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Lee and Jayme fly through the Tail of the Dragon

Jun 15, 2020

Lee Donham rides the Tail of the Dragon with Jayme Gunderson on back on day two of the Big Mountain Run - ride from Maggie Valley, NC to Relience, TN. USA. May 20, 2010. Photography ©2010 Michael Lichter.

Wall of Death rider Lee Donham riding the 318 curves on the Tail of the Dragon at speed with Jayme Gunderson on back. He kept pushing closer and closer, rubbing his front tire on the toe of my left boot (as I'm hanging off the back of a bike backwards) and so we kept going faster as well. What a rider, and what fun we had! 11-miles of fun to be exact!

Redwood Run

Jun 14, 2020

Aaron Greene of Paramount Customs wheelies his big twin through the Avenue of Giants beside his good friend Ray-Ray during the Kiwanis Original Redwood Run. Humboldt County, CA, USA. June 11, 2011. Photography ©2011 Michael Lichter.

The 43rd Annual Redwood Run would be happening today if we weren't dealing with COVID, so I thought a few photos from this great event would be appropriate. The big standout is that it is located in one of the most beautiful places anywhere! Everyone goes off riding all day, and then there's the party. With the exception of Harry Fryed (of the Fryed Brothers Band) doing what he loves to do (in addition to playing his fiddle), I focused on being out and about. And how cool is it that I ran into Ray-Ray and Aaron Greene wheelying

Young Couple Sturgis 1980

Jun 13, 2020

Young Couple on Dresser, City Park, Sturgis, South Dakota, 1980. Photo ©1980 Michael Lichter.

(Video) Sturgis Update: World-famous motorcycle photographer Michael Lichter

“Young Couple, Sturgis. 1980” was taken in City Park. It’s a simple title, and that’s all I know about them. Maybe you can fill me in on the details like who they actually are and where they come from. In 1980, most came from surrounding states, and usually just for a couple of nights (just like me!) I like the image for a number of reasons, not least of which is I like the couple (or at least what they represent), the soft light and great tonalities of the black and white, and of course, the setting with all those pup tents in the background as well as the cool bikes scattered about City Park.

Bill Dodge What the Hey Burnouts

Jun 12, 2020

“What the Hey?” Bill Dodge after a pass at the Baker Burnouts at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip in 2009. Photo ©2009 Michael Lichter

Bill Dodge after a pass at the Baker Burnouts at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip in 2009. He sure doesn’t look happy as he says (or I imagine him to be saying), “What the Hey?” I’m guessing there was a rematch in this 1st to 5th gear competition from Baker Drivetrain, but regardless, Bill is always a gentleman and the best of sports, so I’m sure it was solved amicably with no blows dealt.

City Streets, New York City, 1981

Jun 11, 2020

City Streets, New York City, 1981. Photo ©1981 Michael Lichter

City Streets, New York City, 1981 and a terrible omission on my part today - I can’t find the negative of this image! I have a small file big enough to post today, but for all my organizational efforts and skills, the negative for this particular shot and one other (Wall of Death, Egypt 1978) that I would really like to find and make prints from are eluding me! What stands out for me is both the sense of “Time” and “Place”. It is so “New York City” and so “1970s”.

Bikers and Racism 4ever2wheels Podcast

Jun 9, 2020

Michael Lichter in the studio photographing the What's The Skinny" Exhibition bikes. Sturgis, SD. 2018. Photo ©2018 Missi Shoemaker for Michael Lichter

(Video) E4: Michael Lichter Interview - Photographer And Motorcycles As Art Exhibit Founder

Live show on 4ever2wheels Facebook page. Bikers and Racism: "The Difficult Conversations" with Gevin Fax, Michael Lichter and Ken Conte. A topical discussion.

Panhead in the Plaza Mayor in old Trinidad, Cuba

Jun 8, 2020

Harley Panhead at the Church of the Holy Trinity (Iglesia Parroquial de la Santísima) in the Plaza Mayor in old Trinidad on the southern coast of Cuba. LAMA road trip around Cuba 2/18/11. Photo ©2011 Michael Lichter

I'm back today with another image from Cuba, but this time with a motorcycle - a beautiful Harley-Davidson Panhead parked in front of the Church of the Holy Trinity (Iglesia Parroquial de la Santísima) in the Plaza Mayor in old Trinidad on the southern coast of Cuba.

Havana Rickshaw

Jun 7, 2020

Rickshaw driver on break on Obispo Street in downtown Havana, Cuba. May 28, 2009. Photography ©2009 Michael Lichter.

2009 - Havana, Cuba. Just to keep things fresh, I'm swapping the motorcycle you have come to expect from me for a rickshaw!

Remembering Marla Garber

Jun 4, 2020

Marla Garber rind with Scooter at the Harley Davidson 85th Reunion Ride to Milwaukee. Milwaukee, WI. June, 1988. Photography ©1988 Michael Lichter.

(Video) Michael Lichter Photography Part 1

A Moto-Journalist ahead of her time! Marla Garber was a free spirit that would criss-cross North America from rally to rally, to meet a friend, or maybe just a meal. Life was an adventure for this one-of-a-kind Canadian woman. She was a great rider that lived life from her bike, with everything she needed packed on board, including her dog Skooter.

Carl Olsen Out for a Ride

Jun 2, 2020

Carl Olsen riding one of his Knuckleheads from his shop, Carl's Cycle Supply. Just before leaving together for the AMCA Wauseon National meet. Aberdeen, SD, USA. July 14, 2009. Photography ©2009 Michael Lichter.

Carl Olsen doing what he loves to do. It doesn’t really matter which bike he takes out since at his Carl’s Cycle, he has plenty to choose from, but in this case, it was his 61 ci 1946 Harley-Davidson EL Knucklehead.

Hwy 79 Sturgis Drags 1980

Jun 1, 2020

Grudge Racing Near Bear Butte, Sturgis, SD. 1980. Photo ©1980 Michael Lichter. Burning rubber racing Highway 79 by Bear Butte. Happy Smith watching, Crazy John on his Honda. No center line. A blown piston ends the fun and I survive a high speed wobble racing back to town. Maybe the 7th Cavalry made up games here 100 years earlier?

Grudge Racing Near Bear Butte. Sturgis, SD. 1980. Can you imagine?

Dan Rognsvoog's Blue Bayou in Heavy Duty Magazine (Australia)

May 31, 2020

Dan Rognsvoog's Blue Bayou feature in Heavy Duty Magazine Australi. Photos ©2018 Michael Lichter

(Video) Naked Truth Motorcycles As Art™ Exhibit by Michael Lichter

Dan Rognsvoog built this drag inspired custom as a tribute to his first show bike on the occasion of his 20th anniversary of building custom bikes. The turbocharged Shovelhead looks like it may have just “blew by you", and so with its beautiful blue paint job, it was dubbed the “Blue Bayou” (the title of a Roy Orbison song from the early 1960’s). Dan is a great builder who was in my Passion Built exhibition a couple of years ago. With that theme being you couldn’t make a living from your craft, he fit perfectly as he builds his bikes (at least one per year) as a creative outlet from his day job as a power-plant mechanic.

Cycle Zombies. A way of life. Taylor Stopnik on the wall at Scotty's house. Photo ©2015 Michael Lichter

May 29, 2020

The Cycle Zombies family. Taylor on the wall.

Life at the Stopnik’s. Taylor and Big Scott at Scotty’s house. The Cycle Zombies family seems to have a very cool balance between daily life and life at large (and I mean living very large). I’ve shot them in SoCal and Japan, but have to figure out a way to go on a ride with them somewhere. Much respect CZ.

Dirty Jeff's Flathead, England, 1984

May 28, 2020

Dirty Jeff on his Flathead. England, 1984

I instantly loved this Flathead when I first saw it at the Kent Custom Bike Show in 1984, enough so that I met up with Dirty Jeff back in London after the show to do a full feature on the bike. It was light and compact and had great attitude. Jeff was one cool dude with a lot of character, and then her expression is awesome, absolutely in the moment and wonderful.

Good Time Charlie, RIP

May 27, 2020

Charlie Brechtel back home at the Buffalo Chip, August 2016. Photo ©2016 Michael Lichter

(Video) Michael Lichter Motocycle Photography Podcast

When I heard Charlie Brechtel died in a bike wreck on April 25, it was hard to believe he was gone. "Good Time Charlie's" voice and presence were so clear in my head, but wanting more, I turned on his music and immersed myself in it. I listened for hours and then listened some more. That's the amazing part of when a musician dies; they leave all these recordings behind. Its as if they're still with you. If anything, the lyrics took on a new and deeper meaning.



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