Image Gallery Implementation Example — WYMeditor 1.1.1 documentation (2022)

The purpose of this page is to explain how an image gallery built with jQuery’sjCarousel plugin and based on data loaded via AJAX can be integrated intoWYMEditor. The example is built using CodeIgniter (CI) for structure and queries. It uses aseries of JS includes in the image dialog, a CI controller function called viaAJAX, and a CI model function containing an active record query on an imagesdatabase. This example presupposes that you have a functioning install ofWYMEditor v0.4 and you are relatively familiar with hacking it. It also assumesthat you have the source files for and know how to implement an image gallerybased on jCarousel. More information and source downloads for jCarousel can befound here:

1. Including Plugin Code

You will need to include 3 js files and 2 css files into the dialogs’ HTML.This is done by using the dialogHtml option, which makes up the outer shellof the dialog boxes that are opened by the top buttons in WYMeditor. You willneed to change the paths here to match up with whatever your setup is:

$('.wymeditor').wymeditor({ //options dialogHtml: "<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC '-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN'" + " ''>" + "<html><head>" + "<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' media='screen'" + " href='" + WYM_CSS_PATH + "' />" + "<title>" + WYM_DIALOG_TITLE + "</title>" + "<script type='text/javascript'" + " src='" + WYM_JQUERY_PATH + "'></script>" + "<script type='text/javascript'" + " src='" + WYM_BASE_PATH + "jquery.wymeditor.js'></script>" + "<script type='text/javascript' src='/scripts/jquery.imager.js'></script>" + "<script type='text/javascript' src='/scripts/easing.js'></script>" + "<script type='text/javascript' src='/scripts/jquery.jcarousel.js'></script>" + "<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='/css/jquery.jcarousel.css' />" + "<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='/css/skins/tango/skin.css' />" + "<style type='text/css'>" + ".jcarousel-skin-tango.jcarousel-container-horizontal { width: 85%; }" + ".jcarousel-skin-tango .jcarousel-clip-horizontal { width: 100%; }" + "</style>" + "</head>" + WYM_DIALOG_BODY + "</html>", dialogImageHtml: "<body class='wym_dialog wym_dialog_image'" + " onload='WYM_INIT_DIALOG(" + WYM_INDEX + ")'" + ">" + "<form>" + "<fieldset>" + "<legend>{Image}</legend>" + "<div class='row'>" + "<label>{URL}</label>" + "<input type='text' class='wym_src' value='' size='40' />" + "</div>" + "<div class='row'>" + "<label>{Alternative_Text}</label>" + "<input type='text' class='wym_alt' value='' size='40' />" + "</div>" + "<div class='row'>" + "<label>{Title}</label>" + "<input type='text' class='wym_title' value='' size='40' />" + "</div>" + "<div class='row row-indent'>" + "<input class='wym_submit' type='button'" + " value='{Submit}' />" + "<input class='wym_cancel' type='button'" + "value='{Cancel}' />" + "</div>" + "</fieldset>" + "</form>" + "<div id='gallery'><h2>Loading images, please wait...</h2></div>" + "</body>" //other options});


Options specified when calling a new WYMEditor instance must be separatedby commas. If you add in some other options to the example shown above, youwill need to add a comma to the end of the dialogImageHtml assignment aswell as all the rest of the new options except the last one.

jquery.js, easing.js, and jquery.jcarousel.js are all pre-built components thatcan be downloaded from various sites - see the jCarousel link above.jquery.imager.js is a custom script that will be built below.jquery.jcarousel.css and skins/tango/skin.css are parts of jCarousel, pleaserefer to the jCarousel link above for more information. The header styles areused to make jCarousel expand / contract based on the width of the dialogwindow.

2. Adding Injection Target to Dialog Body

OK, now all of our scripts should be in place. Upload the file, refresh yourWYMEditor install and open the image dialog; you should see all that stuff inthe head of the document. It’s usually a good idea to copy the paths out of thesource here, paste them into another browser window, and make sure they open;this is just to make sure you have the paths correct and all the files are inthe right place.

The next step is to add a target div to the image dialog body HTML. Thisgives us a place to inject our dynamic image list a bit later once we havebuilt it with AJAX and PHP. In the dialogImageHtml string (around line 619)add the following line:

+ "<div id='gallery'><h2>Loading images, please wait...</h2></div>"

This line should go after the form but before the close body tag, like so:

+ "</div>"+ "</fieldset>"+ "</form>"+ "<div id='gallery'><h2>Loading images, please wait...</h2></div>"+ "</body>",

Once this is in place, upload and refresh WYMEditor again, then re-open theimage dialog. You should now see a big fat “Loading images, please wait...”message underneath the form. OK now its time for the slick stuff.

3. AJAX Call from Javascript

Make a new javascript file and save it as jquery.imager.js or whatever else youwant to call it; just make sure it’s included in the dialog HTML. Paste thefollowing code into the js file:

// JavaScript Documentvar $j = jQuery.noConflict();$j(function() { //set up your AJAX call $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "", //path to your PHP function data: "img=test&stamp=now", //not required for this example, but you can POST data to your PHP function like this success: function(msg){ //trigger this code if the PHP function successfully returns data /* The PHP function needs to return an image UL with the following prototype: <ul id="mycarousel" class="jcarousel-skin-tango"> <li><img src='' width='68' height='60' alt='Tennessee Titans Running Back Taken Christmas Eve 2006 At Ralph Wilson Stadium In Buffalo Ny - added 04:05 PM, 07/02/2007' title='titan' /></li> <li><img src='' width='68' height='60' alt='Grand Canyon With Storm Clouds Viewed From South Western Edge - added 04:03 PM, 07/02/2007' title='nosebleed' /></li> <li><img src='' width='68' height='60' alt='Another Chair From Fidm Museum - added 06:19 AM, 06/30/2007' title='chair' /></li> </ul> The returning HTML is contained in the msg variable. */ //inject the image list into the target div with ID of "gallery" $("div#gallery").html(msg); //Once the list is in place we can create a new instance of jCarousel and point it at the image list //which has an ID of 'mycarousel'. For more information on these options see jQuery('#mycarousel').jcarousel({ easing: 'backinout', visible: 5, animation: 500 }); //assign behaviors to the jCarousel thumbnails, triggered when they are clicked upon. $(".jcarousel-skin-tango img").click(function() { //$(this) is a reference to the thumbnail that got clicked $("input.wym_src").val($(this).attr('src')); //inject the thumb's src attribute into the wym_src input $("input.wym_alt").val($(this).attr('alt')); //inject the thumb's alt attribute into the wym_alt input $("input.wym_title").val($(this).attr('title')); //inject the thumb's title attribute into the wym_title input //loop through all the images and remove their "on" states if it exists $(".jcarousel-skin-tango img").each(function(i){ $(this).removeClass("on"); }); //add "on" state to the selected image $(this).addClass("on").fadeIn('slow'); }) } });});

Now you have a structure and behaviors for inserting your image code into thedialog. Now all you need is some images!

4. Database Structure

I have an images mySQL table with the following structure:

img_id int(11)img_upload_date int(11)img_upload_by int(11)img_name varchar(64)img_file_name varchar(64)img_size floatimg_width int(11)img_height int(11)img_string varchar(64)img_alt varchar(255)

5. PHP / CodeIgniter Functions

Basically you can make an AJAX call to any PHP page that will return a list ofthe images you want to display in the gallery. It can be connect to a databaseor not; that’s up to you. For my particular setup, I have a CI function in myContent model called get_images() that returns either a list of all imagesin the DB or a specific image if you send a valid ID. The model function goeslike this:

//ARGS: image ID (int) or -1 to get all imagesfunction get_images($img_id){ if($img_id != -1){ $this->db->where('img_id', $img_id); } $this->db->orderby('img_upload_date desc'); $query = $this->db->get('tq_images'); if($query->num_rows() > 0) { return $query->result_array(); } else { return NULL; }}

This will return either one or many rows of the database, ordered by the datethe image was added, descending. If you send -1 as $img_id it will returnall images; if you send it a number it will return a specific row if it’s avalid ID. If the function can’t find any rows based on what you sent it, itwill return NULL. If you need more information about codeigniter or modelfunctions see

6. Put it all Together

Now you will make a controller function that is actually accessible via abrowser or AJAX call. Open a CI controller and insert the following function:

function ajaxer(){ //pull in data from javascript AJAX call (not used for now) $img = $_POST['img']; $stamp = $_POST['stamp']; //call your model function $img = $this->Content->get_images(-1); //create a the return string. This is the structure for your jCarousel list. $lst = "<ul id='mycarousel' class='jcarousel-skin-tango'>\n"; //loop through the images record set. This should be a list of all the images you want to display. foreach($img as $i) { //call a custom function in another model to format the probly don't need this $date = $this->Page->get_date($i['img_upload_date']); //Build a list item for each image in the database. Insert values as needed. //This will produce an unordered list with the prototype specified in jquery.imager.js $lst .= "<li><img src='". base_url() . "upload/" . $i['img_file_name'] ."' width='68' height='60' alt='" . $i['img_alt'] . " - added " . $date . "' title='" . $i['img_name'] . "'/></li>\n"; //$i['img_string'] } //close the list $lst .= "</ul>\n"; //return the list to the dialog echo $lst;}

And that’s pretty much it. When you are setting up your AJAX call, its URLattribute should be pointed at this controller function. ajaxer() will callthe model function outlined above then process the returned recordset into anHTML list. Echoing out the list will return it to your Javascript code as themsg variable I mentioned above. You should already have code in place injquery.imager.js to handle the incoming data and inject it where it needs togo. In that same script you have already specified click behaviors for eachthumbnail in the list. If you need more information about codeigniter orcontroller functions see

7. Using it

Now upload everything and refresh WYMEditor. If you set everything upcorrectly, you should see your jCarousel load in underneath the dialog form. Ifyou click on an image, you should see its values pop into the input boxes abovethe carousel. Once you have the correct information in the boxes, hit “submit”on the dialog as usual and WYMEditor should plop it into your piece. Repeat asneeded.

If you have any questions about specific technologies used above, see theirrespective websites. If you have questions about my code, hit me up atrhinocerous at gmail dot com.

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