Black Clover: Top 10 Fights Ranked (2022)

Black Clover's anime run will soon be coming to an end, so now it's the perfect time to look back on its run and all of the fun fights that have come along the way. The anime will be ending its run at an impressive 170 episodes and has introduced fans to a whole new magical world of action. Through the series we have seen various fighters push beyond their limits in order to take stronger and stronger foes. Yuki Tabata's series has blossomed into one of the most popular action anime in recent years, and one look at them will instantly tell you why.

As part of the celebration of Black Clover's finale episode, has been looking back on the anime's best and brightest of what the anime has become famous for over the years. First we decided to breaking down the best opening themes in the series, followed by a close examination of the best ending themes, and finally we have the biggest draw of the anime as a whole.

Fights are integral to the success of any action anime series, and Black Clover is definitely a series that understands this. What makes a fight work, however? For this series in particular it could be anything from a stunning visual presentation, fighters involved, or importance to the overall story. It's a unique blend as the anime's fights evolved alongside the production of the series as a whole.

There are way too many cool fights and moments to list all of them here, but read on for our picks for a ranking of Black Clover's Top 10 Fights! Let us know your picks in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things Black Clover and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

#10 - Mereoleona Vermillion vs. Raia

Mereoleona Vermillion is one of the most exciting characters to watch in the series overall. With her magnetic and boisterous personality, she completely shines in the first time we really get a chance to see what she can do. While it's not the most impressive in terms of its presentation (especially when compared to some of the later fights on this list), it's just fun to watch when a character can totally dominate a foe that had been giving others so much trouble. Seeing Mereoleona easily punch her way through all of Raia's copy magics with ease is still fun all these episodes later.

(Video) Top 10 Black Clover Fights


#9 - Yami vs Vetto

Just as the fights leading into this finale, Yami's fight with Vetto is an entertaining as you would expect. Although his "fight" with Vetto is more of a single move, it's also the result of his breaking through his limits for the very first time. It's a notable moment as it's the first time he uses the Dark Cloaked: Dimension Slash, and the lead up to it is one of the best in the series as Yami congratulates all of the Black Bulls members for working hard and inspiring him to push beyond his limits. It's a rare moment of opening up for Yami that also was a great showing of power and coolness.


#8 - Yami vs. Licht

Seemingly making up for the lack of actual fighting between Yami and the Eye of the Midnight Sun's Third Eye members, Yami had a full showcase of his abilities against Licht. With an opponent of proper strength, this was also the first real time we were able to see Yami use the full scale of his abilities at that point. Yami had always been slightly stronger than each of the threats at this early point in the series, so to see him actually making an effort against an opponent with the complete opposite element was pretty neat. It's just not as full of flourishes as some of the fights we'd get later.


(Video) Top 10 Black Clover Fight Scenes (Episodes 101-170)

#7 - Asta, Vanessa, and Finral vs. Vetto

One of Black Clover's best features is the extended roster of characters that often find themselves fighting alongside one another in different team ups, but there was really only one real time where these team ups resulted in an actual tag team move. This fight was important as it began to show Vanessa and Finral in a new light as they really took the center stage for the first real time (which is notable considering their importance later), and their work with Asta here as they combined Vanessa's strings and Finral's portals to zip Asta around Vetto is the kind of combo that the series has not really replicated sense. It's rarely been as smart of a technique as this.


#6 - Yuno vs. Rill

While the majority of Black Clover's Royal Knights Selection Exam did have a unique set up to its tournament, the series didn't quite go all out until the final fight of it overall. Although Rill and Yuno don't exactly make for the most exciting fight in terms of overall impact on the story, the surrounding environment amped this up. Asta was forced to watch in disappointment in his failure to fight Yuno in the final, Yuno had unleashed his Spirit Dive form for the first time wanting to use it against Asta specifically, and Rill's paint magic made for a ton of creative uses in battle.


#5 - Captains vs. Captains

Admittedly, this fight is really only here because of just how much of a powerhouse it is in terms of visual presentation. Tucked away in the original training period set in between the Reincarnation and Spade Kingdom arcs, this fight is ultimately meaningless in the grand scheme of the anime's narrative overall but makes up for it in being the only time we get to see the Magic Knight Captains at full strength against one another. It's also special because it's something we only get in the anime, and thus just makes the overall experience pure fun. It's not a heavy fight, but pure entertainment.


(Video) Top 10 Black Clover Fights, Ranked

#4 - Humans and Elves vs. Zagred

The fight against Zagred is one of the many in the series that evolves in different levels and involves a number of different characters in different combinations. Serving as the climactic final fight of the Reincarnation arc, this fight featured a team up of every character that had been fighting within the Eye of the Midnight Sun's floating fortress. With a well placed strike from Yami and Asta and Yuno working together to deal the final blow, it's the kind of fight that could have ended the series. Thankfully it wasn't the last one, however.


#3 - Asta vs. Ladros

Although it's not the most impressive fight in terms of where it takes place and what it means for the story as a whole, but this is where the anime truly shines. The string of episodes leading into this fight featured a berserk Asta that the staff behind the series was clearly experimenting with, and while the anime has had impressive animated sequences long before this, this was a fight where it seemed like the team went for broke. A real kitchen sink approach that saw the most fluid character models in the series to date, it led to quite the impressive fight with a vibe that has yet to be replicated.

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#2 - Julius Novachrono vs. Patry

One of Black Clover's biggest strengths is the way it hypes of the strength of its top tier characters. After teasing the Wizard King Julius Novachrono's strength through his status and brief uses of time magic prior in the series, the anime went all out to truly show off for Julius' first and only fight in the series (so far, anyway). Kicking off the Reincarnation Arc in a huge way, this fight really marked a huge status quo shift for the series.

With a massive demonstration of skill and ability from the Wizard King, it fully cements his role of authority in the franchise overall. It accomplishes quite a lot and carries a ton of weight for a single fight not involving the main character, and the visual presentation reflects this. It was another major step forward in the series' evolution.



(Video) Top 10 Black Clover Fight Scenes (Episodes 1-100)

#1 - Asta and Yami vs. Dante

This admittedly could be a case of recency bias, but it's clear that Black Clover's anime is going out on a high. With the benefit of a team with years worth of experience with the series and powers that are now the highest they have ever been (and visually pleasing) in the anime overall, there was no way this fight would miss out on the top spot. But it's not just the visuals either, this is the most significant fight in the series to this point as it's a huge shift in Asta and Yami's mentor and mentee relationship. It's the only victory the good guys have over the Dark Triad, and it takes place in less than a minute of canonical time!



Black Clover: Top 10 Fights Ranked? ›

Black Clover: 10 Best Fights In The Anime
  1. 1 The Fight Against The Devil.
  2. 2 Magic Knights VS Reincarnated Elves. ...
  3. 3 Wizard King Julius VS Patry. ...
  4. 4 Mereoleona VS Rhya The Disloyal. ...
  5. 5 Asta & Friends VS The Diamond Kingdom Army & The Eye Of The Midnight Sun. ...
  6. 6 The Black Bulls VS Vetto. ...
  7. 7 Captain Yami VS Patry. ...
Oct 26, 2020

Which is the best fight in Black Clover? ›

Julius vs. Patolli remains one of Black Clover's best fights. Seeing the Wizard King's Grimoire in action is truly awe-inspiring, as is his massively overpowered fighting style and techniques.

Does Black Clover have a lot of fights? ›

Like any great shonen, Black Clover is full of incredible fights that push the combatants to the limit. With high stakes, jaw-dropping magic spells, skilled swordfighting, great visuals, and emotional resonance, every fight has something to reccommend it. Let's count down some of the very best fights in Black Clover.

Who defeated Asta? ›

Elf Reincarnation Arc
Asta and Yuno vs. ElfAsta and Yuno are victorious
Magna Swing, Vanessa Enoteca, and Asta vs. RufelMagna Swing, Vanessa Enoteca, and Asta are victorious
Black Bulls vs. Three ElvesBlack Bulls are victorious
Yami Sukehiro vs. Two ElvesYami Sukehiro is victorious
21 more rows

Who defeated Licht? ›

Licht conceives twins with Tetia and hopes that they will unite the two peoples. Lemiel defeats Demon Licht.

Who is the most powerful in Black Clover? ›

Black Clover: The Main Characters, Ranked By Most Powerful
  • 8 Lolopechka. ...
  • 7 Fuegoleon Vermillion. ...
  • 6 Yami Sukehiro. ...
  • 5 Mereoleona Vermillion. ...
  • 4 Julius Novacrhono. ...
  • 3 Licht. ...
  • 2 Lemiel Silvamillion Clover. ...
  • 1 Asta.
Feb 15, 2022

Does Asta beat Mars? ›

Unfortunately, Mars' attacks were not completely neutralized by Asta's water-based attack as one of them is piercing through the latter's stomach. Upon Asta's fall and defeat, Mars immediately prepares to kill him by creating another huge sword. Mars' devastating defeat.

Why is Black Clover boring? ›

According to many viewers, Black Clover is like a slight remix of Naruto, with 2 boys - a loudmouth and a calm, intelligent, genius kind of guy. One cannot use magic, while the other was deemed as a brilliant sorcerer, with the legendary 4-clover book. That is the reason why watchers think Black Clover is boring.

Who is stronger yuno or Asta? ›

Asta vs. Yuno: Who is Stronger? Yuno is stronger than Asta as of Zenon vs Yuno battle thanks to Star magic + Wind magic (with Saint Stage). His Spirit Dive is fully stable, whereas Asta can only stay in Devil Union – his strongest transformation – for 5 minutes.

Can Yami beat Licht? ›

Yami has a spell that can cuts through dimension no matter how strong the opponent's magic is so he is the only person who can kill the real Licht.

Can Yami beat Julius? ›

He would either need to use a flurry of attacks or an attack with a giant scope. I don't think Julius is stronger. But he's far faster, so he would definitely win against Yami.

Is Asta captain level? ›

Alot of people say Yuno and Asta are captain level and forget about the rank under that. Asta and Yuno ARE indeed very strong that's a fact they can take down alot of people and are rightfully so stronger being the running up rookies. Alot of people say they captain level but Forget about vice captains.

Can Asta surpass Julius? ›

And Asta has a hax attribute in the form of anti-magic and never ending stubbornness and determination. Yuno, Noelle, Asta and Leopold had all trained under the tutelage of Mereoleona Vermillion, who I would say also has the potential to soon surpass prime Julius.

How many swords does Asta have? ›

As of Black Clover chapter 316, Asta possesses four swords in his Grimoire. All of them specialize in Anti Magic.

Who is the first Wizard King? ›

Lemiel Silvamillion Clover, also known as the Wizard King and the First Wizard King, is the overarching protagonist in Black Clover manga and anime series.

Who killed Julius Novachrono? ›

He explains that he constantly questioned who he was and where he was going until he became the Magic Emperor. He then tries one more time to restrain Patolli, but the elf moves up into the air and releases the sealed mana, the sheer amount of which leaves Julius stunned. Julius is stabbed by Patolli.

What rank is Asta now? ›

Asta is a 3rd Class Magic Knight and wields the rare five-leaf clover grimoire.

Is there a 6 leaf clover in Black Clover? ›

Six Leaf Clover Grimoire In Black Clover? (Theory) - YouTube

What is the rarest grimoire in Black Clover? ›

1) Five-Leaf Grimoire (Asta)

Asta's Five-Leaf grimoire is incredibly unique in the world of Black Clover. Its reddish-black aura is never seen in any other spellbook, and the Five-Leaf clover on the cover is also one of a kind amongst humans. Despite being one of the first to be seen, it remains a truly unique element.

Will yuno become an enemy? ›

Yuno won't turn evil, but he might become an anti-hero. He is a rare genius whose magic abilities grow at a tremendous rate. His emotions can trigger his side to become stronger than anyone else.

Who is the diamond king in Black Clover? ›

Moris Libardirt 「モリス・リバルダート Morisu Ribarudāto」 is a Magic Scholar who is controlling the king of the Diamond Kingdom. After being forced out by Mars, Moris begins working for the Dark Triad of the Spade Kingdom and becomes a host of the devil Lucifero.

Who is the main enemy in Black Clover? ›

Patolli is the main antagonist of the first saga of the manga and anime series, Black Clover, serving as the main leaderin the Eye Of The Midnight Sun, the overarching antagonist of The Witches Forest Arc, the overarching antagonist of The Attack On The Royal Capital Arc, and the main antagonist in first three quarters ...

Is Black Clover underrated? ›

To begin with, Black Clover is very underrated.

Is Black Clover finished? ›

Is the Black Clover Manga Finished? No, the Black Clover manga has not finished. However, it has been announced that the series is entering its final stages. As of the time of writing, the Black Clover manga has completed around 331 chapters.

Will Asta become evil? ›

No i don't think so as you see liebe reside inside the body of asta and now he is the part of it so asta can switch its mode but no he will never become evil. But thats a mystery how manga will end it .

What is Asta's final form? ›

Description. After the Witch Queen uses her blood to remove the limits on Asta's Anti Magic, he learns to channel the energy throughout his body and attains a form where Anti Magic courses through him and covers part of his body, gaining a horn on the right side of his head.

Does Asta surpass Yami? ›

Currently, he also has a better command over his Black Asta form, which makes him quite formidable. Asta's powers are developing at a fast pace, and it will not be long before he overcomes the gap and surpasses Yami.

Why is Asta so weak? ›

10 Weaker: Asta

This power is possible due to his five-leaf grimoire, which is possessed by a devil itself. By borrowing the power of the devil, Asta can cancel out any magical attack or even reflect them. But Asta's limitations lie in his physical form.

Is Julius Novachrono a devil? ›

It is common knowledge that Julius Novachrono is the strongest living mage in Black Clover, even managing to one-up death by supposedly saving a few years of his life. Now that he turns out to be a Devil -- and one of the rulers of the Underworld at that -- he may prove to be a bigger threat than Lucifero.

Who defeated Yami? ›

After defeating Marx and Owen as elves, Yami was pushed into another battle with Charla. The elf that reincarnated into the body of Charlotte Roselei attacked Yami immediately after he faced two powerful elven foes, and yet the Captain of the Black Bulls still walked away with a win.

Is Julius Novachrono a royal? ›

7 He Was Inspired By Zara Ideale

Surprising to some viewers, Julius Novachrono didn't always want to become Wizard King. As a Royal Knight, he was happy in his role as it allowed him to satisfy his obsession with magic and meet powerful mages in the process.

Who defeated lucifero? ›

Asta and Liebe then cut him into several pieces. As Unite ends, they stand over the King of Devils and tell him to grovel. Asta defeats Lucifero.

Who is the stronger wizard king? ›

1 Julius Novechrono

Julius Novachrono is the most powerful mage in the Clover Kingdom, having risen to the title of Wizard King.

Who defeats Dante? ›

Asta and Yami pushed themselves to the brink, and were finally able to defeat Dante of the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad at the end of the previous chapter.

What is the best Black Clover opening? ›

Ranking The Black Clover Openings (1-13)
  • #8 – RiGHT NOW (Opening 9) ...
  • #7 – Guess Who is Back (Opening 4) ...
  • #6 – Black Rover (Opening 3) ...
  • #5 – Sky & Blue (Opening 8) ...
  • #4 – Grandeur (Opening 13) ...
  • #3 – Everlasting Shine (Opening 12) ...
  • # 2 – Haruka Mirai (Opening 1) Crunchyroll Dubs. ...
  • # 1 – Black Catcher (Opening 10) Crunchyroll FR.
Apr 6, 2021

Does the Wizard King fight? ›

The battle rages on between the Wizard King and Licht, who holds a kingdom's worth of innocent people hostage. Julius recalls his greatest motivation. The battle rages on between the Wizard King and Licht, who holds a kingdom's worth of innocent people hostage. Julius recalls his greatest motivation.

What episode does ASTA fight Dante? ›

Dante Full Fight | Black Clover - Episode 167 | ブラッククローバー 167話

Black Clover's Asta may not be able to wield magic, but that hasn't stopped him from unlocking his devastating demon form.

This sixth sense is not only a technique in itself, but is the very foundation on which Asta is able to summon his other form, Black Asta.. By focusing on the mana flow, Asta is able to connect the flow throughout his body, which allows him to bring out Black Asta.. Only someone like Asta can manage to handle anti-magic, as those with magic would be instantly drained from the efforts of equipping the anti-magic swords.. Asta is more likely than not seen using both swords with this technique; however, he can achieve the same effect using one sword, which changes the technique to the one-horned bull thrust.. After coating his body in anti-magic, Asta unleashes his technique black hurricane with the demon-slayer sword against Mimosa's older brother - Kirsch Vermillion.. Black Asta is the ultimate demonic form which allows for Asta to coat himself in anti-magic to use the more intense anti-magic techniques.

Black Clover's Magic Knights are tasked with protecting the Clover Kingdom, but which of the nine captains is the strongest?

Every Magic Knight squad is led by a Captain, some of the most powerful mages in the Clover Kingdom.. This list aims to look at both present and past Magic Knight Captains to clarify who belongs at the top of the totem pole...and who belongs at the bottom.. Since then, we haven’t seen much of his power outside of the most recent arc, where we learn he actually has control over Vortex Magic.. It’s some pretty impressive power, but it’s worth mentioning that in a world that promotes people based on their powers usually, Kaiser was second in command to Gueldre, who was defeated by Rill.. Probably more than any other Magic Knight Captain besides perhaps Yami, Jack the Ripper places quite a bit of importance on being physically strong.. The Captain of the all-women squad called the Blue Rose, Charlotte has shown off her abilities several times in the past, though rarely in an actual one on one battle.. While she wasn’t able to break that curse on her own, it still made her strong enough to become one of the nine Magic Knight Captains.. All of this requires incredible levels of concentration, meaning he must have one of the best levels of magic control out of all the captains.. Like Yami, William Vangeance was originally seen as an outcast among all the Magic Knight soldiers.. Even more ridiculous is his ability to absorb other people’s mana, boosting his own power several times over and using that to make his attacks even more dangerous.. But after the most recent arc, we got to look at what her power actually is: The ability to pull her opponent into a dream world over which she has complete and total control.. He’s gone up against the head of the Midnight Sun without being overpowered and even managed to defeat a member of the Third Eye, whose members were meant to be more powerful than any Magic Knight Captains.. Mereoleona is one of the first people to show off the Mana Zone, an ability which allows the user to control the mana around them within a specific radius, giving them enhanced power, strength, and even lets them predict their opponent's attacks.. This feels cheap, but Julius was originally a Magic Knight Captain before being promoted and becoming the Wizard King.. While both were young, they both graduated to become captains of their own squads, which should indicate just how powerful he is considering the Magic Knight organization generally promotes power ahead of everything.

From Ki to Nen, these are the greatest anime power systems!

Though anime covers a breadth of genres , many of the most popular series are action-packed and include some of the most creative, and recognizable, power systems in fiction.. Power systems are not unique to anime, but few mediums host such a diverse range of abilities and skills.. So, what are the best power systems in anime?. Chakra is iconic and one of the best power systems in anime.. It may not be supreme, but Haki is a king among power systems.. While most of the abilities seen in My Hero Academia hardly meet the dictionary definition of 'quirk,' the power system has quickly become iconic within the anime fandom.. Like many anime power systems, there is a focus on growth and breaking characters' perceived limits.. The Devil Fruits of One Piece are one of the most creative power systems out there.. Unlike most power systems, Devil Fruits are extrinsic and are not tied to a person's personality, spirituality, or any other internal motivations.. After the original power system (Hamon) of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure outlived its relevance to the narrative - though, not before creating some truly memorable fights - the Stand system was born.. Jojo's power system Stands above the rest.. Another spiritual power system, Nen from Hunter x Hunter is one of the most well-developed systems in fiction.


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