Luis Fonsi, Rudy Youngblood Castings; Horror Pic ‘Nyctophobia’ From EP RZA; Gravitas, Freestyle Acquisitions; ‘Ouija Shark 2,’ ‘The Mulligan’ Trailers; More – Film Briefs (2022)

EXCLUSIVE: Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, actor and television host Luis Fonsi (Despacito) has signed on to star in the romantic comedy The Answer to My Prayer, in his feature film acting debut, with Oscar nominee Edward James Olmos (Stand and Deliver) coming aboard the project as an executive producer.

Luis Fonsi, Rudy Youngblood Castings; Horror Pic ‘Nyctophobia’ From EP RZA; Gravitas, Freestyle Acquisitions; ‘Ouija Shark 2,’ ‘The Mulligan’ Trailers; More – Film Briefs (1)

The film from director Patrick Perez Vidaurifollows the romantic travails of three friends in San Antonio, Texas whose destinies are changed by an ancient prayer that guides them to true love. Cristina Nava and Vidauri will produce the pic written by Nancy De Los Santos via their companies Migrant Filmworks and Citizen Skull.Roberto Treviño and Eileen Kret (Selena) will serve as its co-producers.

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Fonsi is represented by CAA; Olmos by CAA and Untitled Entertainment; and Vidauri andNava by Citizen Skull Management.


EXCLUSIVE: Acoryé White (The Seventh Day) and Augie Duke (Mayans M.C.) will star in Trinket Box—a new horror feature that White wrote and is directing with Patrycja Kepa (Bellmount). Others joining the film’s ensemble include Sandra Ellis Lafferty (The Hunger Games) and Cindy Hogan (Stranger Things).

Luis Fonsi, Rudy Youngblood Castings; Horror Pic ‘Nyctophobia’ From EP RZA; Gravitas, Freestyle Acquisitions; ‘Ouija Shark 2,’ ‘The Mulligan’ Trailers; More – Film Briefs (2)

Trinket Box follows a newlywed couple intent on starting a perfect life in their new neighborhood. They begin enjoying all that life has to give, but unbeknownst to them, their new home is not as perfect as it seems. A historical darkness that has been locked away for years is about to break free and wreak havoc on their relationship—and their lives.White and Kept will produce under their Anchored Lens Productions banner, along with Charles Bridwell (Under the Stadium Lights), with Anthony Valenzuela (One and the Same) and Codie Williams III serving as exec producers. Production kicks off in Atlanta in late August.Anchored Lens will be donating a percentage of its profits from the film towards the development of its Homeless Outreach and Rehabilitation program, which offers homeless students apprenticeship, training and post-program opportunities.

White is repped by J Pervis Talent and Robert Stein Management; Duke by HRI Talent, Mitchell & Associates and Unified Management; Lafferty by People Store; andHogan by Aligned Stars Agency and Littman Talent Group.


EXCLUSIVE: Bianca D’Ambrosio (Call Jane), Chiara D’Ambrosio (High Heat), BJ Tanner (Station 19), Dana Powell (Bridesmaids), Sean O’Bryan (Olympus Has Fallen) and Dean McDermott (Open Range) will star in the indie horror movie Nyctophobia, from executive producer RZA.

Luis Fonsi, Rudy Youngblood Castings; Horror Pic ‘Nyctophobia’ From EP RZA; Gravitas, Freestyle Acquisitions; ‘Ouija Shark 2,’ ‘The Mulligan’ Trailers; More – Film Briefs (3)

In the film, twin sisters Rose (Bianca D’Ambrosio) and Azalea (Chiara D’Ambrosio) and their friend Brooks (Tanner) find themselves trapped in a supernatural blackout in which monsters are real. Their only hope for survival comes from the light of their cellphone.Kim Noonan (Pepper) is directing from a script by Koji Steven Sakai (The Commando), withLittle Nalu Pictures (The Commando) producing in association with Mirror Image Films (Sometimes I Think About Dying).Individual producers include Sakai, Stanley Yung, Brian Tedeschi and Vicki Vass. Additional executive producers on the project include Mike Smith, Mike Meade and Pascal Counts.Smith and RZA’s Razor Sharp Records will score the movie, with the pair also lending their song “Lost In Insanity” to the picture. Production kicks off this month.

Bianca and Chiara D’Ambrosio are represented by Embrace Real Artists, Savage Agency, Snow Entertainment and Holmes Weinberg, PC. Tanner is repped by Momentum Talent and Literary Agency, Midwest Talent Management and Onyx Talent Group; Powell by Brave Artists Management and Lichter, Grossman, Nichols; O’Bryan by Clear Talent Group and Alan Siegel Entertainment; McDermott by National Talent LA, Play Management and Established Artists; Sakai by Atomik Content; and RZA by CAA and King, Holmes, Parterno & Berliner.


EXCLUSIVE:Rudy Youngblood (Apocalypto) will star alongsideAntonio Jaramilloin Verloren Productions’ drama Macho!, based on the book by Victor Villaseñor.

Luis Fonsi, Rudy Youngblood Castings; Horror Pic ‘Nyctophobia’ From EP RZA; Gravitas, Freestyle Acquisitions; ‘Ouija Shark 2,’ ‘The Mulligan’ Trailers; More – Film Briefs (4)

The coming-of-age tale taking place during the 1960s centers on Roberto Garcia, who at age 17, already has big dreams of making his fortune, building a family, and gaining the respect of his community. With ambition to burn and a passion to prove his manhood, Roberto takes the dangerous journey north, crossing the Mexican border to pick fruit in the “golden fields” of California. It is said that a good man can make more money there in a week than in an entire year in the mountains of Michoacán, his home. With dreams that overshadow harsh realities, Roberto is unprepared for the jammed boxcars and bolted trucks that carry undervalued migrant workers through the searing desert to long days of harsh labor. The film will examine the brutality of migrant labor, as well as Cesar Chavez’s efforts to unionize workers, offering vivid portrayal of the immigrant experience through the eyes of a brave young man who bids goodbye to everything he knows to follow his dreams.

Verloren Productions Founder Walt Perez adapted the screenplay and will produce alongside Soren Odom, Melanie Tirado, Ralph Esparza and Jaime Peralta. Renowned music producer A.B. Quintanilla will craft its score, with production kicking off next spring. Best known for his starring role as Jaguar Paw in Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto,Youngblood is repped by Prieto Consulting Group.


EXCLUSIVE: Gravitas Ventures has acquired North American rights to Jay Giannone’s family drama, It Snows All the Time, starring Brett Cullen (Joker) and Taryn Manning (Orange Is the New Black). TheAnthem Sports & Entertainment company plans to release it in select theaters and on VOD on July 29.

Luis Fonsi, Rudy Youngblood Castings; Horror Pic ‘Nyctophobia’ From EP RZA; Gravitas, Freestyle Acquisitions; ‘Ouija Shark 2,’ ‘The Mulligan’ Trailers; More – Film Briefs (5)

Based on the personal story of actor-producer Erich Hover (M.F.A.), the film follows the members of a disconnected family as they come together in the wake of their patriarch’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Joining Cullen, Manning and Hover in the pic written by Giannone and Eric Watson, from a story by Hover, are Giannone,Lesley Ann Warren (Victor/Victoria) and Sterling Knight (Melissa & Joey). Pic was produced byHover, Giannone, Ben Drickey and Chad Bishoff. It was exec produced byCullen, Jack Fox, Manning, Jonas Roeser, Gato Scatena, Jordan Rosner, Josh Klein, Jane Bovingdon Semel and Walter Thurmond III.

The deal for It Snows All the Time was negotiated by Gravitas Ventures’ Manager of Acquisitions, Brett Rogalsky, and Gato Scatena from Scatena & Rosner Films. Watch the film’s trailer below.


EXCLUSIVE: Freestyle Digital Media has acquired North American rights to the musical feature Past Future, and to Myles Yaksich’s first feature, Albatross. The digital film distribution division of Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group plans to release the former title across VOD platforms on July 26, unveiling the latter on August 2.

Luis Fonsi, Rudy Youngblood Castings; Horror Pic ‘Nyctophobia’ From EP RZA; Gravitas, Freestyle Acquisitions; ‘Ouija Shark 2,’ ‘The Mulligan’ Trailers; More – Film Briefs (6)

Past Future examines one day in the life of an American family in the summer of 2020. The film is billed as a meditation on where we’ve been, where we are and where we might go as we share this world and pass through time together. Alexander Baack served as the film’s writer, director and producer, also starring alongside his real-life wife, Hillary Baack.

Luis Fonsi, Rudy Youngblood Castings; Horror Pic ‘Nyctophobia’ From EP RZA; Gravitas, Freestyle Acquisitions; ‘Ouija Shark 2,’ ‘The Mulligan’ Trailers; More – Film Briefs (7)

Albatross is a dramatic thriller in which worlds collide at an awkward dinner party in 1959 New England. After moving to a new town, Elizabeth (Katherine Gauthier) and Thomas Miller (Romaine Waite) are at a crossroad; they are childless, he’s an unpublished writer and she’s tired of cutting checks to keep them afloat. Thomas’ work suffers to the point that his publisher wants him to ditch his novel about the Black experience to write a more commercially viable harlequin romance. Carol (Sarah Orenstein) and Dr. Lloyd Burke (David Keeley0 have built an imposing façade glorifying the societal ideals of the era; an impressive home, prominent role at the country club, and son studying medicine. But, behind closed doors, the couple’s haunted by the cracks in their relationship and his use of controversial psychiatric techniques. The film written and directed by Yaksich is riddled with opposing philosophical perspectives, forcing the characters to question the stability of their respective relationships and consider how the past or future will continue to nurture or deteriorate them. Ultimately, tables are turned, secrets revealed, and we’re left questioning who really pulls the strings in this game of chess.

Albatross also stars Jill Frappier, David Huband, Thom Nyhuus,Mikaela Bisson, Daniel Krmpotic and Jonathon LeRose. The film was produced byJames Mark and Bruno Marino, with Jennie Lew Tugend, Myles Yaksich, Aleksey Petrov, Larry & Gayle Yaksich, and Todd Slater serving as executive producers.

Freestyle Digital Media negotiated the deal to acquire Albatross directly with Todd Slater of Slater Brothers Entertainment, negotiating the deal for Past Future with AlexanderBaack of Force Studios. Watch the trailers for both films below.


EXCLUSIVE: First-time filmmaker Andrew Burton’s indie comedy All the Lord’s Men will expand regionally and across digital platforms via his Burton Pictures banner through next month, after being released in select U.S. theaters on July 1st.

Luis Fonsi, Rudy Youngblood Castings; Horror Pic ‘Nyctophobia’ From EP RZA; Gravitas, Freestyle Acquisitions; ‘Ouija Shark 2,’ ‘The Mulligan’ Trailers; More – Film Briefs (8)

The film written and directed by Burton followsJerry (Noel Mirabal) and Jimmy (Burton), two unskilled detectives in Los Angeles who fall under the influence of a mysterious cult leader while on a mission to nowhere. This cult leader, a certain Dr. Busner (Matt Fling), is joined by an ensemble of societal castaways as he seeks to integrate his vision for a new world with the demands of Myra (Iris Braydon) from Geneva, a woman who claims to be the new God. As we follow these characters on their investigations into the veracity of Myra’s claims, we begin to ask ourselves, like Jimmy and Jerry do, whether reality can ever really be real.

All the Lord’s Men also starsIlia Volok, William Castrogiovanni, Ayden Skye, Rachel Pendinoff and Olivier Riquelme. Watch the film’s trailer below.


EXCLUSIVE: Wild Eye Releasing is prepping a North American release for Ouija Shark 2—its follow-up to the 2020 direct-to-video cult hit, Ouija Shark.

Luis Fonsi, Rudy Youngblood Castings; Horror Pic ‘Nyctophobia’ From EP RZA; Gravitas, Freestyle Acquisitions; ‘Ouija Shark 2,’ ‘The Mulligan’ Trailers; More – Film Briefs (9)

The original film watches as agroup of teenage girls summon an ancient man-eating shark after messing with a spirit board that washes up on the beach, tapping an occult specialist to rid the world of the deadly spirit ghost once and for all. The sequel, from actor-director John Migliore, promises to tell a tale of Kaiju-sized proportions, delving deep into the mystic realm of the Ouija Shark and expanding upon the original’s supernatural elements.

The movie, produced by Rob Hauschild, has already been acquired for Japan, where it’s set for an August theatrical release. While a specific release date hasn’t yet been set for North America, the film is poised to hit the States in the coming months. Watch the trailer for it below.


EXCLUSIVE: Deadline has a new trailer for Michael O. Sajbel’s drama The Mulligan, which has been acquired by Cinedigm for a home entertainment release on August 16.

The film centers onPaul McAllister (Eric Close), who seems to have it all before his life starts to fall apart. Guided by the wisdom and advice of an old golf pro, Paul learns about playing a good game both on and off the course.

Randall Eldridge, Rick Eldridge, Roland Eldridge and Jimmy Hager wrote the pic, which also stars Pat Boone and Nancy Stafford. Watch the trailer below.

Gravitas Ventures, an Anthem Sports & Entertainment Company, and Myriad Pictures, have acquired worldwide distribution rights to A Beautiful Curse, which is written and directed by Martin Garde Abildgaard, and produced by LesProducers. The film has become a festival darling since its world premiere at the 31st Cinequest Film Festival (California, USA) where it won […]

The film has become a festival darling since its world premiere at the 31st Cinequest Film Festival (California, USA) where it won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Feature Film.. 19 festivals and 11 awards later the quirky modern fairy tale will be released in the USA on demand on June 28, 2022.. Earlier this year it premiered in Europe at the Paris International Film Festival, where it won the Grand Prix for Best Feature Film.. “With A Beautiful Curse I’m investigating the concept of love, soulmates, and the greater power of the universe, and I look very much forward to getting the story out to a broader audience, in collaboration with Gravitas Ventures and Myriad Pictures.” Producer Rikke Katborg added, “After a successful and beautiful festival circuit, I am delighted to be working with Gravitas and Myriad on the release of this important story.”. Filmed before the pandemic, yet oddly prescient, “A Beautiful Curse” tells the story of photographer Samuel (MarkStrepan), who sneaks onto an island which is under quarantine due to a mysterious phenomenon where all the inhabitants have fallen into a sleep from which they cannot wake.. While there, he falls in love with the sleeping Stella (Olivia Vinal), as he tries to unravel the mystery of the deep sleep that has overtaken everyone.. “After an extensive and award-winning film festival run, Gravitas is excited to bring A Beautiful Curse to the world.. We feel that audiences will be as mesmerized with the story as we were,” said Senior Director of Acquisitions Bill Guentzler.

EXCLUSIVE: Gravitas Ventures has picked up North American rights to Gracie Otto’s Seriously Red, the Dolly Parton impersonator comedy which stars and was produced by Rose Byrne, that made its world premiere at SXSW. Gravitas plans a Q1 2023 release. The musical pic follows Red (Krew Boylan), who is at a crossroads in her life. A […]

A red haired woman grappling with high expectations and low self-esteem, she pours herself a cup of ambition and trades her 9 to 5 career in real estate for a life under the spotlight as a Dolly Parton impersonator.. After misreading her work party’s dress code, Red tumbles outta bed into a new world of tribute artists and impersonators in her wild and messy journey that includes romancing a Kenny Rogers impersonator.. As Dolly Parton says, “Be Yourself Because Everyone is taken’.” The film is produced with the full support of Parton and Danny Nozell (executive producer) and features a catalogue of the country legend’s greatest hits.. “We’re excited to bring the film to North American audiences with Gravitas Ventures who share our passion for music and the icon herself Dolly Parton!” beamed director Otto.. “Featuring some of the greatest hits of soon-to-be Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted Dolly Parton, Seriously Red is an intimate, personal, and laugh-out-loud comedy that shows that sometimes you have to try to be a different person to find out who you truly are.. We know audiences will love the film as much as we do,” said Gravitas Ventures’ Senior Director of Acquisitions, Bill Guentzler.. Gravitas Ventures Senior Director of Acquisitions, Bill Guentzler negotiated the deal with CAA Media Finance on behalf of the filmmakers.

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