COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (2022)

Black Clover is one of the top anime currently. Many will argue that it is a part of the new Big Three. We all love watching Black Clover due to its engaging plot and storyline. Well, maybe some of us watch it for Charlotte Roselei but let us leave that out.

We mainly love Black Clover because it has very few filler episodes comparatively. There are 22 filler episodes at the moment which seems a lot, but it covers only 13% of the total episodes. So today, I will provide you with the filler list in an easily navigable manner so that you can skip them out and finish the anime quickly.


Black Clover Filler List

Ep No. Ep Title. Type.
1 Asta and Yuno Manga Canon
2 A Young Man’s Vow Mixed Canon/Filler
3 To the Royal Capital! Anime Canon
4 The Magic Knights Entrance Exam Manga Canon
5 The Road to the Wizard King Manga Canon
6 The Black Bulls Manga Canon
7 Another New Member Manga Canon
8 Go! Go! My First Mission Mixed Canon/Filler
9 Beasts Mixed Canon/Filler
10 Guardians Manga Canon
11 What Happened One Day in the Castle Town Manga Canon
12 The Wizard King Saw Manga Canon
13 The Wizard King Saw, Continued Anime Canon
14 Dungeon Manga Canon
15 The Diamond Mage Manga Canon
16 Friends Manga Canon
17 Destroyer Manga Canon
18 Memories of You Manga Canon
19 Destruction and Salvation Manga Canon
20 Assembly at the Royal Capital Manga Canon
21 Capital Riot Manga Canon
22 Wild Magic Dance Manga Canon
23 The King of the Crimson Lions Manga Canon
24 Blackout Manga Canon
25 Adversity Manga Canon
26 Wounded Beasts Manga Canon
27 Light Manga Canon
28 The One I’ve Set My Heart On Manga Canon
29 Path Filler
30 The Mirror Mage Mixed Canon/Filler
31 Pursuit over the Snow Manga Canon
32 Three-Leaf Sprouts Manga Canon
33 To Help Somebody, Someday Manga Canon
34 Light Magic vs. Dark Magic Manga Canon
35 The Light of Judgement Manga Canon
36 Three Eyes Manga Canon
37 The One with No Magic Manga Canon
38 The Magic Knight Captains Conference Manga Canon
39 Three-Leaf Salute Manga Canon
40 A Black Beach Story Manga Canon
41 The Water Girl Grows Up Manga Canon
42 The Underwater Temple Manga Canon
43 Temple Battle Royale Manga Canon
44 The Pointlessly Direct Fireball and the Wild Lightning Manga Canon
45 The Guy Who Doesn’t Know When to Quit Manga Canon
46 Awakening Manga Canon
47 The Only Weapon Manga Canon
48 Despair vs. Hope Manga Canon
49 Beyond Limits Manga Canon
50 End of the Battle, End of Despair Manga Canon
51 Proof of Rightness Manga Canon
52 Whoever’s Strongest Wins Manga Canon
53 Behind the Mask Manga Canon
54 Never Again Manga Canon
55 The Man Named Fanzell Anime Canon
56 The Man Named Fanzell Continued Anime Canon
57 Infiltration Manga Canon
58 The Battlefield Decision Manga Canon
59 Flames of Hatred Manga Canon
60 Defectors’ Atonement Manga Canon
61 The Promised World Manga Canon
62 Bettering One Another Manga Canon
63 Not in the Slightest Manga Canon
64 The Red Thread of Fate Manga Canon
65 I’m Home Manga Canon
66 The Secret of the Eye of the Midnight Sun Filler
67 A Fun Festival Double Date Manga Canon
68 Battle to the Death?! Yami vs. Jack Filler
69 The Briar Maiden’s Melancholy Mixed Canon/Filler
70 Two New Stars Manga Canon
71 The Uncrowned, Undefeated Lioness Manga Canon
72 Saint Elmo’s Fire Manga Canon
73 The Royal Knights Selection Test Manga Canon
74 Flower of Resolution Manga Canon
75 Fierce Battle Manga Canon
76 Mage X Manga Canon
77 Bad Blood Manga Canon
78 Peasant Trap Manga Canon
79 Mister Delinquent vs. Muscle Brains Manga Canon
80 Special Little Brother vs. Failed Big Brother Manga Canon
81 The Life of a Certain Man Manga Canon
82 Clover Clips: The Nightmarish Charmy Special! Filler
83 Burn It into You Manga Canon
84 The Victors Manga Canon
85 Together in the Bath Manga Canon
86 Yami and Vangeance Manga Canon
87 Formation of the Royal Knights Manga Canon
88 Storming the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s Hideout!!! Manga Canon
89 The Black Bull Hideout Manga Canon
90 Crazy Magic Battle Manga Canon
91 Mereoleona vs. Rhya the Disloyal Manga Canon
92 The Wizard King vs. the Leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun Manga Canon
93 Julius Novachrono Manga Canon
94 New Future Manga Canon
95 Reincarnation Manga Canon
96 The Black Bulls Captain vs. the Crimson Wild Rose Manga Canon
97 Overwhelming Disadvantage Manga Canon
98 The Sleeping Lion Manga Canon
99 The Desperate Path Toward Survival Manga Canon
100 We Won’t Lose to You Manga Canon
101 The Lives of the Village in the Sticks Manga Canon
102 Two Miracles Mixed Canon/Filler
103 Release from Misfortune Manga Canon
104 Lightning of Rage vs. Friends Manga Canon
105 Smiles, Tears Manga Canon
106 Path of Revenge, Path of Atonement Manga Canon
107 The Battle for Clover Castle Manga Canon
108 Battlefield Dancer Manga Canon
109 Spatial Mage Brothers Manga Canon
110 The Raging Bull Joins the Showdown!! Manga Canon
111 The Eyes in the Mirror Manga Canon
112 Humans Who Can Be Trusted Manga Canon
113 Storming the Shadow Palace Manga Canon
114 The Final Invaders Manga Canon
115 Mastermind Manga Canon
116 The Ultimate Natural Enemy Manga Canon
117 Breaking the Seal Manga Canon
118 A Reunion Across Time and Space Manga Canon
119 The Final Attack Manga Canon
120 Dawn Manga Canon
121 Three Problems Manga Canon
122 As Pitch Black as It Gets Manga Canon
123 Nero Reminisces… Part One Filler
124 Nero Reminisces… Part Two Filler
125 Return Filler
126 The Blue Rose’s Confession Manga Canon
127 Clues Manga Canon
128 To the Heart Kingdom! Manga Canon
129 The Devil Megicula Manga Canon
130 The New Magic Knight Squad Captains’ Meeting Anime Canon
131 A New Resolve Filler
132 The Lion Awakens Anime Canon
133 The Lion Awakens, Continued Anime Canon
134 Those Who Have Been Gathered Filler
135 The One Who Has My Heart, My Mind, and Soul Filler
136 A Black Deep-Sea Story Anime Canon
137 Charmy’s Century of Hunger, Gordon’s Millennium of Loneliness Anime Canon
138 In Zara’s Footsteps Anime Canon
139 A Witch’s Homecoming Anime Canon
140 A Favor for Julius Anime Canon
141 The Golden Family Anime Canon
142 Those Remaining Filler
143 The Tilted Scale Filler
144 Those Who Wish to Destroy Devils Filler
145 Rescue Filler
146 Those Who Worship Devils Filler
147 Death Filler
148 Become the Light That Illuminates the Darkness Filler
149 Two Things to Look for Anime Canon
150 The Challenge of the Maidens Anime Canon
151 Clash! Battle of the Magic Knight Captains! Anime Canon
152 To Tomorrow! Anime Canon
153 The Chosen Ones Anime Canon
154 Vice-Captain Langris Vaude Anime Canon
155 The 5 Spirit Guardians Anime Canon
156 Awakening Power Anime Canon
157 The Five-Leaf Clover Anime Canon
158 The Beginning of Hope and Despair Manga Canon
159 Quiet Lakes and Forest Shadows Manga Canon
160 The Messenger from the Spade Kingdom Manga Canon
161 Zeno’s Power Manga Canon
162 The Great War Breaks Out Manga Canon
163 Dante vs. The Captain of the Black Bulls Manga Canon
164 Battlefield: Heart Kingdom Manga Canon
165 Water Crusade Manga Canon
166 Captain Yami Sukehiro Manga Canon
167 Black Oath Manga Canon
168 Stirrings of the Strongest Manga Canon
169 The Devil-Binding Ritual Manga Canon
170 Faraway Future Manga Canon

Manga Canon Episodes

Black Clover Manga Canon Episodes

1, 3-7, 10-28, 30-65, 67, 70-81, 83-101, 103-122, 126-130, 132-133, 136-141, 149-170

Filler Episodes

Episode 2

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (1)

This episode took us to the past of Asta and Yuno’s life. It showed the exact moment where this legendary rivalry started that has pushed these two characters to be their very best ever since.

Episode 8

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (2)

In this episode, Asta gets to go on his very first mission with Magna. Although the mission part is canon, the rest of the episode is filled with fillers.

Episode 9

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (3)

In this episode also, Asta goes on a mission but in this case, Noelle accompanies him for the first time. Similar to episode 8, this episode also contains mostly fillers.

(Video) BLACK CLOVER Filler List - Filler episodes to skip in Black Clover

Episode 29

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (4)

This episode is mainly about other characters thinking about Asta. It starts with the Father in the church and continues to Gordon and Noelle. Each of them has their own perceptions of Asta that we come to know about.

Episode 66

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (5)

Klaus, Yuno and Mimosa are the main characters in this episode and they talk about the events of the Witches’ Forest and the Eye of the Midnight Sun. This is essentially like a recap episode for the fans before the start of a major arc.

Episode 68-69

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (6)

Episodes 68 and 69 only served to drag out the festival as much as possible. In episode 68 Yami got into a fight with Jack for absolutely no reason. And in episode 69 we saw how the Queen of Briars can sometimes feel lonely too.

Episode 82

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (7)

This episode is all about Charmy who finds herself in a forest away from the festival. Why did she go there? To collect food that does not come off as a surprise in the case of Charmy. She also eats a mushroom with hallucinogenic properties that lands her in a series of troubles.

Episode 102

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (8)

Asta and Yuno return to Hage to defend their hometown from an incarnated Elf. Seeing them fight brings a lot of memories back to the residents of the church as this episode is bound to bring tears to your eyes.

Episode 123-125

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (9)

Another filler episode where a character just sits and ponders over the past events like a thinker. This time it is Nero who sees the Black Bull base running and the memories from 5 years back come flooding back to her mind.

(Video) Black Clover Fillers Episodes List Best & Easy Guide

Episode 131

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (10)

This is a reunion episode where Asta, Yuno, Noelle, Sylph and Nero return to the village of Hage. Everyone is pleased to see them and there is just a happy mood all around. Father Orsi tells them that they have built a school for children and asks them to teach for one day.

Episode 134-135

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (11)

A hilarious and fun episode that can take your mind off the seriousness of this arc. Mereoleona gathers everyone and takes them to their family estate which makes everyone think that it is time for another hardcore training.

But to everyone’s surprise, she reveals that it is actually going to be a secret part for Sister Theresa to celebrate her 15 years of becoming a nun. We will also get to see Mereoleona telling Asta about her past and how her siblings used to behave.

Episode 142-148

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (12)

This is the longest stretch of Black Clover filler episodes that you will ever find. Essentially, filler episodes are made to allow the manga to progress smoothly before the anime can catch up.

At first, it takes us to a time and place before the reincarnation of the elves and some events unfold that have no connection to the main story.

Black Clover Comprehensive Filler Guide

1. Magic Knights Entrance Arc (Episode 1-13)

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (13)

This serves as the basic introduction arc just like any other anime. We get to meet Asta and his overly handsome rival, Yuno. The fact that Asta believes in the power of friendship like Naruto is also made clear to us right from the start.

After that, they take part in the Entrance Exam where Asta gets selected in the Black Bulls while Yuno goes off to Golden Dawn. There are a total of 13 episodes in this arc with three episodes being filler. They are – episode 2, episode 8 and episode 9.

2. Dungeon Exploration Arc (Episode 14-19)

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (14)

In this arc, Asta got to go on his first major mission along with Luck and Noelle. This arc also let us have a peek into Luck’s backstory and why he is known as the cheery berserker. Later on, reaching the dungeon, they met up with the trio from Golden Dawn – Yuno, Klaus and Mimosa. Mimosa falls hard for Asta in this arc and Noelle has already fallen for him. Asta is quite a chick magnet in this series.

A threat from the Diamond Kingdom appeared at the end which prepared the fans for the scarier dangers that were going to emerge later in the series. This is a small arc consisting of only 6 episodes with no filler episodes. Yup! This is what makes Black Clover great and this is not the only arc you will find without any fillers.

(Video) Black Clover Has The Best Filler Episodes...

3. Royal Capital Assault Arc (Episode 20-27)

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (15)

Assault of the undead on the Royal Capital? The heroes of the dungeon exploration team have been personally summoned to the capital by the Wizard King, Julius Novachrono. Julius probably defies all the images we have of a king since he is essentially a child at heart. He looks so cute when his eyes sparkle on seeing new magic.

Anyways, there is some pretty heavy family drama taking place in the palace in the meantime when suddenly they get notified about an assault. This arc of Black Clover is also a filler-free arc. You can enjoy all of these 8 episodes without any worry as they belong to the main manga storyline.

4. Eye of the Midnight Sun Encounter Arc (Episode 28-39)

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (16)

This is where we get to meet one of the most dangerous organisations in anime history. It starts with the kidnapping of some children but soon escalates to something very big. Asta and the others try to contain the situation but the core members of the enemy group arrive and make things difficult for them.

This arc also treats us to a peach of a fight between the Eye of the Midnight Sun and the Captains of the Clover Kingdom. This is somewhat of a longer arc with 12 episodes where you will finally get another filler. But not to worry since there is only one filler episode in this arc, which is episode 29.

5. Seabed Temple Arc (Episode 40-50)

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (17)

Get ready for some underwater battle in Black Clover. Yami has been assigned a top-secret mission by King Julius to recover a magic stone from the Underwater Temple. But when Yami arrives with the Black Bulls at the temple, the priest challenges them to a set of games.

They can get their hands on the stone only if they emerge victorious in the games. Everything is progressing smoothly but then suddenly like an uninvited guest, a member of the Midnight Sun interrupts their games.

This arc consists of 11 episodes with no fillers interrupting your binge-watch of Black Clover.

6. Witches' Forest Arc (Episode 51-65)

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (18)

This has got to be one of the most thrilling arcs in Black Clover. After the Black Bull comes to the surface with the magic stone, they come to know that Asta’s arm has been affected by a curse and it may never recover. All the Black Bull members immediately jump to action in order to find a cure for Asta’s arm.

Each of them go their own path while Vanessa goes back to a place that changes the whole course of the story. We also get to see Vanessa’s origin story and she gets a really OP power later that makes her look a total badass. Witches’ Forest Arc has 15 episodes and just like the previous arc, this one is also filler-free.

(Video) The TRUTH About Black Clover Filler Episodes...

7. Royal Knights Arc (Episode 66-93)

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (19)

This arc is highly favoured by many Black Clover fans since all the powerful mages come together to form one strong group. The Clover Kingdom King decides that a tournament will take place to select the best mages and form the Royal Knights group.

This will be done to prepare their kingdom for an upcoming battle against the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Just before the exam, a mysterious man named Xerx is introduced who turns out to be a very familiar figure at the end of the arc.

Since there are a lot of episodes in this arc, you can automatically expect that there are going to be many filler episodes. The fillers in the Royal Knights Arc are – episode 66, episode 68, episode 69 and episode 82.

8. Elf Reincarnation Arc (Episode 94-157)

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (20)

If you have reached this point in the Black Clover anime, you cannot afford to rest anymore. The twists and turns in this arc will make your head spin and you will realise you are witnessing one of the best storylines ever.

The Royal Knights have already infiltrated the base of the Eye of the Midnight Sun and launched their attack. But a few moments later, the elf reincarnation process started and half the Royal Knights squad were turned into elves. We also got to know about the history of the Clover Kingdom that left us in complete awe.

When there are 63 episodes in an arc, you just know there will be lots of fillers too. Episode 102, episode 123, episode 124, episode 125, episode 131, episode 134, episode 135 and episode 142-148. That’s a lot of fillers that you can skip to go over this long arc quickly.

9. Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle Arc (Episode 158-167)

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (21)

The battle against the elves has concluded and some big secrets came under the light. So, Julius instructed Yami and the others to look for other options beyond the borders of the Clover Kingdom to prepare themselves from any other danger.

Asta and some of his friends visit the Heart Kingdom to meet Queen Lolopechka who may have the answer to what they are looking for. But trouble follows them everywhere they go and now they must train with the spirits to surpass their limits once more. Once again, there are no filler episodes in this arc with it having only 10 episodes.

10. Spade Kingdom Raid Arc (Episode 168- )

COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (22)

This is the current arc undergoing in Black Clover at the moment and there are only three episodes. None of them is filler by the way. This arc will introduce the Zogratis siblings to us and we will get to see major character developments for Asta and the rest.

They will be on their own after two captains are kidnapped by the Zogratis siblings. This arc will essentially introduce the devils to us and just like any other arc of Black Clover, a lot of secrets are going to be revealed again.


COMPLETE Black Clover Filler List (OFFICIAL) | QTA (23)

And there you have it. The best filler list for Black Clover you will find out there. It lists all of them and makes your job much easier as you try to watch this masterpiece. And if you have time, why not watch the fillers too. Who knows what secrets they might hold!

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