Black Clover Watch Order: Including the Movie (2022 Update) (2022)

Black Clover is a manga written and drawn by Yūki Tabata and published in Shūeisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since February 16, 2015, after an initial one-shot of the series saw its release in November 2014. The title refers to the grimoire used by the protagonist which has a black pent-sheet on the cover. In this article, we are going to give you the complete Black Clover watch order guide, including all the OVA episodes, the anime series, and the non-canon ONA series that aired in 2019.

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How many Black Clover seasons and episodes are there?

Black Clover chronological watch order

Do you need to watch Black Clover in order?

Will there be more Black Clover anime?

How many Black Clover seasons and episodes are there?

The Black Clover manga by Yūki Tabata began publication in 2015. Since then, the manga has received several adaptations. The first was a 27-minute OVA episode that was released on May 2, 2017, followed by a full, four-season anime series that aired from October3,2017 to March30,2021 with a total of 170 episodes. A second OVA was released in 2018, during the airing of the anime.

On March 30, 2021, the Black Clover anime ended, but the franchise will continue through an anime movie that was announced that same month. Not much is known about the Black Clover anime film, but it will be a sequel to the finished anime series and will air sometime in 2023. Also, there is an 8-episode ONA series that aired from July 1, 2019toAugust 19, 2019, but it is actually a spin-off and is not part of the original narrative. Here is a general overview of the whole Black Clover chronological watch order:

  1. Jump Festa 2016 OVA (OVA, 2017)
  2. Black Clover, Season 1 (anime, 2017–2018)
  3. Black Clover, Season 2 (anime, 2018–2019)
  4. Jump Festa 2018 OVA (OVA, 2018)
  5. Squishy! Black Clover (ONA, 2019)
  6. Black Clover, Season 3 (anime, 2019–2020)
  7. Black Clover, Season 4 (anime, 2020–2021)
  8. Untitled Black Clover Film (film, 2023)

Black Clover chronological watch order

In this part, we will focus on the chronological Black Clover watch order, providing you with some details on each of the works listed here.

Jump Festa 2016 OVA

Black Clover Watch Order: Including the Movie (2022 Update) (1)

Release Date: November 27, 2016

A 27-minute OVA episode that was released on May 2, 2017, roughly half a year after it premiered on the 2016 Jump Fiesta. The OVA features the Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony, as well as a fight between Klaus Lunettes and Yuno versus Mars, and Asta versus Revchi Salik.

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Jump Festa 2018 OVA

Black Clover Watch Order: Including the Movie (2022 Update) (2)

Release Date: November 25, 2018

This special OVA episode was titled “The All Magic Knights Thanksgiving” and was set before the events of the main anime series.

Black Clover

Black Clover Watch Order: Including the Movie (2022 Update) (3)

Release Date: October 3, 2017–March 30, 2021

The anime series contains a total of 170 episodes, spread through 4 seasons. The first two seasons had 51 episodes each, the third one had 52 episodes, while the final season had just 16 episodes. The seasons ran consecutively from October3,2017, to March30,2021.

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Each season was divided into several chapters for the home releases, and we’ll give you a short overview of the structure of each of these chapters.

Season one (titled Year 1) was divided into five chapters. The first chapter included episodes 1 to 10, and its official summary revealed this:

“In a world filled with magic, one boy will prove that real power lies in never giving up! Abandoned as a baby, Asta grew up in the poor, backwater village of Hage with one dream: to become the Magic Emperor. The only problem? He doesn’t have any magic! While his rival, Yuno, excels at magic, Asta is completely powerless but not hopeless.

Training his body (and drinking weird concoctions!), Asta prepares for the moment his abilities might awaken. But on the day he’s supposed to receive his magical grimoire, the unexpected happens! To reach his goal, Asta will find his own path to greatness with or without magic.”

Chapter 2 of the first season included episodes 11 to 19 and its official summary revealed the following:

“In a world filled with magic, one boy will prove that real power lies in never giving up! After proving himself on his very first mission, Asta gains recognition from the Magic Emperor and is assigned a new task—to investigate a magical dungeon! Together with Noelle and Luck, he’ll scout out the mysterious vault only to find they aren’t the only ones sent to explore.

Up against Yuno and The Golden Dawn teammates, Asta is even more fired up to do his best and get to the treasure first! But their race is abruptly interrupted when they face mages from The Diamond Kingdom. Witnessing such unbelievable strength and magic, Asta and his companions may have met their match!”

Episodes 20 to 29 were collected in Chapter 3 of Year 1, with the summary revealing the following:

“In a world filled with magic, one boy will prove that real power lies in never giving up! After a close call against Mars and the Diamond Kingdom knights, Asta and his friends are honored by the Magic Emperor. But the celebratory event is more jeers than cheers as the other Magic Knights show their true colors. Before things get too heated inside, they learn there’s a more serious problem happening outside.

The rising dead, an energy-sapping witch, and other horrors are plaguing the capital as terrorists run amok! Fighting alongside Magic Knight captain, Asta will witness amazing powers that get him fired up. But his battle is just the beginning of something much bigger, and his abilities will be put to the test!”

As for Chapter IV, it collected episodes 30 to 39, and the summary revealed the following:

“In a world filled with magic, one boy will prove that real power lies in never giving up! What should have been a relaxing vacation turns into a chilling adventure when mysterious magic snow lures the children of Nairn into a deadly trap. Joining up with Gauche, Asta will face his toughest challenge yet—trying to work with the stubborn mirror mage!

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While Gauche is more focused on protecting his beloved little sister, Asta is stuck fighting in the mud. But when members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun show up, this battle goes from dirty to dire! Luckily, an unexpected pair arrives as reinforcements. Will they have what it takes to face the powerful Licht and his elite squad, the Third Eye?”

The final, fifth Chapter of Year 1 collected episodes 40 to 51, with the summary going as follows:

“In a world filled with magic, one boy will prove that real power lies in never giving up!A trip to the beach isn’t fun in the sun for Asta and the Black Bulls they’re on a mission to recover a magic stone! Deep in the Seebed Temple lies new danger and mages with extraordinary powers. But getting in is the first challenge!

Luckily, Noelle receives help from a mysterious girl with Song Magic to master a new spell to help her team. But real danger makes a splash when, Vetto of the Third Eye, storms the temple! He takes out Asta’s friends and allies, with unimaginable strength, like they’re nothing. Can the magicless mage face all odds and take on the beastly villain?”

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Chapter VI was actually the first chapter of Year 2, and it collected episodes 52 through 63. The summary revealed the following:

“Not even broken arms can stop Asta! But when his injuries are beyond Healing Magic, this could mean the end of his journey. Except his magic is never giving up! Together, with his friends, they head to the Witches’ Forest to find a cure—or more trouble.”

Episodes 64 through 72 were collected in Chapter VII of Year 2, whose official summary reveals the following:

“The Queen of Witches makes Asta her puppet, but a new spell in Vanessa’s grimoire will put the strings of fate into her hands. Meanwhile, the Magic Knights let loose at the Star Awards Festival! Can they keep it together and make it to the ceremony on time?”

Chapter VIII collected episodes 73 through 83, and the official synopsis revealed as follows:

“With Asta’s curse finally lifted and the Witches’ Forest safe, the Black Bulls are ready for a little rest and relaxation…not! The Magic Emperor is forming a new squad, plunging Asta and other elite Magic Knights into a fierce competition.”

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Chapter IX contained episodes 84 through 90, and the 2018 OVA episode. The summary of the narrative reveals the following info:

This Knight’s day has finally come.Even though he couldn’t fight Yuno in the final exam, Asta is still chosen to become a Royal Knight! Now, he must take the same determination and heart into a looming battle at the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s headquarters!

Chapter X finally collected episodes 91 through 102, ending Year 2 of the anime series. Its summary revealed the following info:

(Video) Black Clover Season 5 Release Date & What To Expect!!

All hail the Magic Emperor.With tensions at their boiling point, the Magic Emperor squares off against Licht for a battle that will change the Magic Knights forever. Follow them all on a frenzied journey that will take Asta and Yuno back to where it all began.

Chapter XI, the first chapter of Year 3, collected episodes 103 to 112. It summary stated the following:

As the elves pursue the Clover Kingdom, hell-bent on destroying humankind, Asta discovers that his newest sword may just be the key to stopping them—and keeping human souls from being lost to the underworld forever!

Chapter XII collected episodes 113 to 120, with the official summary revealing the following:

Locked in a bitter battle with the elves inside the Shadow Palace, Asta and the Magic Knights must now contend with a devilishly powerful villain! Like a twisted puppet master, he’s been pulling their strings all along. Is their time almost up?

Episodes 121 through 129 were collected in Chapter XIII of Year 3. The official summary states the following:

One devil may be defeated, but the danger isn’t over yet. There are more out there, and the Black Bulls must find them. The Clover Kingdom fears an attack by the Spade Kingdom, and the Magic Knights reach out for help—and answers.

Chapter XIV of Year 3 collected episodes 130 through 141, with the official summary revealing the following:

The Magic Knights prepare to attack Megicula and other Spade Kingdom-dwelling devils, but things are not quite so simple for this crew. They only have six months to get ready—and earth, fire, and water will all play key roles in the devils’ defeat!

Chapter XV was the last chapter of Year 3, collecting episodes 142 through 152. The official summary went like this:

Standing on the border between banishment and belief, Dazu turns vengeful when the Magic Knights fail to protect Tiulyu. Resentment grows throughout the Common Realm, and the Magic Emperor knows that unity is the only way to survive the impending war.

Chapter XVI of Year 4 is the final chapter of the whole anime series, collecting episodes 153 through 170. As of the time of writing this article, this chapter has yet to be released in the West.

Untitled Black Clover Film

Not much is known about the upcoming Black Clover movie save for the fact that it is going to be a sequel to the anime series and that it is going to come out sometime in 2023. You can check out the teaser trailer above.

Squishy! Black Clover

Black Clover Watch Order: Including the Movie (2022 Update) (4)

Release Date: July 1, 2019–August 19, 2019

This 8-episode ONA series featured chibi versions of characters that appeared in the Black Clover anime series in different, often funny, situations. In Episode One, Asta struggles to find out how to become the Magic Emperor. When he goes to ask Julius, he finds Yuno already there asking the same question.

The two boys renew their vow to become the Magic Emperor. In Episode Two, Asta and Yuno wander the Royal Capital in search of merits, while Magna and Luck chase after Sekke and are turned into robots.

Again, in Episode Three, Asta and Yuno search for the person who turned Magna and Luck into robots, meanwhile Charmy makes and sells mille crêpes. Sally sneaks up on Charmy and turns her into a robot. In Episode Four, Sally buys drinks for Finral and Vanessa but Asta and Yuno later find the pair have also been turned into robots.

In the next, fifth episode, Yuno decides to use Asta as bait to trap the culprit. Gauche goes to visit his sister, and Sally pretends to be Marie and tricks him into becoming a robot.

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In Episode Six, Noelle is flustered when she sees Asta dressed as a present. Sally poses as a fortuneteller and tricks Noelle into becoming a robot. Grey also happens to be turned into a robot. Episode Seven sees Yuno vents his frustration over not being able to talk much and then accuses Yami of turning the Black Bulls into robots.

Sally reveals herself to be the culprit and makes the robots join together to form a Black Bull mecha. She has also awoken the giant demon skeleton to attack the Royal Capital.

Finally, in Episode Eight, Sally reveals that her plan was to dissect Asta and turn him into a robot. Asta is convinced to combine with the mecha and defends the Royal Capital from the demon.

Do you need to watch Black Clover in order?

Since the bulk of the anime series is actually contained in the 170-episode anime series, you can mostly skip the two OVA episodes (okay, you can watch the first one, but the second one is a filler) and definitely the ONA series, which features chibi versions of the characters and is not actually related to the main narrative. So, just watch the anime series and you’re good as far as Black Clover is concerned.

Will there be more Black Clover anime?

Black Clover is not over. And while the anime series might be over, there is still more manga material to adapt and we already know that a Black Clover anime movie is going to be released as a sequel to the finished anime series. This means that we are going to see more Black Clover anime in the future.

  • Black Clover Watch Order: Including the Movie (2022 Update) (5)

    Arthur S. Poe

    Arthur S. Poe

    Arthur S. Poe has been fascinated by fiction ever since he saw Digimon and read Harry Potter as a child. Since then, he has seen several thousand movies and anime, read several hundred books and comics, and played several hundred games of all genres.


Will Black Clover continue in 2022? ›

The creators of Black Clover (Studio Pierrot) have not only confirmed season 5 of the popular anime series, but also a film set to release in 2022. Unlike the movie, however, season 5 of Black Clover will not be released to the public until around 2024, or even later.

How many volumes does Black Clover have 2022? ›

It has been serialized in Shueisha's shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump since February 2015, with its chapters collected in 33 tankōbon volumes as of November 2022.

How many movies are there in Black Clover? ›

Black Clover (ONA, 2019) Black Clover, Season 3 (anime, 2019–2020) Black Clover, Season 4 (anime, 2020–2021) Untitled Black Clover Film (film, 2023)

Will Black Clover come back in 2023? ›

The upcoming anime feature is officially titled Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King. The film will hit theatres in Japan on March 31, 2023, and at the same release date, it will arrive globally on Netflix.

Who is the strongest in Black Clover? ›

As the mastermind behind the elves' massacre and turning Patolli into an extremist, Zagred is the very incarnation of evil. Upon his debut, he was also the most powerful character to have ever appeared in Black Clover, and thanks to his World Soul Magic, the Devil could modify its surroundings just by speaking.

Who is Asta father? ›

Asta's father is not known to us as of yet, as his identity was never revealed in either the Black Clover anime or manga. However, his mother was revealed to be Richita, who suffered from a condition that led her to absorb mana, or life force.

Is Julius Novachrono a devil? ›

It is common knowledge that Julius Novachrono is the strongest living mage in Black Clover, even managing to one-up death by supposedly saving a few years of his life. Now that he turns out to be a Devil -- and one of the rulers of the Underworld at that -- he may prove to be a bigger threat than Lucifero.

Will ASTA become the Wizard King? ›

He improved his physical abilities with the hopes of gaining magic. And when he did become the wielder of a five-leaf clover grimoire, he was able to possess Anti Magic which complemented his overall skills, making him more powerful than before. With these, it is not a surprise that Asta became the Wizard King.

Is Asta stronger than yuno? ›

Asta is stronger. Both in the manga and the anime. Asta made great use of the 6 month timeskip due to how strong he became at the start of the spade arc. While Yuno on the other hand, didn't show any growth during the time he was given.

Why is Asta so short? ›

Even so, keep in mind that Asta is still about 15 years old. Of course they're going to make him rather short, because he has time to get all tall and muscley later as 'development' and a show of growth. Fun fact, Asta is the 2nd most built character in the series, after Yami. He'll definitely grow taller later.

Who does Asta end up with? ›

He specifically writes to Sister Lily, when he gets the chance, to update her on how he is doing. One year and three months after the spade kingdom war, Asta proposed to Sister Lily for the last time, promising to make her happy.

Can Asta use magic? ›

Asta is an anomaly in the world of Black Clover, the reason being that he was born without any mana. Instead of being able to cast spells like others, he uses Anti-Magic, energy that cancels out mana.

Who is the real owner of Black Clover? ›

Overview. Matt Lichtie is the owner of American lifestyle apparel brand, Black Clover.

Who is wizard king in Black Clover? ›

Julius Novachrono (ユリウス・ノヴァクロノ, Yuriusu Novakurono) is the 28th Wizard King and user of Time Magic, his obsession with new and strange forms of magic having him shirk from his duties on his free time.

Is Black Clover Season 5 Confirmed? ›

Black Clover season 5 will take a few years before it is released. Fans can expect this series to come out sometime in Fall 2024, or Winter 2025. The reason why the fifth season will take a long time to make is that the series is focusing on the movie that is scheduled to release in 2023.

Will Black Clover End Season 5? ›

A Black Clover movie was announced in the same breath that the end of the anime was revealed. Fans are expecting the story to move forward with the movie. But as of now, there is no season five but we can expect a movie in the near future.

Who created anime? ›

The history of anime can be traced back to the start of the 20th century, with the earliest verifiable films dating from 1917. The first generation of animators in the late 1910s included Ōten Shimokawa, Jun'ichi Kōuchi and Seitaro Kitayama, commonly referred to as the "fathers" of anime.

Which is the strongest grimoire? ›

1) Five-Leaf Grimoire (Asta)

Its magic is also unlike anything else, with Asta being the only Anti-Magic user in the series.

What is Asta's strongest form? ›

Black Asta is the ultimate demonic form which allows for Asta to coat himself in anti-magic to use the more intense anti-magic techniques. When up against seemingly unbeatable foes, Asta focuses on drawing out this other form. In doing so, he becomes evenly matched against those that wield intense amounts of mana.

What is Asta's strongest power? ›

Anti-Magic: Asta uses this unique energy to nullify magic. This ability to nullify magic is used through the different swords his grimoire produces.

Is Asta mother a royal? ›

Asta was born to Richita in the Forsaken Realm of the Clover Kingdom. Shortly after his birth, his mother leaves him on the doorstep of the church in Hage.

Is Asta a royal blood? ›

Like Yuno, Asta is also a child of a royal.

Is Asta also Royal? ›

After turning 15 years old, Asta receives a five-leaf clover grimoire with an Anti Magic devil inside. He joins the Clover Kingdom's Black Bull squad of the Magic Knights and becomes a 1st Class Senior Magic Knight and temporarily a Royal Knight.

Is sister Lily a demon? ›

The new spoilers state that the battle between Lucius and Asta continues. In the middle of this fight, the Eldest Zogratis brother turned Sister Lily into a Devil with two wings.

Is Asta's dad Licht? ›

It's also a possibility that Asta is also a child of Licht. Similarities are that Asta has the exact same Grimoire that his father had before. Asta's Grimoire used to be the 4 leaf Grimoire of Licht, but changed in 5 leaf after Licht turned into a Demon.

Is yuno a elf? ›

No yuno is not an elf and not Licht child. Yuno realises the elf possessing him was Licht and Tetia's unborn son, and Licht thanks Yuno for allowing him to meet him.

Does yuno have 2 grimoire? ›

Now that Yuno has control over two grimoires, something that will be unique to him due to his belonging to two different kingdoms at once, now he's ready for this rematch against Zenon.

Who is stronger Yami or Asta? ›

In terms of brute force, the author stated that Yami is also stronger than Asta. And in terms of power and experience overall, definitely Yami.

Who was the 27th Wizard King? ›

Conrad Leto 「コンラート・レト Konrāto Reto」 is the 27th Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights.

Can Asta reach 100 of his devil powers? ›

At some point in the arc, when the dark triad manage to open the portal to the underworld they are able access 100% of their devil powers, but it also allows Asta to access 100% momentarily.

Can Asta beat Naruto? ›

Despite his transformation from a whiny underdog to a powerful wizard, Asta, the protagonist of Black Clover, can't take down Naruto. In fact, there's a good chance he would be defeated at any stage in his training. Strength, speed, and new muscles don't matter when Naruto is faster and stronger than he is.

Who is Asta's strongest enemy? ›

Liebe is the Devil responsible for the fact that Asta is the only one in town with no magic. He's an Anti-Magic Devil, in other words. He came from Licht's grimoire originally, before his possession of Asta. He's more disdainful of the human race than homicidal, unlike many other Devils in Black Clover.

What is Asta real name? ›

In the one shot of the manga, his surname is Staria. It's theorized that the reason that Asta was born without mana was because his mother, Richita, whose body absorbs mana and life-force from anyone around her, which might've included Asta.

Is Asta's devil weak? ›

He has no magic power whatsoever, making him incredibly weak relative to all the other devils in existence. While his anti-magic is powerful, it only reaches its full power when used in combination with Asta, who can function as a host for the powers.

What is Asta devil name? ›

The devil's name is revealed to be Liebe, and as soon as he materializes, Asta thanks Liebe for lending him strength, one of the reasons he was able to become a magic knight.

Did sister Lily marry Asta? ›

Asta had a strong infatuation with Sister Lily, all while building a strong relationship with Noelle in Black Clover. But, Asta and Noelle have shown some signs of having romantic feelings for each other, and he finally accepts Sister Lily's rejection with a smile.

Does Nero love Asta? ›

Doubtful. Nero looks at Asta more like a son she has raised with pride or a big sister, than as a love interest. The only people who I've seen express romantic interest towards Asta are Noelle, the church girl (forgot her name) and Mimosa. And puppy love with siscon's sister.

Who is yuno's love interest? ›

Yuno's stand-offish behavior keeps women from gravitating towards him. But he does have the love of Charmy, of the Black Bulls guild. She sees him as a gorgeous prince, thanks to him saving one of her meals from getting destroyed in the middle of the fight.

Can Asta summon his grimoire? ›

Then, even though Asta doesn't have any magic he can summon grimoire and use it (have it float around) (2). Grimoire is magic itself (can inscribe spells in itself, amplifies the power of magic spells...).

Why did Asta get his grimoire? ›

Simple because Yuno wanted Asta to have a grimoire so he can compete against him to become Wizard King. As some of you have noticed that Yuno is obsessed with becoming Wizard king, as he mentions this quite frequently, even when fighting opponents.

Did Asta lose his arm? ›

Finral reveals that Vetto infected Asta's arms with Ancient Curse Magic, which crushed his bones. The curse prevents them healing and Owen was unable to help. Asta is crippled and can never use his arms again.

Who is the original owner of Asta grimoire? ›

Asta's grimoire was created by a devil named Zagrid five centuries ago. At that time, it was a four-leaf grimoire, and it belonged to an Elf named Licht.

Does Yami have a grimoire? ›

Grimoire: Yami possesses a three-leaf clover grimoire that contains various dark-based spells.

What is Asta's actual power? ›

He has no magical power, but overcame this through intense physical training which allow him to wield anti-magic swords from a five-leaf clover grimoire in which a devil resides. He then becomes a Magic Knight, joining the Black Bulls squad in hopes of achieving his dream.

Is Asta a elf? ›

While Asta belongs to the tribe of elves, here is the answer to the popular question, 'Who killed the elves in Black Clover? '. Read ahead to know more. Black Clover is a popular manga series that also had an anime of the same name.

What Knight rank is Asta? ›

Asta is a 1st Class Senior Magic Knight of the Clover Kingdom and is part of the Black Bulls Squad. He became a Magic Knight, at the age of 15, and became a 1st Class Senior Magic Knight after turning 18.

Is Asta stronger than Julius? ›

As a result, Julius can be considered a separate person with his own powers and abilities, which still undoubtedly outranks Asta.

Is Black Clover will have movie? ›

The highly anticipated Black Clover movie will hit theaters across Japan and on Netflix worldwide on March 31! The highly anticipated Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King movie will be released in theaters across Japan, and globally on Netflix, on March 31, 2023.

Is Black Clover season 5 coming out? ›

Black Clover season 5 will take a few years before it is released. Fans can expect this series to come out sometime in Fall 2024, or Winter 2025. The reason why the fifth season will take a long time to make is that the series is focusing on the movie that is scheduled to release in 2023.

Is Black Clover season 4 Confirmed? ›

The fourth season of the Black Clover anime TV series was directed by Ayataka Tanemura and produced by Pierrot. The season premiered on December 8, 2020 on TV Tokyo in Japan, and ended on March 30, 2021.
Black Clover (season 4)
Black Clover
No. of episodes16
Original networkTV Tokyo
Original releaseDecember 8, 2020 – March 30, 2021
6 more rows

Are the Black Clover movies canon? ›

No, Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King is not canon. Based on Mangaka Yuki Tabata's comments, it seems like the movie is set to be an anime original. He describes how the movie's story is one which may lead fans to wonder, "Why didn't you do this in the original (manga)?"

Will Black Clover End season 5? ›

A Black Clover movie was announced in the same breath that the end of the anime was revealed. Fans are expecting the story to move forward with the movie. But as of now, there is no season five but we can expect a movie in the near future.

Is Black Clover s5 Cancelled? ›

The main reason behind the Black Clover anime cancellation was the lack of source material. The anime series was quickly catching up to the manga chapters, and after that, there would have been nothing left to adapt.

Why is Black Clover ending? ›

Why is the Black Clover anime ending if it's so popular? The Black Clover Anime is ending due to lack of content to adapt, It hasn't been “Cancelled” altogether where we will never see a new episode, it was most likely put on hold.

What is Black Clover final arc? ›

#BlackClover #BlackClover335 #BCSpoilers - - - - I know the final arc is likely called Ultimate Wizard King, but “Judgment Day arc” has a good grand finale ring to it lol. 12:06 PM · Aug 30, 2022.

How long will Black Clover last? ›

Yuki tabata has stated that Black Clover will run as long as Naruto and One piece.

Is Asta part elf? ›

While Asta belongs to the tribe of elves, here is the answer to the popular question, 'Who killed the elves in Black Clover? '. Read ahead to know more. Black Clover is a popular manga series that also had an anime of the same name.

Who is Asta shipped with? ›

Astelle is the het ship between Asta and Noelle Silva from the Black Clover fandom.

What class Knight is Asta? ›

Asta is a 1st Class Senior Magic Knight of the Clover Kingdom and is part of the Black Bulls Squad. He became a Magic Knight, at the age of 15, and became a 1st Class Senior Magic Knight after turning 18.


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