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Wild Mass Guessing is for theories about future developments, so all spoilers are unmarked.

Yuno's true magic is Sun Magic

  • A beam of light shooting out of the castle when Yuno gets the grimoire
  • Him being in the Golden Dawn
  • The anime mentioning that a ray of light shone on the kingdom when he was born
  • Almost confirmed. He turns out to have Star Magic.

Yami is partially responsible for Nacht's brother Morgen's death.

  • They were both members in the Grey Deer squad.
  • It would explain why Nacht hates Yami so much, listing that one of the qualities he dislikes of him is his recklessness.
  • Confirmed. Being friends with Yami partially made him more reckless, and tried to surpass his limits when casting a devil-binding ritual to summon Lucifugus that Morgen sacrificed himself to stop.

Yuno will become the King of the Spade Kingdom.

  • It's revealed that he's the crown prince of the kingdom as a member of the House of Grinberryall.
  • If the Dark Triad are defeated, Yuno will need to help the country heal and move on from years of the Triad's tyranny.
  • His complete Spirit Dive form has a lot of royal imagery with a complete crown, fluffed cape, and halberd that resembles a scepter, hinting that he may take on a royal role in the future.

Asta will save the Clover Kingdom from the giant demon sent by the Dark Triad.

  • This would parallel Asta, who wants to become the Wizard King, with Lumiere, who saved the kingdom from a transformed Licht and became the first Wizard King and legend for it.
  • Asta would gain the merit and recognition needed for saving the country, helping him achieve his goal and change society's view on peasants.
  • Confirmed. Asta uses his Devil Union and saves the Clover Kingdom from the ancient demon in Chapter 282.

Nacht sold his soul.

  • When Jack asks him about being an old member of the Grey Deer, he tells him that that man is gone.
  • His last name is Faust, a mythical German scholar who sold his soul to the devil for knowledge and pleasure.
  • He's constantly smiling and keeps his eyes closed and has a stoic, almost emotionless demeanor in spite of his contradictory facial expression.
  • He's the host of four devils. There must be an explanation as to why he can be the host of so many, and it's possible that he sold his soul for that power.
  • Jossed. Nacht became a completely different person, explaining his self-contradictoriness, when is devil-binding ritual of Lucifugus caused his brother's death and reformed him from an irresponsible troublemaker into a serious, brooding person devoted to destroying evil.

Noelle will become the Queen of the Clover Kingdom.

  • Her development has focused on her becoming a less prejudiced person and a Magic Knight who protects the weak.
  • As royalty through being a member of the House of Silva, she has a claim to the throne, which was mentioned with Fuegoleon who is also a royal.
  • As queen Noelle would be able to help end the discrimination in Clover society.

Yami and Vangeance will die thanks to the Dark Triad.

  • They have been captured by the Triad and are being sacrificed to form the Qliphoth, with them dying if the final level is opened.
  • Their deaths would further the development of the Black Bulls and Golden Dawn, especially Asta and Yuno who are the main characters.
  • If they die, Asta and Yuno could become the new captains and come closer to their goal of becoming the Wizard King.

Asta and Noelle will become the end-game couple.

  • Asta has noticed Noelle's feelings for him but is oblivious that they're romantic in nature.
  • They are both the main characters, with Noelle developing in part thanks to Asta's kindness and inspiration, and it would make sense thematically for the peasant hero to marry a royal.
  • It's been teased that they will eventually get together, with Asta saying that he "likes Noelle a lot" at the Star Festival.

Asta and Yuno are orphans originally from the village mentioned by those from the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

Here a list of my arguments:

(Video) Top 10 Scary Magic School Bus Theories You Won't Believe

  • Yuno has suspiciously high levels of mana, and like the only female of the villains he is the only one known to be acknowledged by spirit elemental magic.
  • There seems to be an extremely rare connection from Asta's absolute lack of magic and the 5 clover grimoire and it's swords.
  • Licht mentions a him that was the previous owner of the anti magic swords and grimoire, obviously went missing at some point before the story and now Asta is the only one capable of using them, sounds too much like a Chessmaster was pulling his strings at some point there.
  • Yuno and Asta where left at the same day in the church... and now they are overly powerful rookies. Yeah, no connection in there right?
    • Jossed: Yuno is Spade Kingdom royalty and Asta was born to a woman who lived near the Clover Kingdom in exile because of her condition that absorbs mana and life.

There will be a mission set in Yami's homeland...

...and Yami will be fatally wounded in that mission. The rest of the Black Bulls will subsequently nominate Asta to be their captain.

The anime will adapt the Light Novel story.

Either as part of the broadcast or an OVA. It so that when the Witches' Forest arc is adapted the viewers won't be clueless on who Franzell Kruger, Dominante Code and Mariella are.

  • Confirmed.

Asta's Grimoire is not a real one.

Or at least whatever entities created everyone else's Grimoire, Asta's was created by a completely different and unrelated party. His Grimoire does not follow the standard rules of everyone else's, and far beyond that of the five-leaf clover on it:

  1. Asta does not receive his Grimoire from a library tower. Currently, where it comes from is unknown.
  2. The Grimoire is not connected to the mana of its user, considering Asta has none. Instead, it can potentially be used by anyone.
  3. Asta uses it only to pull things out. Unlike all other Grimoires, this book contains no actual spells.
  4. There is seemingly no limit to the power of a spell the swords cannot negate or deflect. They are also the only spells with an inexhaustible power supply (not counting Asta's own stamina).
  5. Raia is unable to copy the sword's Anti-Magic properties. This is the only spell he can only duplicate in an incomplete manner.

Rather, I think the Devil himself created this book and gave it to him personally for his own reasons, whatever they might be, and that whatever force endowed everyone else with a Grimoire simply skipped Asta due to his complete lack of mana.

  • Partially Jossed, partially confirmed: The five-leaf Grimoire's abilities were created by a force not related to the others, but it's not any Devil in particular. It's Licita, a young woman who sealed the Devil in the book herself.

Rhya was the one who attacked the wedding between Licht and the Wizard Kings sister.

From what we have seen of the attack, the people were killed using light magic which would point to the wizard king but we do know that Rhya has the power to copy the magic and even form of other people so it was actually him who attacked the wedding to prevent "bridging the gap" between the humans and elves.

  • Jossed. It was the royals of the Clover Kingdom, who were lied to by the devil Zagred.

The demon in Asta's Grimoire is the true Licht

His forbidden reincarnation magic did work on himself after battling his former friend as the demon. The anti-magic itself is unique to Asta's summoning of the Grimoire after all, as when the original owner used them it was merely sword magic that he could summon them with and when the false Licht called the sword's the true master's and thought Asta had "stolen" them. The demon in Asta's "Demon Dweller Sword" however is probably the spirit of Anti-Magic, just as Sylph is Wind.

(Video) The Prince of Egypt: God as Antagonist | The Common Hatred (FLASHING LIGHTS 29:23 - 29:31)

  • Jossed. The demon's name is Liebe, and he has nothing to do with Licht whatsoever.

Asta is a descendant of Tetia and Licht.

Somehow, the child of Tetia and Licht survived, had kids, and the bloodline passed and eventually, led us to Asta.

  • Alternately, he is the reincarnation of their child.

Nero is the reincarnation of the First Wizard King.

The bird looks like it knows what's happening in the plot. The fact that the bird is named after a roman emperor is kinda indicative too.

  • Jossed. The bird is important in reviving the First Wizard King, though.

Patry's attack on Clover Kingdom is the same one that killed the elves.

When Julius defended against the attack he inadvertently sent it back in time

Sally will become a member of the Black Bulls.

Yami's proven he has no problem recruiting criminals, after all.

  • She's also the first to agree to join forces with the Black Bulls against the elves and unlike Rades and Valtos who don't really do much in the way of a direct team-up she is a key player in the team effort to defeat Reve.

Grey and Marx Francois are somehow related.

They have the same general look to them; it can't just be coincidence.

Asta's lack of magic power is important because it allows him to avoid the Corruption of the Grimoire, or Magic Users in general.

Perhaps the Devil relies in Magic in order to fool people or corrupt their hearts. The fact that Asta is the muggle makes him specially immune to the corruption, and he can even use the Black Grimoire in a way that the demons never intended.

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Yuno will be the Wizard King while Asta will be King of the Clover Kingdom.

They are both trying to be the Wizard King, and yet there is another King in charge of the country albeit with less magical power than Julius. Yuno has actual magic and has shown time and again to be very skilled with manipulating Wind, while at the same time he's reserved and stoic. Asta, on the other hand, is very outgoing and outspoken, and able to connect with people better. Since Asta's magic is literally having no magic at all (and cancelling out others), it might be seen as a technicality against him being the Wizard King compared to the powerful and talented Yuno. Asta would be fine with this of course as their goal is to see one of them be the next Wizard King, but he'd get a consolation prize in replacing Augustus Kira Clover XIII as a King of the citizens. Then they can work together to make the Clover Kingdom a better place.

  • Bonus points if he gets the position in part by marrying both Noelle and Mimosa thus uniting houses Silva and Vermillion.

Asta is part demon.

Well, Charmy is apparently part-Dwarf. It's not out of the realm of possibility that Asta has some other half going for him. And his demon-blood is the cause of him having no mana, but in exchange he can have control over demons.

  • Going along with the theory below, considering that there is a devil named Astaroth and one of only facts that we do know about him is that he disappeared at least 20 years ago with Asta being 18 years old, this is very likely

Asta's full name...

In relation to the "Asta is part demon," theory, Asta's full "demon" name is Astaroth.

Gordon is from one of the neighboring kingdoms.

He wears what appears to be a military outfit, but it doesn't correspond at all with anything seen in the Clover Kingdom. Also, since the Heart Kingdom appears to be more pacifistic than the others and Diamond Kingdom soldiers have been in battles with Gordon present and neither party recognizes the other, I'd also suspect that Gordon comes from the Spade Kingdom. Perhaps he defected from there, or his military unit was hunted down and killed and he's the only one left. Either way, since most of the other Black Bulls members look younger than him, he was likely accepted by Yami at a more advanced age.

  • Jossed. Gordon's family lives near the capital, but are shunned for their curse magic, much like Gordon and even by Gordon, who also assumes the worst about them.

Yuno retained his sense of self during the reincarnation arc for two reasons:

  1. Because he was possessed by a half-elf rather than an elf.
  2. Because, like William Vangeance, that spirit had been with him since childhood.

Licht says, at one point, that Yuno allowed him to fight alongside his son, confirming that the half-elf possessing Yuno is the child of Licht and Tetia.

  • Yuno cried frequently as a small child. Perhaps that was simply his nature. Or, perhaps he befriended the spirit of the young half-elf child within his mind, who told Yuno how he was killed at a young age, along with his human mother.

This would make Yuno's hot and cold personality the result of two separate beings, rather than a single individual. Even more hilarious would be if the Human Yuno has always been the aloof one and the half-elf was always the friendly one.

  • Unlike Patry who was a 15 years old when murdered originally, Yuno's (half-)elf spirit was a fetus who was maybe a week away from birth when his mother was murdered. As such, the only memories he has are of Yuno's life. They're still two souls Sharing a Body, but with identical life experiences their personalities would match up even better than is usual for the hosts of elf spirits and the spirit would probably have the same desires as Yuno rather than wanting vengeance for a murder he doesn't even remember.

Nozel Silva and Dorothy Unsworth are dating.

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Nozel wouldn't randomly tell just anybody about the secret of his mother's death, and the fact that he could tell Dorothy inside of her dream world without activating the demon's curse wouldn't be enough reason to tell her. That he told Dorothy implies they're much closer than just co-workers. Plus, while Noelle thought the dream-Nozel that Dorothy conjured was acting ridiculously out of character, Dorothy seemed to think she got his personality right. Implying that she's seen a side of him that he doesn't show to anybody else, not even his family.

Asta's powers/possession comes not from a devil but from an angel.

Partly because it is anti-magic and devils seem to use normal (if very powerful) magic. And despite everyone thinking he is a devil, the entity has never spoke to Asta (or anyone else) to confirm or deny it. But mostly just because it would be an interesting twist.

  • Jossed. It does indeed come from a devil—who himself has no magic. This devil didn't speak to Asta because he never felt any need to.

Black Clover is actually the sequel to a previous shonen manga where a young Yami was the protagonist.

Unfortunately, it was too awesome to get published. But it still left Yami aware that resolve and "surpassing your limits" are more important than planning to winning battles in a shonen.

Noelle will receive the water elemental spirit.

  • While she's not as strong as Yuno, it's obvious that she'll continue to grow and get stronger, thus earning her an elemental spirit.
  • She is the only member of the Light Triad to not have the power of a familiar.
  • Her power development has mirrored Asta, who now has the power to undergo Union Mode with Liebe, and Yuno's, who has the power of the wind spirit Sylph and can assimilate her power through Spirit Dive.
  • Confirmed. Noelle becomes the new host of Undine when she gets cursed by Vanica, forcing her to transfer herself to Noelle's grimoire to regain her power, and they work together to save Lolopechka.

Why Asta has no Magic.

  • If we assume that Licita is in fact Asta's mother the fact that she absorbs the magic and life force of those around her to the point it can kill could be the reason that Asta has no magic. The Witch Queen said that the reason he has no magic is due to a genetic mutation, A mutation that could have occurred in his mothers womb as a defense against her draining his magic allowing him to be born.
  • Honestly, that power set puts her way more in common with Henry than with Asta. The two could be related in some way.

Liebe will be inducted into the Black Bulls.

Yami sees only potential and willingness to serve as factors to recruitment into the Black Bulls, prioritizing outcasts. Once Liebe bonds with Asta and sees him as a true friend, he'll fulfill all of those qualifications. Upon being rescued, Yami will recognize Liebe's accomplishments and request or demand him to be in the Black Bulls, outdoing himself once again by having a devil among his Magic Knights.

Licita is still alive.

While it shows her bleeding while sealing away Liebe, there's no 100% confirmed shot that she died. It's possible that she's out there somewhere.

Mars will receive the Earth Elemental Spirit.

(Video) 12 Days of Rickmas Rick Sanchez's Mysterious Past (Fan Theories/Wild Mass Guessing) Rickmas Day 2

Crystal is just another form of Earth so maybe in his absence from the story, he bonded with the Gnome Spirit.


What bloodline is Asta from? ›

Asta is a descendant of Tetia and Licht. Somehow, the child of Tetia and Licht survived, had kids, and the bloodline passed and eventually, led us to Asta.

Is Asta a descendant of the first Wizard King? ›

I think Asta is the descendant of the first wizard king somehow because the first wizard king did say that he was happy to see his descendant and it was confirmed Yuno is not part of the Clover Kingdom at all. He is part of the Spade Kingdom. and he also had the spirit of the Licth's unborn child inside him.

Is Asta a dwarf? ›

In the official English translation of the conversation between Asta and the Anti Magic Devil, the devil calls Asta "a dwarf". However, the devil uses the term kobito 「小人, literally meaning "little person"」, which is different from the one later used for the race of dwarves.

Is Patry a girl Black Clover? ›

Patolli 「パトリ Patori」 is an elf and the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, under the name and appearance of Licht. He shares a body with William Vangeance, captain of the Golden Dawn squad, until he sacrifices himself to save the Clover Kingdom. He is then resurrected in Licht's artificial body.

Who is the strongest mage in Black Clover? ›

1 Julius Novechrono

Julius Novachrono is the most powerful mage in the Clover Kingdom, having risen to the title of Wizard King. Julius is a magic geek who can often be seen wandering around the Kingdom trying to discover people with interesting types of Magic.

How many swords does Asta have? ›

As of Black Clover chapter 316, Asta possesses four swords in his Grimoire. All of them specialize in Anti Magic.

Does Asta have two grimoire? ›

Black Clover Asta Second Grimoire | Asta New Magic - YouTube

Is Dante Asta's father? ›

Later, when Dante has a flashback, we see him with a woman on his bed. It is believed that this woman might be Asta's mother, thus making Dante his father.

Who is the baby of Licht and Tetia? ›

So i concluded that asta and (noelle) are twins and they are the children of licht and tetia .

Who is Asta father? ›

Father Orsi was the man who found Asta and Yuno on the doorstep of his church as infants. Asta cares deeply for Father Orsi and respects him as his father, but tends to make funny comments about the state of the church, which annoys him.

Is Noelle taller than Asta? ›

Noelle, Mimosa, and Asta are all taller than her in that order from tallest to shortest. Nero is even shorter than Asta is and looks small next to Noelle(the tallest of the 4) in this manga panel.

Is Asta a royal? ›

After turning 15 years old, Asta receives a five-leaf clover grimoire with an Anti Magic devil inside. He joins the Clover Kingdom's Black Bull squad of the Magic Knights and becomes a 1st Class Senior Magic Knight and temporarily a Royal Knight.

Who is the real Licht? ›

Licht 「リヒト Rihito」 is the leader of the Elf Tribe and one of its ten Apostles of Sephirah. He was married to Tetia, a human royal. After the Massacre of the Elf Tribe, Licht turns himself into a demon and attacks the Clover Kingdom.

Who owned Asta's grimoire? ›

Asta's grimoire was created by a devil named Zagrid five centuries ago. At that time, it was a four-leaf grimoire, and it belonged to an Elf named Licht.

Is Julius Novachrono a devil? ›

It is common knowledge that Julius Novachrono is the strongest living mage in Black Clover, even managing to one-up death by supposedly saving a few years of his life. Now that he turns out to be a Devil -- and one of the rulers of the Underworld at that -- he may prove to be a bigger threat than Lucifero.

What is the rarest grimoire in Black Clover? ›

1) Five-Leaf Grimoire (Asta)

Asta's Five-Leaf grimoire is incredibly unique in the world of Black Clover. Its reddish-black aura is never seen in any other spellbook, and the Five-Leaf clover on the cover is also one of a kind amongst humans. Despite being one of the first to be seen, it remains a truly unique element.

Who has the most powerful grimoire in Black Clover? ›

15 Asta Is The Most Powerful Of Them All

Yes, he's the holder of the five-leaf clover grimoire that helps him defeat the worst demons.

Is there a 6 leaf clover in Black Clover? ›

Six Leaf Clover Grimoire In Black Clover? (Theory) - YouTube

Does yuno have 2 grimoire? ›

Second Grimoire: Yuno also possesses a spade grimoire that contains various star-based spells. He receives this grimoire after crashing into a grimoire tower in the Spade Kingdom.

Does Asta have Licht's grimoire? ›

Asta is in possession of Licht's Grimoire. Somehow a demon was added into the grimoire (From what I can assume was from the forbidden spell) turning it into a five leaf clover. Asta owns the swords now because he now owns the Grimoire.

What's Asta's strongest sword? ›

Demon-Destroyer sword. Demon-Destroyer Sword: Asta's third and strongest sword possesses an ability known as Causality Break.

What is yunos new magic? ›

Through their union, a new type of magic was born within Yuno -- Star Magic! With his new magic, Yuno has a whole new array of abilities that completely change how he fights. With his Star Magic, he is capable of creating miniature stars that become the source of most of his new abilities.

What does Asta's 3rd sword do? ›

Demon-Dweller can absorb magic and redirect it. This allows Asta to broaden and strengthen his anti-magic attacks. Both swords share the ability to cut through spells and redirect their magic.

Is Yuno a elf? ›

No yuno is not an elf and not Licht child. Yuno realises the elf possessing him was Licht and Tetia's unborn son, and Licht thanks Yuno for allowing him to meet him. Show activity on this post. No, he is an elf at that point in the series due to the reincarnation magic but he isn't a true elf with an elf bloodline.

Is Asta an elf? ›

He later becomes the Wizard King of the 3rd class. While Asta belongs to the tribe of elves, here is the answer to the popular question, 'Who killed the elves in Black Clover?' .

Who is the strongest demon in Black Clover? ›

Finally, Astaroth is undoubtedly the most powerful devil in all of Black Clover. The third ruler of the Underworld and one of the highest-ranking Qliphoth devils is an enigma whose power is unmatched.

Does Asta have a last name? ›

We learn that Asta's last name was actually Staria. This is actually a little redundant, as he's named after the flower, which comes from the Greek word which actually means “Star”.

Is Asta a reincarnation? ›

Another speculates that Asta might be the reincarnation of Licht and Tetia's child. There are many others, including those that sound pretty interesting but are ultimately false. Chapter 268 of Black Clover finally revealed the identity of Asta's mother as well as the reason behind him having no mana.

Is gauche an elf? ›

Drowa possesses Gauche. Five centuries later, Patolli reincarnates the elves, and Drowa possesses Gauche Adlai. He attacks the Black Bull Magic Knights around him before heading to the Royal Capital.

Who is the first Wizard King? ›

Lemiel Silvamillion Clover, also known as the Wizard King and the First Wizard King, is the overarching protagonist in Black Clover manga and anime series.

Is Asta a royal blood? ›

1. Are Asta and Yuno blood-related? Asta and Yuno are not blood-related. They were indeed left together at the orphanage, however, as it was revealed in the manga, Yuno is from a royal lineage of the family that ruled the Spade kingdom.

Is Asta descendant of elf? ›

Also the elves lived in the forbidden land and asta was found in the forbidden lands. There's just so many things pointing to asta being the unborn baby from the third eye's memories. If this is correct not only is he a direct descendant of the elves but he's also the nephew of the first wizard king.

Is Asta A Elf Black Clover? ›

Black Clover is the story of an orphan young boy named Asta who was raised under the care of a church in Hage. He later becomes the Wizard King of the 3rd class. While Asta belongs to the tribe of elves, here is the answer to the popular question, 'Who killed the elves in Black Clover?' .

Who is Asta father? ›

Father Orsi was the man who found Asta and Yuno on the doorstep of his church as infants. Asta cares deeply for Father Orsi and respects him as his father, but tends to make funny comments about the state of the church, which annoys him.


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