10 strongest characters of Fire Force, ranked (2022)

Fire Force has been one of the greatest additions to Shonen anime. It gained immense popularity in a very short period, due to its amazing storyline and its brilliant animation. Fire Force is unique due to its power system that solely focuses on firepower, which is called the Ignition ability.

Each character in the Fire Force possesses unique Pyrokinetic feats that make them stronger than the other.

Characters in Fire Force, ranked

10) Yuuichirou Kurono

10 strongest characters of Fire Force, ranked (1)

Kurono is an individual who believes that in an ideal world only the strong survive. He is one of the most chaotic characters who is labeled with the epithet ”The Maddest,” by Victor Licht, in contrast to Shinmon Benimarus's title “The Strongest.” He destroyed his own right arm due to a violent compulsion causing destruction.

Kurono is a Third Generation Pyrokinetic who serves as the Sixth Pillar’s Guardian. With his Ignition Ability, he emits Black Smoke that reaches a temperature of 360 Fahrenheit. Kurono can solidify this smoke to create weapons like a sword, scythe, spear, etc.

9) Joker

10 strongest characters of Fire Force, ranked (2)

Joker tends to work in the shadows as he doesn't really want to get his hands dirty. He is one of the greatest manipulators on the show who often tricks innocent people into doing his bid. As a reckless, apathetic individual, he will even offer crucial intel to his opponents in exchange for entertainment.

Despite being meager in appearance, his strength can outclass a brute with quite the efficiency. He is proficient in close combat, as he can knock out the living daylights of a trained assassin with just a single blow. His pyrokinetic abilities are mostly based on his cards, which he uses as weapons in both offenses as well as defense.

8) Shinra Kusakabe

10 strongest characters of Fire Force, ranked (3)

The protagonist of the show, Shinra Kusakabe, is widely acclaimed for his sinister smirk that confuses fans by believing him to be the antagonist of the show. However, it was later revealed that he suffers from the nervous laughter that he developed after witnessing his mother’s death.

Shinra is a Third Generation Pyrokinetic with an Ignition Ability to generate and manipulate flames through his feet. Due to his inability to control his powers, he has to wear liquid nitrogen boots to suppress flames. He also possesses the Adolla Burst, which only a few Third Generation Pyrokinetics are capable of inheriting.

7) Charon

10 strongest characters of Fire Force, ranked (4)

Charon is a loyal underling to the Evangelist and the strongest member of the White-Clad. Being the guardian of the Second Pillar Haumea, he takes his job very seriously. He is very empathetic towards Haumea, whom he cares about more than his life. Charon is exceptionally strong in the physical aspect of one single blow, which is enough to leave craters on the ground.

Charon’s Second Generation Ability grants him the power to absorb any kind of attack he deals with and converts them into thermal energy to attack his opponents. Charon was strong enough to withstand direct attacks from the likes of Benimaru Shinmon.

6) Hibana

10 strongest characters of Fire Force, ranked (5)

Being the captain of Special Fire Force Company 5, Princess Hibana is one of the strongest characters in the show. Hibana has a strong sense of aversion towards the infernals, because of some incidents that affected her past. She becomes a little sadistic when it comes to torturing Infernals to death.

Hibana is a Third Generation Pyrokinetic and her Ignition Ability is called “Clematis.” With this ability, she can surround her opponents with fiery cherry blossoms in which one flower is enough to leave a great cut with a significant burn. Hibana can also control the environment to neutralize her opponent’s Ignition Ability.

5) Haumea

10 strongest characters of Fire Force, ranked (6)

Haumea is the Second Generation Pyrokinetic and the Second Pillar of the White-Clad. Despite being a jovial and dispassionate individual, she is nowhere far from being sadistic. Her callousness has been a direct result of hearing humanity’s wicked thoughts over the years. The only person she cares about is Charon, who loves her unconditionally.

With her Ignition Ability Electric Shock, Haumea is capable of generating electricity to control electric systems and can also control people by manipulating their nerves. She can also control Demon Infernals to an extent.

4) Sho Kusakabe

10 strongest characters of Fire Force, ranked (7)

Sho was just an infant when he got separated from his older brother Shinra Kusakabe. Whilst he was just a baby, he somehow awakened his Adolla Burst which engulfed his entire house in a fire and also resulted in his mother being turned into an Infernal. After he was abducted by Haumea, he became the Third Pillar under the Evangelist.

Despite his appearance of a child, he is a master combatant who can easily overwhelm an opponent twice his size with his enhanced speed and strength. Like his older brother, Sho possessed Adolla Burst and also acquired Adolla Grace from the Evangelist.

3) Leonard Burns

10 strongest characters of Fire Force, ranked (8)

As the captain of Special Fire Force Company 1, Leonard Burns is one of the most powerful Third Generation Pyrokinetics. Burns doesn’t care if his enemies are inferior to him, and loves to go all out and crush them with the terrifying might he is blessed with. Using his Ignition Ability “Voltage Nova’’ Burns enhances his physical strength with thermal energy.

His firepower can become more formidable over time and will eventually break the barriers to his limits by making him completely invincible. His Ignition Ability ranges from Stage 1 to 4 as he increases the intensity of his flames.

2) Benimaru Shinmon

10 strongest characters of Fire Force, ranked (9)

Benimaru is the only Second and Third Generation Pyrokinetic Hybrid in the entirety of the series who can generate and manipulate flames with relative ease. He is usually calm and composed, but when he gets infuriated, even the Infernals tend to hide themselves to avoid getting caught up in his wrath.

From destructive long-range projectiles to devastating others by unlocking his Hysterical Strength, Benimaru is capable of overwhelming his opponents with his arsenal of capabilities. He is considered to be the most powerful character in the series.

1) The Evangelist

10 strongest characters of Fire Force, ranked (10)

The scariest characters in anime have always been these otherworldly entities with unimaginable powers like the Evangelist in Fire Force. Her exact nature and origin still remains a mystery. She can grant Grace to people who are capable of forging connections with her. The Evangelist can also revoke her Grace at will.

She can move through space and can cause countrywide earthquakes, which gives irrefutable testimony of her powers. Although her true capabilities were still not showcased, it is assumed that a godly being like her is eventually the strongest of all.

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