frozen chicken breast patties that may be contaminated with hard clear pieces of plastic.

Has there been an increase in food recalls? ›

The number of consumer product recalls jumped 63.8% in the first quarter of 2022, the highest amount in more than five years. Additionally, the number of unit recalls increased 161%. There were fewer food recall events initiated by the FDA, declining 12.7%.

How long will a recall be honored? ›

Most of the time. Federal law requires all safety recall repairs to be provided free of charge on cars that are up to 15 years old. That's counted from the time the car was sold to the first owner, rather than based on model year or the date of manufacture.

What dog food is not recommended by vets? ›

FDA names 16 brands of dog food linked to canine heart disease
  • Acana.
  • Zignature.
  • Taste of the Wild.
  • 4Health.
  • Earthborn Holistic.
  • Blue Buffalo.
  • Nature's Domain.
  • Fromm.
2 Jul 2019

Does Rachel Ray dog food have glyphosate? ›

Rachael Ray Nutrish do not use glyphosate as an ingredient. However, the majority of crops that become both human and pet food are treated with some type of herbicide, including glyphosate. Herbicides are widely used and permitted for use on crops by the Environmental Protection Agency.

What are the symptoms of DCM in dogs? ›

These are some of the most common symptoms of DCM in dogs:
  • Lethargy.
  • Anorexia.
  • Labored breathing.
  • Panting.
  • Coughing.
  • Abdominal distension.
  • Sudden collapse.
  • Irregular or weak pulse.
6 Jul 2021

What is the number 1 food for dogs? ›

Best Overall: Purina Pro Plan

In addition to wet and dry options, Purina Pro Plan formulas include food nutritionally designed for adult dogs, puppies of various sizes, senior dogs, and specialized diet support for overweight dogs, sensitive stomachs, and more.

What dog food has no ingredients from China? ›

The Honest Kitchen 100% human grade pet food for cats and dogs is made in the USA. The Honest Kitchen pet foods contain no ingredients from China, and are soy free, GMO free, wheat free, and corn free.

What dog foods are sourced from China? ›

These Commercial Dog Foods Source From China
ManufacturerLabel NamesSourced from China
NestléPurina Pro Plan Purina ONE Purina Veterinary DietsYes
Triumph Pet Industries IncEvolve Hi-Tor NeoTriumphYes
Wellpet LLCEagle Pack Holistic SelectWellnessYes
10 more rows

Do veterinarians get paid to recommend a dog food? ›

In any event, in an attempt to set the record straight, let's dive in and count down these Top 5 Myths About Veterinarians: #5. Veterinarians are on the dole from certain pet food manufacturers and get kickbacks for selling their products. This is simply not true.

Why do vets prefer kibble? ›

Many vets recommend kibble overall because a lot of big-name companies are paying them to push their product, and that's just as simple as that. And it's convenient for a person to grab some dry kibble, put it in a bowl, and let their dog eat it instead of letting that thaw, natural diet on their counter.

Can dogs remember human? ›

Dogs also have associated memory which mean they can in fact remember people based on their experiences associated with them. Your dog may have a memory of you leaving the house and due to the strong positive association with you mean they'll celebrate when you get home.

How do you sharpen a dog recall? ›

Practise the 'backward recall' on the leash:

Call dog (dog turns and faces you) Walk backwards (dog follows you) Reward him (when dog is right against your legs).

Is Rachael Ray dog food good for dogs? ›

Our Rating of Rachael Ray Dog Food

The Dog Food Advisor finds Rachael Ray to be an above-average, grain-inclusive kibble. The recipe uses a notable amount of fresh meat and named meat meal as its main sources of animal protein… thus earning the brand 4 stars. Nutrish Peak and Nutrish Dish each get 4.5 stars.

What are the top ingredients to avoid in dog food? ›

10 Ingredients to Avoid in Dog Food
  1. BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole) First on our list is butylated hydroxyanisole, also known as BHA. ...
  2. White Flour. ...
  3. Meat Meal. ...
  4. Artificial Food Coloring. ...
  5. Corn Syrup. ...
  6. Rendered Fat. ...
  7. Vegetable Oil. ...
  8. Farmed Salmon.
12 Nov 2021

What hair products have been recalled recently? ›

The list of affected products include:
  • Dove Dry Shampoo Volume and Fullness.
  • Dove Dry Shampoo Fresh Coconut.
  • Dove Dry Shampoo Fresh and Floral.
  • Dove Dry Shampoo Ultra Clean.
  • Dove Dry Shampoo Invisible.
  • Dove Dry Shampoo Detox and Purify.
  • Dove Dry Shampoo Clarifying Charcoal.
  • Dove Dry Shampoo Go Active.
26 Oct 2022

What hair products are being recalled? ›

Unilever voluntarily recalled products from brands such as TRESemme, Suave, Dove and more due to concerns about benzene. Unilever voluntarily recalled more than a dozen dry shampoo aerosol products from brands such as TRESemme, Suave, Dove and more, due to concerns about benzene, a chemical known to cause cancer.

Is there a recall on Rachael Ray wet dog food? ›

Has Rachael Ray Nutrish dog food been recalled? Rachael Ray Nutrish has been recalled 1 times in the years 2015.

Why was Rachael Ray's dog food recalled? ›

2019 Heart Disease Investigation. We also want to alert readers to the fact that, in late June 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identified Rachael Ray Nutrish as one of 16 pet food brands that may be linked to heart disease in dogs and cats.

What dry shampoo has benzene? ›

Just last month, certain aerosol dry shampoos – including some Dove, Nexxus, Suave, TIGI and TRESemmé products – were voluntarily recalled because of the potential presence of benzene.

Do all dry shampoos have benzene? ›

Is benzene in dry shampoo? In 2022, an evaluation by the independent testing laboratory Valisure revealed that more than 100 samples of dry shampoo contained detectable levels of benzene.

Does Dove shampoo have benzene? ›

Unilever Plc recalled popular brands of aerosol dry shampoo, including Dove, after discovering they were contaminated with a chemical called benzene that can cause cancer.

What brand of dry shampoo is being recalled? ›

The recalled products include the following Dove, Nexxus, Suave, TIGI (Rockaholic and Bed Head) and Tresemmé dry shampoo aerosols: Dove Dry Shampoo Volume and Fullness. Dove Dry Shampoo Fresh Coconut. Dove Dry Shampoo Fresh and Floral.

What dry shampoo is being recalled? ›

“Unilever United States today issued a voluntary product recall to the consumer level of select lot codes of dry shampoo aerosol products produced prior to October 2021 from Dove, Nexxus, Suave, TIGI (Rockaholic and Bed Head), and TRESemmé due to potentially elevated levels of benzene,” the company said in a statement.

What is the best dry dog food with no recalls? ›

Dry Dog Foods That Have Never Had a Recall
  • Acana.
  • Annamaet Petfoods.
  • Blackwood Slow Cooked Pet Nutrition.
  • Canine Caviar.
  • Eagle Pack.
  • Holistic Select.
  • Jinx.
  • Nature's Logic.
9 Sept 2022

What dog food brand is the safest? ›

Our Top Picks for Dog Food
  • Wellness - Best Brand Overall.
  • Blue Buffalo Life Protection - Best Dry Dog Food.
  • Royal Canin Veterinary Diet - Best Prescription Dog Food.
  • Castor and Pollux Organix - Best Grain-Free Dog Food.
  • Purina Pro Plan - Best Budget Dog Food.
7 days ago

Does Rachael Ray dog food give dogs diarrhea? ›

On the other hand, some dog owners have reported that their dogs have had health problems after eating this food, including diarrhea, vomiting, itchy skin with rashes and even bladder stones.


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