My Hero Academia: 5 Fire Force Characters Izuku Midoriya Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't) (2022)

My Hero Academia is the story about Deku as he trains to become the greatest superhero of all time. Throughout Deku's journey in the manga, the character has broken and battered his body while becoming stronger after every encounter. However, with each improvement he makes, Deku only continues to fight more vigorous opponents from this point forward, and it isn't easy to see where he's at compared to other franchise characters.

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For example,Fire Forcehas characters who are heroes in their own right, and the character Shinra has become vastly influential as the manga continues its serialization. It's interesting to compare the two franchises as it could show where Deku is currently in terms of power compared to theFire Forcecast. These are five characters that Deku can defeat with his current power level and five characters he doesn't have any hope to beat at the moment. Please note, major spoilers for both My Hero Academia and Fire Force's manga will be in this article.


Defeat - Maki Oze

My Hero Academia: 5 Fire Force Characters Izuku Midoriya Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't) (1)

Maki Oze is one of the most potent characters within company 8 of the Fire Force manga because of her exceptional combat skills. She is a second-generation fire user who can control flames from a vast distance. Maki can fight against multiple opponents and the experienced soldier Flail with minimal difficulty. She commands fire spirits in conjunction with a pair of weapons that she can put her spirits.


These weapons called iron owls grant Maki a boost in her offensive capabilities and benefit her defenses against several opponents. However, as impressive as this is, it doesn't offer a lot against Deku, who can utilize a unique and powerful powerset of abilities. On top of his immense physical boost with one for all, Deku can use black whip, float, and smokescreen to counter some of Maki's abilities which are limited to fire. Deku's danger sense ability will also allow him to dodge and weave whatever Maki is throwing at him.

Can't - Benimaru

My Hero Academia: 5 Fire Force Characters Izuku Midoriya Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't) (2)

Despite Deku's recent power buff in the manga, it's doubtful that it would be enough against Benimaru, who is the strongest officer in the Fire Force manga.

Although Benimarumight not takea direct hit from one for all's full power, he has enough endurance to contend in lower percentages. Not only that, but Benimaru's immense control offire in physical, defensive, and versatile maneuvers outpaces anything Deku can dish out at him both close and in long-range.

Defeat -Tamaki

My Hero Academia: 5 Fire Force Characters Izuku Midoriya Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't) (3)

Tamaki was initially a part of company one before she joined company eight during the events of Fire Force. Similar to Deku, Tamaki assesses the situation before she acts and can plan out her next course of action whenever she's in a middle of a fight. Tamaki's nekomata ability allows her to conjure flames that grant her catlike limbs such as a tail, or claws.

Although it gives Tamaki enhanced agility and offensive capability, such as a flame that can break through walls, it still doesn't compare to what Deku can do. Deku can keep up with Tamaki's agility while offering out more strength, and his danger sense allows him to dodge any potential threats that Tamaki could dish out, even with her tactical mind.

Can't - Dragon

My Hero Academia: 5 Fire Force Characters Izuku Midoriya Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't) (4)

Arguably one of the most powerful characters in Fire Force, Dragon is a durable monster that can use his flames to create armor or breath fire against his enemies. Dragon's durability is so robust that he can withstand direct hits from a plasma sword and survive a beam blast equal to a nuke that sent him across space.

As powerful as Deku is at full power, it's doubtful that he currently has the physical capabilities to make Dragon even flinch. Deku may have variousabilities, and his danger sense can be helpful, but it would only delay the inevitable compared to how mighty Dragon is.

Defeat - Takehisa

My Hero Academia: 5 Fire Force Characters Izuku Midoriya Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't) (5)

Takehisa formerly worked in the military before he joined company eight as their top marksman. He is physically fit andcapable enough to do hand-to-hand combat whenever the need arises. However, Takehisa favors long-range action above all else, as his powers allow him to control the force of his fuel, essentially controlling the speed of the bullet fired.

Takehisa can also control the bullet's trajectory, which makes it dangerous for his opponents to dodge. However, Deku has already fought against a similar character named Lady Nagant, who is not only the best sniper in the My Hero Academia universe at the moment, but her skill can give Deku a surprise despite his danger sense. Takehisa might have different tricks, but it isn't enough to stop Deku.

Can't - Arthur

My Hero Academia: 5 Fire Force Characters Izuku Midoriya Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't) (6)

Arthur Boyle might seem like a child due to his medieval complex, but his abilities as an officer make him one of the most powerful characters in Fire Force. Arthur is currently fighting against Dragon in the manga, established earlier as highly durable and robust thanks to his flames. Arthur can withstand and tank most Dragon's blows while being one of the few characters who can pierce through Dragon's indestructible body.

Meaning that anything that Deku can probably throw at him in terms of strength wouldn't do too much unless it were a 100% hit. Arthur is also fast enough to react to Dragon and Shinra, who is arguably even faster than Deku, and hissword can easily cut through most forms of matter.

Defeat - Karim

My Hero Academia: 5 Fire Force Characters Izuku Midoriya Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't) (7)

Karim is an extinguished and experienced member of company one in the Fire Force universe. He has the unique ability to collect fire from any external source and turning it into ice through his weapon.

As a strategist, Karim can think on the fly and create a plan to help him against any opponent, whether human or an infernal. However, Deku has fought against Karim and someone more powerful than him through Shoto Todoroki.

Can't -Sho

My Hero Academia: 5 Fire Force Characters Izuku Midoriya Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't) (8)

Sho is the tragic younger brother of Shinra kidnapped by the white-clad due to his latent potential. Shois a powerful swordsman who is also incredibly fast, as he can catch up to Joker and defeat Arthur and his brother with a single strike.

However, Sho's trump card is his severed universe which allows him to slow down time to a large degree. Nothing that Deku can use with his powers and abilities can counter Sho's ability to slow down time. Once the severed universeturns on, Deku can't hope to survive what Sho could throw at him.

Defeat - Akitaru Obi

My Hero Academia: 5 Fire Force Characters Izuku Midoriya Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't) (9)

Akitaru Obi is the beloved captain of company 8 in the Fire Force universe, whose optimistic values and desire to save others make him a favorite among the cast. Akitaru loves to train because of his lack of powers, and he can be one of the strongest physical characters in a world full of pyrokinetic superhumans.

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However, his lack of powers and muscular physique will not do a lot of damage against Deku, whose powerset dwarfs anything Akitaru can pull off. Deku's versatile abilities like danger sense and one for all full cowl will destroy anything Akitaru can dish out physically.

Can't - Shinra

My Hero Academia: 5 Fire Force Characters Izuku Midoriya Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't) (10)

Shinra is the main character of Fire Force, whose fire control is prodigious and comparable to the strongest characters in the manga. Shinra's maneuverability rivals Deku's full cowl, and his hysterical strength power-upmakes his speed unsurpassed.

However, this doesn't compare to Shinra's ability to move at the speed of light, which means that Deku has virtually no counter, even with danger sense and full speed.

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